Steelers-Browns game is the only potential Week 17 glitch

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
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The NFL definitely will have played 255 games in the 2020 regular season when the clock strikes midnight. The final number likely will be 256.

For now, though, the Steelers-Browns game is in a vague state of limbo. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Sunday morning testing is happening. So far, there have been no positive results. A clear answer is expected soon.

The Browns have seven players on the COVID-19 reserve list, and they’ll be missing three coaches. The league has concluded that the underlying infections resulted from community spread and not an outbreak within the facility.

Even as players and coaches continue to catch the virus away from the facility, the league has successfully avoided another outbreak. For the season, it had only two: Tennessee in late September, and Baltimore in late November.

UPDATE 10:45 a.m. ET: It’s all clear for the Browns. Game on.

9 responses to “Steelers-Browns game is the only potential Week 17 glitch

  1. If I was the Broncos, saints, browns, Steelers, and any other team that was effected by covid. I would file a grievance against the nfl because teams like the Titians and ravens have gotten special treatment by the league. A ravens strength coach had it went to work and spread it. The Titian’s players held practical highschool. It can effect the browns chances of making the playoffs for the first time in 18 years

  2. Kudos to the NFL….Not an easy task to have a 17 game season with full rosters, allowing fans in the stands and no bubble…I will give credit where credit is due !

  3. Keep 16 games for next year. Prepare better, maybe start a week early and keep a late week open at the end of the season for cancelled games. This thing isn’t going away this year.

  4. The hammer should have been brought down on the Ravens. Absolute buffoonery in regards to their handling of protocols.

  5. steelcurtainn says:
    January 3, 2021 at 11:59 am
    The Steelers get robbed out of there bye week again.


    Didn’t realize they are playing 17 games this year.

  6. Brown’s should be blowing the Steelers out with all the back ups Pittsburg has in….Brown’s not quit there yet for a Super Bowl run!

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