Mike McCarthy didn’t challenge Dante Pettis’ catch because “it was too close”

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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In the end, Mike McCarthy has no one to answer to except Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. It’s a good thing since Cowboys fans are left with a lot of questions about the coach’s decision-making this season.

The Giants faced a third-and-16 at the Dallas 42 with 7:07 remaining when Daniel Jones completed a 10-yard pass to Dante Pettis. Replay, though, showed the ball hit the ground without Pettis’ hands underneath.

“No question in my mind that if Dallas would’ve challenged this it would have been reversed to an incomplete pass,” FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira, the former NFL supervisor of officials, said during the broadcast.

McCarthy didn’t challenge it, and Graham Gano kicked a 50-yard field goal with 6:27 left to give the Giants their final margin of victory.

“Just felt it was too close,” McCarthy said of the decision not to challenge the catch, via Todd Archer of ESPN. “Felt it was a bang-bang situation and the fact of the matter is we were in a tight game and the three timeouts was obviously of high value there. We just didn’t think there was enough information to overturn it.”

McCarthy challenged only two plays all season, going 1-1.

The Cowboys used their final timeout after a first-down kneel down by the Giants with 56 seconds left. It forced the Giants to take an additional two kneel downs instead of one.

McCarthy has had more than his share of questionable decisions from the sideline this season, beginning in the season opener when he bypassed a potential tying field goal from the Rams 11-yard line with 11:46 left.

When coaches are right, they are geniuses. When coaches are wrong, they usually are fired.

McCarthy was wrong a lot this season, but he won’t lose his job after one season.

The problem for the Cowboys, though, is McCarthy doesn’t believe his game management was a problem.

“No,” he answered, via Jori Epstein of USA Today. “Not at all.”

The Cowboys also chose not to go for two while trailing 20-15 with 8:39 left. McCarthy said too much time remained.

“[Time] is part of the equation there,” McCarthy said, via Archer. “There’s other variables you look at. You have numbers obviously that you are aware of going into the game, but how the game’s being played and all the other variables are discussed. That’s why the decision was made and I thought it was a clean decision.”

18 responses to “Mike McCarthy didn’t challenge Dante Pettis’ catch because “it was too close”

  1. Mccarthy should be fired for that remark! It was too close??!! how could one person and the millions watching including commentators alone said it was clearly not a catch and you watched it on a screen the size of a 747! and it was to close??! I have lost a ton of respect for Mccarthy, that is just a pathetic excuse.

  2. “My coaching is impeccable. Our players just aren’t up to my standards.” —- Mike McCarthy

  3. Ridiculous reasoning!!! In a game where you are losing late what have you got to lose? Are you saving the timeout for next year? (Hint…you may not have a job next year) I’m beginning to think that he was only successfule in Green Bay because of Rogers.

  4. It might not have been a good idea to not challenge the call but that’s not why they lost. They lost because Dalton, who has almost always folded in important games, played horribly in the first half. It’s also on the Cowboys defense for allowing 23 points to a team that only scored two touchdowns in their last three games. This is a heartless era for the Cowboys. It has been going on for about 20 years regardless of personnel or coaches. They always lose win or go home games. No heart.

  5. New York & Dallas aren’t making the Playoffs. Eagles made sure of that. Enjoy the Draft Pick and all the healthy players returning next season.

  6. Oh well the bad thing about it is cowboys fans don’t really have anything to look forward to next season. The defense seemed to get a lil bit better but most the players will be back next year. Defense coordinator Mike Nolan was not to good but could you blame all of it on him he didnt time with players to coach his new scheme and he didn’t have the players that fit his type of defense. These players were doing bad last year after a promising year before. Jaylon Smith is truly regressing , lve is not looking as good ,Byron Jones was gone, Jeff heath is gone and was better than what we have now. Jerry didn’t sure up that defensive front and get help in the secondary. Even though CeeDee Lamb was a good pick we didn’t need him! We needed defense help! Because jerrah didn’t do that and address the true needs of the team the results showed the weakness all year!

  7. The Cowboys have been a team poorly coached from the day McCarthey took over.
    You either believe in the HC and what he is selling, or you don’t! I doubt the Cowboys, and especially the defense ever bought in. It has shown most of the season, and especially since Dak went down on offense. Whether some fair weather Cowboys fans want to give Dak credit, or not. He was the heart and soul of the offense. Defensively, nobody really became that heart and soul. You need that mentality ‘you have to go through me to beat my team’.

  8. McCarthy may or may not be fired after this season. Jerry is always a wildcard. That being said, what benefit is it to Mccarthy to admit in the media his game management may be a problem? If he had said yes – it would have been headline news. He took the smart approach.

    Now, when he is meeting with his boss, he may admit to different things than he would in public.

  9. The morons in the booth also said that the crackback block called on the Giants was a terrible call. There’s a reason Pereira isn’t head of officiating anymore.

  10. McCarthy is full of it. It was obviously not a catch. That non decision ended the Cowboys season. They, again, played with no passion for the 1st quarter. Next year maybe different with a healthy OL, unless Smith retires, but there are so many issues – not only talent but attitude. Jimmy Johnson instilled fear – of being cut or traded.
    Jones needs to put the non-exclusive tag on Dak, if you are exploring keeping him – it will show his true market value, allows the Cowboys to retain him as QB, and if he leaves get a lot of good draft picks.
    I would let Dak leave, use the $40 mil per year on the defense and OL depth, try to trade Elliott, cut Crawford, Xavier Woods and Anthony Brown, trade Gallup who will be a FA after next year (too expensive) – build inside inside/out. If they draft Zach Wilson from BYU that would be good as well.

  11. How do make a crackback block on a guy and send him flying forward towards the QB? Ridiculous penalty. Giant player was facing downfield; it’s impossible.

  12. Three things plaqued the Packer’s during McCarthy’s tenure as head coach. His clock management, his terrible decisions regarding challenges and his tendency to play soft when leading a game. If he wouldn’t have had Brett Farve, the 1 superbowl victory, and a future HOF quarterback he would have been exposed as an average HC at best.

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