Lions look to hire G.M. John Schneider away from Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns
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The Lions have a big name in mind for their G.M. vacancy: Seahawks General Manager John Schneider.

Detroit plans to pursue Schneider, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Rapoport explains that, if Schneider had “primary authority” over the Seahawks’ personnel, the Lions wouldn’t be allowed to approach him about their job opening. But, as the article reasons, because Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has primary personnel authority, the Lions would be offering Schneider a step up with final say over their roster. That allows them to approach Schneider within league rules, and it may be enough to make Schneider consider leaving Seattle.

The Lions fired General Manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia this season. If Schneider were hired, he would then be in charge of hiring the Lions’ next head coach.

The Detroit job may not be particularly attractive, given the dearth of talent on the roster and the team’s bad salary cap situation. But if Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp is willing to offer Schneider enough money and enough authority, a big name in the personnel world could be heading to Detroit.

UPDATE 10:11 a.m. ET: The situation is far more complicated than Rapoport suggests, and the Lions quite possibly would have to trade for Schneider, if the Lions want him — and if the Seahawks are willing to release him from the final year of his contract.

22 responses to “Lions look to hire G.M. John Schneider away from Seahawks

  1. Hopefully, Seahawks don’t lose him. Hard to see Carroll giving up control as it’s worked so well for him. Very unusual set up in Seattle, but one that has worked well the past decade. Perhaps a huge $$ increase for JS will keep him, but having full control is tempting, I’m sure.

  2. I’d hate to see this as a Seahawks fan because he works well with Pete, but Detroit could do a lot worse than Schneider. He would move them in the right direction in a hurry.

  3. Let’s see… less responsibility with a winner or full responsibility at a perennial loser

  4. Seattle really has a good thing going. If Schneider wants more of a challenge, more authority, and definitely more of a challenge I can see him moving but the grass isn’t always greener on the otherside.

    And besides the professional reasons for staying or leaving there’s also personal reasons. He probably has deep roots in Seattle since he’s been there so long. His family is probably comfortable there. Detroit is a whole different world then Seattle. He will ultimately have the final decision but I bet his spouse and kids will have some input also.

  5. I think Schneider is very much under appreciated by fans. Every GM has misses in the draft but Schneider has hit more than half of them and even has some home grown HOF’ers that he helped select. It would be hard in the Seahawks to honestly get anywhere if he were to leave Pete and Seattle.

  6. That would be a big W for Detroit and probably the best GM (on paper) they’ve hired in forever.

  7. The Lions salary cap isn’t bad like you say . They currently rank 18th with $10M in available cap space and only have $300,000 in dead cap money . Depending on what they do with Stafford either extending him or trading him they could easily end up in the top fifteen of available cap space which is actually pretty good .

  8. The only place I ever thought would be a threat to lose John Schneider is was going to be Green Bay. Any interview he still sounds very fond of Wisconsin. i guss in Michagan he would be closer to his home.

    But why would a guy leave for a re-build while his Super Bowl window is wide open for the team he put together?

    If I had billions of dollars and owned a team, the one guy I would go after is Scot McCloughin. He built that Jim Harbaugh 49ers SuperBowl team and then had a hand in Seattles that almost went back to back following.

  9. Start with a grossly overpaid QB and that leads to cap problems. Many teams will really hit them next year when cap drops $20-25 mil. Going to be some old guys “retiring” and some QBs needing to do major restructurings or their teams just won’t be able to compete.
    Great time to be a young player coming into the league as the teams will need lots of cheap talent for next few years.

  10. Would be a good hire for Detroit and I’m a packers fan. Pay him. Will be interesting if Seattle fidgets with his title to prevent Detroit from hiring him.

  11. Make it happen! Time to finally turn this thing around. Been watching bad product for 32 years now.

  12. Schneider would be foolish to leave Seattle for the Lions. The last time the Lions won a championship, Dwight Eisenhower was our President.
    Schneider is a good GM, but the Lions have very little talent with an aging QB (Stafford will be 33 in February) who has taken a lot of hits in his time in the NFL. And — they don’t have a lot of money to spend.
    So I, for one, don’t see this happening.

  13. The only way I see this happening is if the Lions offer a 1st round pick for the trade and then offer Schneider a minority stake in ownership.
    Otherwise there is really no incentive for the Seahawks or Schneider to entertain an offer.

  14. Not a chance. Pete and John are tight, Seattle has a QB IN his prime. Salary cap is okay, great fan base. The Paul Allen ownership is about as good as it gets. No way he leaves.


    The only reason they stole the Patriots DC was that he probably he knew Belichek`s secrets.
    Of which we all know Belichek’s hatchlings all swim downstream and never succeed…
    Now, as for tearing Schneider outta the Great Northwest before his dynasty is established fully, I’ll use a Moss quote;

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