Carson Wentz declines to speak to reporters Monday

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman spent a good chunk of time talking about quarterback Carson Wentz‘s future with the team on Monday, but Wentz didn’t have anything to share.

Wentz declined to speak with reporters as the team cleaned out their lockers following Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Washington Football Team. Wentz was inactive for that game and did not play after being benched in favor of Jalen Hurts during a Week 13 loss to the Packers.

Wentz would have been asked about a Sunday report from Chris Mortenson of ESPN that said he plans to ask for a trade and that his relationship with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is “fractured beyond repair.” Pederson was asked about the report on Monday.

“I’m not going to speak for Carson, obviously but I can speak for myself and say that, yeah, the relationship is good,” Pederson said. “It’s fine. It’s something that we’re going to continue to build upon, and listen, I know Carson’s disappointed. It’s not the season that he had anticipated. It’s not the season I had anticipated as the head coach. There were a lot of moving parts. It’s not about one guy here. It takes all of us and that’s something that we’ve stressed a lot here.”

Roseman said the team is not talking about trading Wentz and that he can’t imagine not having the quarterback on the team, but we’ll have to wait for any comments from Wentz about the situation.

21 responses to “Carson Wentz declines to speak to reporters Monday

  1. There’s no benefit to having him on the team, as he’s obviously not your QB of the future. Ship him off to Denver or New England and recoup a draft pick or two.

  2. After Sunday’s blatant tank job, he probably didn’t want to be seen in public wearing Eagles gear.

  3. justin7556 says: “Worst decision in history getting rid of foles”

    Right, because Foles has been lighting up the league since he left the Eagles. Oh, wait, he’s been benched at both Jacksonville and Chicago and replaced by Minshew and Trubisky…

  4. Regardless of Peterson’s shennanigans – Wentz has this reputation of being pretty thinned skinned and fragile ego going back a couple of years.

    Need someone who can take some criticism as the face of the franchise, Wentz isn’t it.

  5. The redskins gave as an excuse for cutting Dwayne Haskins that he skipped a media session.
    Can the Eagles void Wentz guarantees?

  6. New England is not a fit. Belichick wants mental toughness and Wentz lacks it.

  7. texansfan82 says:
    January 4, 2021 at 3:27 pm
    There’s no benefit to having him on the team, as he’s obviously not your QB of the future. Ship him off to Denver or New England and recoup a draft pick or two.

    With the cap hit any team would take to trade for him the Eagles will probably have to give a pick or two to move him!

    For those that laugh just look at Houston a few years ago and how they had to give the Browns a 2nd round pick just to move Brock Osweiler and his huge contract, if the Eagles really do want to move Wentz I see the same kind of deal having to happen! No one is giving up draft picks to take on Wentz bloated salary especially with the way he played and going into a $176mil cap season, $40mil less than what it was estimated to be.

    BTW Belichick would never take on Wentz cap hit, it ain’t happening!

  8. The Eagles usually can find a sucker. They’ll unload Wentz to some stupid team. Just watch.

  9. Both Foles and Wentz looked like franchise quarterbacks when they had Frank Reich as their Offensive Coordinator. Wentz was looking like an MVP candidate (until he got injured) and Foles won a SuperBowl.

    Once Reich left, both Foles and Wentz looked ordinary, at best, as did the rest of the offense.

    The problem is Pederson. IF he stays on as HC and OC, like he did this and last year, the Eagles will be cellar-dwellers. The Eagles need a good OC, and Pederson is not the answer.

  10. They can certainly trade him, and it won’t hurt their cap situation.
    Keep him, he is a $34 mil cap hit.
    Trade him, its a $33 mil dead money cap hit, and a $1 mil cap savings.

  11. Wentz took the $$, THERES PRESSURE WITH THAT. he should work harder, NOT quit the team money intact!

  12. For various reasons throughout NFL history, some QB’s who ended up having nice careers, winning Super Bowls, and some going to the HOF, didn’t accomplish those things with their original teams, but with the teams that traded for them. Steve Young, Jim Plunkett, Brett Favre, Drew Brees. Sometimes a change is good, and now Wentz has an opportunity to join this elite list of QB’s.

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