Woody Johnson’s return looms over the Jets’ expected coaching search

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If, as expected, the Jets move on from coach Adam Gase, they’ll be looking for a new coach. And that decision could eventually be made by the new boss, same as the old boss.

Owner Woody Johnson’s assignment as the U.S. ambassador to the U.K. ends with the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20 (I know, I know; some believe there’s still a chance that won’t happen). Woody will be back on January 21.

The question then becomes whether Woody will instantly jump back into the fray with the Jets, and whether they’ll wait to hire a coach until Woody personally can interview him. Woody also could be involved in the strategizing and decision making from England, given that he’s basically playing out the string at the current time.

Whatever he does and whenever he does it, the imminent return of Woody Johnson must be factored in the looming moves to be made, especially if Woody plans to thank his brother, Christopher, for taking care of things over the past few years and then says, “I’ll take over from here.”

6 responses to “Woody Johnson’s return looms over the Jets’ expected coaching search

  1. Woody should let Joe Douglas look for a new coach while Woody looks for new buyers of the team.

  2. Woody has done nothing in the past to drive success that should warrant his involvement in the coaching search. Also he can still be ambassador after Jan 20th because as far as I seem there’s been no current appointment to the UK. This could take a few weeks or months after Biden’s inauguration, especially since the Senate has to confirm (will likely object to most candidates). There will be no time for Woody Johnson to be involved. Unfortunately that means that also ‘has done nothing’ Christopher Johnson will involve himself, or even make a worse decision in keeping Gase.

  3. Woody Johnson was asked whether it was more important for the Jets to have a winning season or for Mitt Romney to beat Barack Obama in next month’s presidential election.

    “Well I think you always have to put country first,” he replied.

  4. It’s his team and it makes sense that he takes over when he gets back. Good for him.

  5. It doesn’t matter what Woody does or who he hires because Woody and his front office is the problem. The front door seems to be a revolving door, coaches and GM’s come and go, but the one constant is the owner and his front office people. Some may consider Bill Belichick the goat as far as coaches go, but you do know that before being successful with the Pats, he made a few coaching stops along the way. Even the Goat couldn’t figure out a way to fix that cluster.

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