Nate Sudfeld replaces Jalen Hurts as Eagles quarterback

NFL: JAN 03 Washington Football Team at Eagles
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The Eagles have replaced Jalen Hurts.

Nate Sudfeld, usually Philadelphia’s third quarterback, has entered the game. This is Sudfeld’s first game action since Week 17 of the 2018 season.

Sudfeld has 156 career passing yards, going 20-of-25.

It’s an odd decision by head coach Doug Pederson, considering his team is down just 17-14 to Washington in the fourth quarter.

Hurts is 7-of-20 passing for 72 yards with an interception, but has 34 yards on eight carries with a pair of touchdowns.

There’s 12:35 left in the game. If Washington holds its 17-14 lead, the Football Team will win the NFC East.

32 responses to “Nate Sudfeld replaces Jalen Hurts as Eagles quarterback

  1. You know what they say…

    When you have three quarterbacks, you have a huge problem to figure out going into the offseason.

  2. Doug Pederson clearly hates the Giants more than Washington. All those Tweets probably didn’t help New York…

  3. Another perfect example of why Peterson sucks as a HC. I get your team is out of contention, but you don’t insert your 3rd string QB when trying to upset a team playing for the playoffs, on your home turf at that.

  4. Hard to blame the Eagles from making the move to evaluate their QB Youngster, but man, I hate to see teams do this when it makes such a huge difference in the playoffs.

    Sorry NY Giant Football team, the WFT will be going on in the playoffs, it appears…..

  5. 7 of 20?? That is not starter material just yet. He can make some excitement but has he proven himself to be a competent passer yet? He throws a lot, but the complete percentage is meh. In fact it’s actually worse than Wentz!

  6. Peterson should be canned over his handling of his qb room alone. Give your future qb Hurts some votes of confidence coach.

  7. It’s sad that the Pederson is not playing to win. he has a young qb (hurts) to develop and instead plays a no one with no shot to be anything in this league. Pederson Should be known as the shamster! Note, I have no dog in this fight, I’m a GB fan. Just disgusting to out right not trying to win the game!!!

  8. Is there a reason he did NOT use Carson Wentz in this situation? or really does not want Giants to win the East?

  9. This is weird. Looks like Washington offered more than NY did. Imagine had it been Dallas waiting for the outcome. Their fans are far more rabid.

  10. It’s totally unbelievable
    What good are you doing there ?
    You’re going to evaluate a QB in one quarter ?
    Not to mention give your future QB a chance to win a game and knock a team out of the playoffs to build some momentum for next year

  11. The Eagles are playing for the draft pick and believe the 6th pick is better than the 9th pick. That would explain the questionable play calls and taking out their best active QB.

  12. Why did Pederson replace Jason Hurts or put in Carson Wentz? Is he trying to tank the game?

  13. It’s not up to another team to make sure another makes the playoffs, or to win their division, it’s up to them

  14. They’re doing this to keep their high pick (and stay ahead of my Cowboys) in order to maintain an advantage in the draft. It’s obvious

  15. I fear the NFL took quite a few steps backwards tonight in this game
    It’s been a total crazy year with all the covid-19 problems and players missing games but to actually bench your quarterback who had more of a legitimate chance to win a game well things are different these days but this was just a sad thing to do and pretty obvious to everyone who is a football fan.

  16. nydre4 says:
    January 3, 2021 at 11:27 pm
    The Giants will remember this for next year


    First off, i think it was blatant tanking but really? What are the Giants going to do about it next year?

  17. Jalen Hurts:
    7-20, 72 yards
    0 TDs, 1 int
    25.4 QBR

    Yeah. Totally would have won if they left Hurts in.

  18. I’ve never seen an NFL team treat a regular season game like it was a scrimmage. This was an embarrassment to the NFL. It was probably the most grotesque thing I’ve ever seen in all my years watching NFL football. Then, they jump off-sides on 4th and 1. Washington had zero intention of snapping that ball. Then, they tried to scoop up a fumble instead of falling on it. Just a total lack of coaching and discipline. I’d expect the owner to clean house. I’m not a fan of any of the teams involved. If anything, I’m a fan of Ron Rivera. I don’t really like the Giants either. I’m just talking as an NFL fan, or even just an American sports fan. This was gross to watch.

  19. This game was a joke. The Eagles were never letting the Cowboys or Giants win the division. They got to chose the division winner this year and they did. Such a proud moment in Philly pro sports history.

  20. chino62885 says:
    January 3, 2021 at 10:49 pm
    Another perfect example of why Peterson sucks as a HC. I get your team is out of contention, but you don’t insert your 3rd string QB when trying to upset a team playing for the playoffs, on your home turf at that.
    I guess you’d be happy with your QB just being your RB. 7 of 20 for 72 yards and a interception. Enough said.

  21. While Doug is to blame for the offensive play calling, I cant say that he is over the QB situation. Im sure Carson was given to Doug to use. Im sure he was pressured to figure it out with making it work with Carson. Once it became known we needed to try something different, maybe he was told Hurts’ time. He likely doesnt have much team control and is on a leash with Howie pulling the strings…

  22. This should be the deciding factor in the Eagles decision whether to keep Pederson or not, piss poor choice on the HC’s part!

  23. Bunch of pearl clutching in these comments. Anyone that saw the Eagles’ injury report knew they were sitting valuable players already. The tank was already in. Also, it wasn’t like Hurts was lighting it up out there.

    Think about how much capital it would take to move up from 9th to 6th in the draft. Ensuring the higher pick was the right thing to do given the circumstances.

    As for tanking, it happens every year. Don’t pretend it doesn’t. Not as obvious as this admittedly, but still pretty obvious. The Sixers made a “process” of it. In certain scenarios, it is the best thing long-term for franchises to tank to get talent. The Eagles need some.

    Now fire Howie Roseman before he gets a chance to ruin that pick.

  24. Jalen Hurts had the worst game for a starting QB this year. 7/20, 25.0 rating, 35.0 comp%, 72 yards, 0td/1int when he was pulled in the 4th. He had two rushing td but as a passer has looked awful. 41 comp% since taking over. Hasn’t completed more than 56% in a game. Since the 1st quarter, 2nd possession last week…the passing offense with Hurts has 0td/3int, 2 fumbles in 7 quarters. The kid’s flaws, which were accuracy issues coming out of college, are showing. With good coaching maybe it can be fixed but with this staff…no chance in hell. He is like many running QB. Great athletes but their running masks their poor passing. Michael Vick sucked as a passer. Completed 60% of his throws in one season, which was when Reid got him to be more of a pocket QB. Cunningham was terribly inaccurate and a turnover machine like Vick. Newton too.

  25. BTW to the complaining NYG fans…remember when your team lost 22-21 to the Eagles back in October? When they had a 14-10 lead heading into the 4th. Guess what…had they won that, you would be division champs. So stop whining about the Eagles let you down. You went 6-10.

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