Will Bengals bring back Zac Taylor?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Three coaching jobs are open (Lions, Texans, Falcons) and others are widely expected to become vacant (Jaguars, Jets). Some jobs fall squarely into the “we’ll see” category.

In Cincinnati, a definite “we’ll see” vibe has emerged this weekend. Although NFL Media has reported that Zac Taylor is expected to return, there’s a rumor making that rounds that Taylor could be out.

He’s going to finish his second season with a record of 6-25-1. And on his watch rookie quarterback Joe Burrow was battered and bruised before suffering a serious knee injury.

To the extent that the Bengals entered today’s game undecided about Taylor, the team did little to save Taylor. Baltimore has shredded the Cincinnati defense and shut down the Bengals Offense.

Working in Taylor’s favor is that the Bengals have a long history of not paying coaches to not work. Marvin Lewis, for example, was fired when he had no guaranteed money left on his contract. Thus, unless only the first two years of Taylor’s contract was guaranteed, it would be out of character for the Bengals to fire Taylor now.

Working against Taylor is the possibility of reuniting Burrow with former LSU offensive coordinator Joe Brady, who currently serves as offensive coordinator in Carolina. The Bengals may need to move now or risk seeing Brady get serious consideration for a head-coaching job elsewhere.

Stay tuned on this one. Taylor may not be as safe as some believe.

12 responses to “Will Bengals bring back Zac Taylor?

  1. He’s horrible but then again Bengals are known to keep their coaches around long past expiration date. He’s nothing special.

  2. Yeah right. That means Mike Brown would be on the hook for two contracts next season, and Mike Brown doesn’t pay people to not work.

  3. Should be the first coach fired, but the next coach isn’t going to do any better. Mike Brown is the real issue there. Taylor is terrible though and is not an NFL head coach.

  4. It has amazed me that many of the talking heads on TV praise Zac Taylor while at the same time verbally bashing Marvin Lewis, indeed often still blaming him for the Bengals’ plight even though he has been gone for two years. I would like to point out though, Marvin was fired after an injury-plagued season during which the Bengals won only six games. I would note however, that it took Zac Taylor TWO years to win six games. During this time, he has purged the Bengals of most of Marvin’s players, especially the terrible way that Carlos Dunlap was banished for a backup guard and a seventh round pick who will probably end up on the practice squad. Zac Taylor needs to go. Hire Joe Brady, get some Offensive Lineman so that Joe Burrow doesn’t end up as the next Andrew Luck!

  5. They’ll keep him and continue to completely mis-manage the generational talent of Joe Burrow.

  6. If they’re smart, they would. This guy did not attempt one fourth down conversion today, didn’t even try a trick play on special teams, let alone on offense to try to get the Ravens off guard. He didn’t even try a QB change at any point, especially when it was needed at half. That Steeler game a few weeks ago really tells you where some franchise’s priorities lie. It’s like “beat the Steelers and coast the rest of the way”. Replace him with Joe Brady and Burrow will really live up to his full potential. Keep him and have players like Germaine Pratt guarantee a victory on twitter before the game and watch your team get curbstomped week after week because the culture is in shambles.

  7. Zac Taylor has never been great at any job he’s held as a coach, period.

  8. And on his watch rookie quarterback Joe Burrow was battered and bruised before suffering a serious knee injury.

    I don’t think it’s fair to pin this on the coach. That offensive line is a complete joke. That’s because their front office is a joke. But sure, fire the coach for the front office’s shortcomings…that’s the Bengals way of doing thing ever since Mike Brown took over. He’s one of the worst owners in all of professional sports.

  9. Zach Taylor will be around for next year ya’ll it’s Mike Brown and his Bengal organization…I’ve been a Bengal fan for 50 yrs and that’s the way it is here period! Worst run franchise in NFL

  10. Is there another NFL franchise that would keep a Head Coach who has won six games in two seasons? Only in Cincinnati is ZT safe due to the incompetence of Mike Brown and his family.

    They have to be able to compete in the AFCN. This roster has major holes and lacks critical depth. Starts with Duke Tobin and his skeleton scouting group, ends up with them coming up short in the all important win column. They have drafted poorly in the first round in particular. Burrow was a no brainer, Jonah Williams is not a Left Tackle, arms are too short and he cannot stay healthy. Then there is Obeghi, Ross and Price — total zeros — Obeghi is gone, Ross is gone and Price is likely to follow soon. Unless they are competitive in the AFCN – they are just the “W” for their opponent. Hopeless – the fans deserve so much more but Mike Brown does not care he is making lots of money.

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