Isaiah McKenzie punt return puts Bills up 21-3

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Dolphins don’t have Ryan Fitzpatrick available as a relief pitcher this Sunday, but they are going to need to find a way to shake things up if they are going to beat the Bills.

Isaiah McKenzie returned a punt 84 yards for a touchdown with just over five minutes left to play. The score was McKenzie’s third of the first half and the Bills now lead 21-3.

McKenzie’s first two scores came on passes from Josh Allen, who set the franchise record for single-season passing yards earlier in the game. Should the big lead carry into halftime, Allen’s day may come to an early end.

The Bills clinch the No. 2 seed in the AFC with a win. The Dolphins would clinch a playoff spot with a win. If they lose, they’ll need the Browns, Ravens or Colts to lose in order to advance to the postseason.

5 responses to “Isaiah McKenzie punt return puts Bills up 21-3

  1. Tua is trash. Lol. No confidence to complete a pass beyond 10 yards. He’s light years behind Allen.

  2. I said it last year, after Tua’s hip injury.. DO NOT draft him. I wanted Justin Herbert… It is obvious Miami has ZERO faith in Tua by the play calling when he is in the game. Just look at last week’s game vs the Raiders for solid evidence. Most likely season ends today, but still a surprise season and some fun to watch. Gotta hope for a Houston loss.

  3. This Dolphins team is not showing any confidence in Tua and for very good reason, he is a game manager when this team needs a leader and skilled Quarterback to run this offense. It’s sickening to watch such a lop-sided game due to the inadequacies of Tua Tagovailoa. I’ve decided that my first instict was correct in the Dolphins drafting Justin Herbert instead of Tua Tagovailoa. DUrability issues and lack of confidence and timing is a major concern for this team. Looking at the faces of this Miami Dolphins team already indicates that they are demoralized and have already given up.Toob ad Ryan Fitzpatrick is not there to save Tua again for a disaster this team is being buried under. i think it’s time to draft another QB in this upcoming draft and then some weapons around that QB. It’s pretty evident to me that Tua’s only success in college was due to elite players around him and the fact that this team falters with him on the field is prrof that the critics analysis of Tua was dead on!

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