Mike Evans goes over 1,000 yards and then injures knee


Mike Evans went over 1,000 yards for the seventh consecutive season, but his day likely is done.

The Buccaneers have to hope his season isn’t done after a scary injury in the end zone. Evans was helped off the field and carted to the locker room.

He set an NFL record, breaking a tie with Randy Moss, on his third catch, which gave him 46 yards. Evans entered the day with 67 catches for 960 yards and a team single-season record 13 receiving touchdowns.

No player before Evans ever had opened a career with seven consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

But on the next play after his 20-yard gain, Evans came wide open in the end zone and, with the pass behind him, Evans reached back for it. Evans left a skid mark in the end zone as his knee appeared to buckle.

Evans immediately grabbed his left knee.

The Outback Bowl was played in the stadium Saturday.

The Buccaneers led 10-3.

15 responses to “Mike Evans goes over 1,000 yards and then injures knee

  1. I had him in my fantasy line today! I so felt today was his day! Damn the NFL gods for this! Hope he will be able to come back next season! Imagine how great he could have been if he had someone like Brady for the past 7 years.

  2. Should have never been playing but if he not available next week and if they play Washington they will lose

  3. Tom brady threw it behind Mike evans and made him have to try to adjust at the last second to catch that ball. If he had thrown it where it was supposed to go, evans wouldn’t be injured

  4. I don’t understand people saying why they should not have been playing Evans. They’re playing for fifth seed in the playoffs! It’s not like they had a lock on it. Seeding matters

  5. As a Pats fan I was not rooting against Brady, but the Bucs aren’t going to the SB this season, so I don’t get how you can call it a win if you’re one of those anti Belichick goofballs. There’s more then a few qbs who would love to have all those pieces on offense.

  6. Some teams play for individual records, some play to get Super Bowls.

    Some teams play for a better seeding to improve their chances at going to Super Bowl. That’s what the-Bucs are doing today despite any records being set.

  7. Oh no haters terrific Tom has another 4 touchdowns today to go along with 400 yards… isn’t he washed up? Wahahahaha

  8. ARod(in his collarbone) says:

    January 3, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Very good receiver, but can’t seem to avoid that injury bug.
    Hes missed only games in 7 years. It should have been obvious to you he doesnt have an injury problem when hes done something 7 straight years to start their career that no one else has which takes availability.

  9. The little dig at the Outback Bowl being played Saturday had nothing to do with the field conditions. I live just north of Raymond James Stadium and, I had an inch of rainfall between 6am-8am. It was no worse than a weekend when USF played on a Saturday and the Bucs on Sunday.

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