Buccaneers, Ravens are road favorites in wild card round

NFL: JAN 03 Falcons at Buccaneers
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Home teams are usually favored in the playoffs, but in both the AFC and the NFC, the highest-seeded wild card is favored on the road against the lowest-seeded division winner.

The Buccaneers opened as 6.5-point favorites on the road at the Washington Football Team, and that spread quickly shifted to 7.5 as bets came in on Tampa Bay.

The Ravens opened as four-point favorites at Tennessee, but that line has narrowed a bit to 3.5 points.

Wild card weekend’s biggest favorite is New Orleans, a 9.5-point favorite at home against Chicago.

The Bills are 6.5-point favorites at home against the Colts, the Seahawks are 4.5- or five-point favorites at home against the Rams, and the Steelers are 3.5- or four-point favorites at home against the Browns.

20 responses to “Buccaneers, Ravens are road favorites in wild card round

  1. AFC winners: Bills, Steelers, Ravens
    NFC winners: Saints, Rams, TB

    Rams defense is why they win.

  2. Ravens-Titans gm might be the best gm. Balt will probly put 9-20 guys on LOS & force Tannehill to beat them. As usual, Lamar Jax will be cussing out the defense if Henry gashes them, like last yr.

  3. Always? Ravens – Titans has always been a great matchup. 25 games shows 13-12 Titans.

  4. Cut to the chase. The NFL is rigged. See Philly. SB will be Mahomes v. Brady for big money ratings. It’s always about the money!

  5. Ravens have essentially played Titans twice in about a season of football so we know them well – Defense will be healthiest it has been all season and the Offensive line is playing better than before we lost our LT – play the game, no excuses!

  6. The Lamar Jackson doubters will rightfully grow in number if he plays poorly again against that horrific defence.
    The Bucs should win, but their pass defence has looked very weak in defending tight ends and running backs. Thomas and McKissic having big names could be the difference, especially if their defence consistently pressures Brady and keeps it a low scoring game.

  7. After letting Derrick Henry rip them apart in the playoffs last year EDC made some major moves to shore up the defensive front seven. Really looking forward to this matchup. Go Ravens!

  8. Steelers are about to see a different Browns team than they saw Sunday. Run and Stun! GO BROWNS!!!

  9. The last time the Ravens Titans played the Ravens were on their 5th O-Line combination, so not settled in at all. The defense had some key injuries too. But the Titans had their share of injuries. I expect this to be a great game. GO RAVENS

  10. Everybody talking about Henry, and rightfully so, but don’t sleep on AJ Brown and Corey Davis. Brown broke 1k yards and Corey almost did, too.

  11. 6.5 points is too high. That Washington d-line is the type that has always given Brady problems. I think the Bucs win by a field goal but it will not be an easy out.

  12. Can’t wait to see Henry truck a few Ravens DBs. Ravens will stack 9 on LOS & the Tenn wideouts will make them pay. Harbaugh will probably complain about the officiating if he loses, as usual.

  13. riggo08 says:
    January 4, 2021 at 6:40 am
    AFC winners: Bills, Steelers, Ravens
    NFC winners: Saints, Rams, TB

    Rams defense is why they win.

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    just like in week 16, right? oh…..

  14. Going to be a fun game. I doubt Henry runs wild again now that the Ravens will have Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams healthy for this game (both inactive due to injuries in their week 11 game), but we’ll see. He’s talented enough to break the Ravens if they aren’t stout.

  15. Alex Smith is crap in the playoffs. He couldn’t take Frisco or KC to the Super Bowl. If you need to come from behind with 2 minutes or less to play, Smith is the worst quarterback you can have on your team, and Tom Brady is one of the best in the same situation.

  16. Back in the day when the Ravens became the Ravens, Tennessee was one of their main rivals! Ray Lewis vs Eddie George. Realignment and Irsay’s not wanting to play smash mouth ended it! Nice to see it coming back!

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