Will there be more scapegoats in Las Vegas?

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders has not gone well. So not well that a loss on Sunday against the Broncos on Sunday will drag his record over the last three years to 18-30 — and it would drop him to 113-111 for his regular-season career, just two games over .500.

Win or lose today, the late-season firing of defensive coordinator Paul Guenther has others around the league monitoring the Raiders situation to see whether other Raiders employees on the coaching staff or in the front office will be fired after the season ends. Without naming names (do we need to?), pretty much anyone and everyone could be in position to be replaced, as Gruden apparently looks for a way to shift blame from himself to others.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if all the blame is on Gruden. He’s going nowhere, not with owner Mark Davis placing the ongoing employment of Gruden as the coach over winning games.

Whether that changes as the Raiders get deeper into the 10-year contract that Gruden signed three years ago remains to be seen, especially since it’s believed that the full $100 million isn’t guaranteed. Regardless, a fourth straight failed season could put Gruden under .500 for his career — and it possibly would get Raiders fans to start asking tougher questions about the short- and long-term future of the team.

Unless and until Mark Davis starts asking tough questions, Gruden will remain in place, no matter how much the team struggles.

8 responses to “Will there be more scapegoats in Las Vegas?

  1. He always blames everyone else that will never change he coaches like he has the bucs defense from 2002 lacks creativity could have used Mariotta like the saints use Taysom Hill never even tried they spent too much money on offense still just kick field goals I hope he doesn’t fire Mayock but wouldn’t be surprised

  2. Gruden’s W/L record would have just about any other nfl head coach in very hot water; am not at all optimistic about the future.

    That said, Gruden has, on multiple occasions this season alone, declared that the dismal performances by the team were a reflection of HIM.

    He’s also on record that he’s not set on taking Davis’ $$$ without a record to be proud of; hopefully 2021 will prove to be Chucky’s make/break year in HIS OWN estimation.

  3. Gruden took over a franchise that was deep under water, having only one winning season in the previous 15 years. Now they’re at .500, and that’s without a quality QB. Look at how well Bill Belichick did without his HOF QB. He did worse than Gruden. Are we going to ask for Belichick to get fired? Belichick had a HOF QB for all his successful years. The only time he missed the playoffs in the last 20 years was the one year when Brady was injured. If Belichick is the GOAT, and he can’t win without a QB, why do we expect more from Gruden? At least Gruden has one super bowl win with a mediocre QB. That’s one more than Belichick. I’m a huge fan of Belichick’s. I’m just trying to keep things straight. It’s a QB league, and obviously that needs to keep being repeated. Belichick got lucky with Brady. An assistant coach begged and pleaded with Bill to draft Brady, and Brady only got on the field because Drew Bledsoe got injured. Now Brady leaves and Bill, and all those great assistants forget how to coach? Seriously? Now Bruce Arians and all his assistants are the best coaches in the league. Both Tampa Bay coordinators will be interviewing for head coaching jobs. Haven’t we seen this show before?

  4. Now they’re at .500, and that’s without a quality QB. In what universe is Carr not a quality QB? He’s not a top 5 QB, but he’s far from a bottom 5 QB. His stats place him in the 10-15 QB range and PFF has him as #8. The Raider offense is a top 10 offense, so Carr must be doing something right. Hardly the problem in LV. The defense is one of the worst in the league and that’s how a team that averaged 27 points a game lost 8 times.

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