Cam Newton hopes to sign his next contract early in free agency


Cam Newton and the Patriots reportedly are parting ways. Or maybe it was just a discussion that they are parting ways.

Regardless, Newton will become a free agent in the more traditional way, at the traditional time. In 2020, the Panthers deliberately held his rights beyond the start of free agency as they tried to trade him. Only after realizing that there was no market did they release him, after the major moves had been made.

This time around, Newton looks forward to signing a contact more quickly.

“That’s definitely going to go into consideration,” Newton said Monday on WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, via Mike Reiss of “I’m not going to wait in the latter part of another season when I have the opportunity to do something or sign with someone.”

Newton’s health also was a factor last year, from the surgically-repaired foot in 2019 to the surgically-repaired shoulder before that to the surgically-repaired ankle before that. The pandemic prevented teams from taking a close look at Newton before making a financial investment in him. This time around, he enters the process on an equal footing with other quarterbacks.

What if, when the dust settles on the looming game of musical chairs, there’s no seat for Newton as a starter? Would he be a backup?

“Honestly it’s too early to tell,” Newton said. “Do I think I have starting talent? Absolutely. Do I think a lot of things I’ve done were devalued? Not the team’s perspective, probably the media’s perspective — absolutely.”

No one has devalued Newton. Injuries have hampered him in recent years. In 2020, his bout with COVID-19 caused a midseason slump from which he struggled to recover. The full body of work in the season that ended on Sunday has positives and negatives, but not nearly enough for any team to get to the front of the line with an offer of $30 million or more per year.

In 2020, Newton made $3.7 million. He deserves more than that, and the circumstances of 2021 should help him get there. Still, he’ll likely end up making closer to $3.7 million than $30 million in his next contract.

26 responses to “Cam Newton hopes to sign his next contract early in free agency

  1. “In 2020, Newton made $3.7 million. He deserves more than that”

    We are talking about CAM Newton, right? Not Isaac? Surely we aren’t talking about rewarding brazen mediocrity so brashly

  2. Not too many (OK, no) teams are going to look at his tape from this season and say “We need Cam as our starter”. His best bet to start is if a team’s expected starter is injured in pre-season.

  3. He showed this year that he struggles with passes beyond 10 yards and he no longer has the quick burst to be an open field threat.
    Why would someone bring in an average QB who is more interested in his fedora than his performance? That’s a toxic ingredient in any QB room.
    No thanks.

  4. “ In 2020, Newton made $3.7 million. He deserves more than that”

    LOL! Have you seen him throw a football?

  5. “Honestly it’s too early to tell,” Newton said. “Do I think I have starting talent? Absolutely. Do I think a lot of things I’ve done were devalued? Not the team’s perspective, probably the media’s perspective — absolutely.”
    I dont think anything hes done has been devalued. Hes good at running as a qb and has worked hard this year(as he repeatedly has said) which hes been accurately assessed but if he thinks he has starting talent hes crazy.

  6. What about his performance would lead anyone to believe he is worth more than $3.7M? He threw nine passing TD’s across the entire season. Do not bring up the rushing TD’s almost all of which a RB would have scored.

  7. I think every free agent wants to sign their contract early.
    But when players have had off years, they are generally forced to sign one year prove it deals. I don’t think Cam proved it in 2020.
    As a longtime Patriot fan, those skipped passes were just painful to watch. And when defenses are crowding the line on 3rd and medium distance, they simply don’t fear the pass. I don’t think Julio Jones and DeAndre Hopkins at wideouts would have put them in the playoffs this year.

  8. Struggles with passes beyond 10 yards? LOL
    He throws passes under 10 yards into the ground.
    The guys best game came in the last game of the season against the lowly Jets and the best pass in the game for the Patriots was made by Jakobi Meyers to Cam Newton. As a Pats fan, I came to like Cam the human, but Cam the qb just totally pissed me off over and over. Same ol mental mistakes week after week and his arm is shot. Unless he comes out and says he needs arm surgery there is no reason other then being done that explains how terrible his passing is now. Sure he still has elusive running ability even though it seems he’s running slowly, but as a passer he is garbage. If NE brought him back as their starting qb next year I’d boycott the team for the entire season. The losing didn’t get me down, it was watching terrible, terrible qb play week after week. Qbs have to be able to throw the ball, even if it’s an int.

  9. I would take Cam as a backup at $3,750,000. (I’ll give him a raise)
    He’s pretty bad but there are much worse backups.

  10. That was a pretty painful year to watch the Pats. But the offensive blame for this season falls almost entirely on Belichick and his awful drafting of skill players and nonexistent FA/trade pickups. Cam was more or less doomed from the jump, even as it became clear that Bill/Josh developed the entire offense around Cam’s running threat. No, he is not a great passer, but Meyers/Byrd/Harry would be practice squad players on almost every other team. One could argue that Bill was hoping for Harry to “break out” (spoiler alert: did not happen) or that Edelman would paper over the lack of talent everywhere else (spoiler alert: he can’t, even if he was 100% all year.) The absolute void of TE talent is the worst offender of all.

    We finished 7-9 but it feels more like 4-12.

  11. Out of 15 starts, he had only three good games, one of which came in their meaningless matchup yesterday against the 2-14 Jets who had already packed it in for the year. If he wants to sign early, then he had better be prepared to sign for at or close to the veteran minimum because he isn’t going to be anything more than a backup and mentor for a younger QB.

  12. His only shot is for another QB to get injured. Nobody is signing this guy after what he put out there except the Jets. I don’t even think they are that delusional.

    This guy didn’t have an off year. He’s had several.

  13. Cam is good when running the ball. His decision making is questionable at best. He holds on to the ball too long and takes too many sacks. He can’t throw. It doesn’t matter who his receivers were. I just can’t see him making that much more than he did this year, unless someone makes him a tight end or a third down back. I will be surprised if someone signs him.

  14. If I’m Patriots, I offer him 3-yr contract with 1-yr guaranteed “backup” money with several incentives to boost that amount to low end starter money. The 2-3 yr non guarantee money is mid level starter money. The option to pick up these years to be determined one day after next year’s regular season by the team & Cam can opt out of the third year. Thus, the Patriots get an off season & next season to work with him to decide if he is part of their future. Cam gets to compete for starting spot & can salvage his career in a system that is designed to win.

    Patriots would still go out and try to find another player to compete as their starter in the draft/FA.

  15. CHawk12thMan says:
    January 4, 2021 at 12:03 pm
    If I’m Patriots, I offer him… NOTHING. There fixed it for you.

  16. We’ll help him sign early as long as it’s not in New England. Can’t watch anything resembling this offense again next year.

  17. Who the hell would even want him as a back up? Come in and throw the ball in to the dirt in front of a receiver 10yds away.

  18. I could see Newton signing a deal similar to what Jacoby Brissett singed with the Colts a couple of years ago. A couple years of high-end backup/low-end starter money (Brissett was around $15M I think). It would make some sense for a team without an established franchise QB or one that’s drafting a guy who’s likely to sit for at least a little while (like Trey Lance for example). I get that our resident armchair GMs have already passed judgment on Newton, but I’m not sure you give him a fair shake by judging him on one season where he was returning from injury, had to learn a new system without a real training camp or practices, had Covid, and was playing with an obvious lack of offensive weapons.

  19. kissbillsrings says:

    January 4, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    Bye Bye Scam…..hello Jarrett Stidham!!!

    If they were going to give Stidham a shot they would have started him at least their last game.

  20. karmakalled says:
    January 5, 2021 at 11:26 am
    To be fair, Stidham only threw 6 less TDs than Cam.

    So did Jakobi Meyers.

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