(Retracted) Report: Chan Gailey out in Miami

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins will be seeking a new offensive coordinator.

Chan Gailey will not return for the 2021 season, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The possibility of Gailey’s departure had been much-discussed as the offense struggled to improve after rookie first-round draft pick Tua Tagovailoa became the starting quarterback. Head coach Brian Flores benched Ryan Fitzpatrick for Tagovailoa midway through the season, and the offense didn’t play as well after that.

The Dolphins’ next offensive coordinator will have a big task in getting the offense fixed with Tagovailoa at the helm. Hiring the right coach for the job may be the most important decision Flores has made in Miami.

UPDATE 2:58 p.m. ET: ESPN has now retracted this report.

11 responses to “(Retracted) Report: Chan Gailey out in Miami

  1. Gailey is an excellent OC. Miami should have kept him. The problem Miami had with the Offense was rushing Tua into the starting QB position when he wasn’t ready. Hopefully Tua can bounce back from the premature start.

  2. Several say it wasn’t Chan Gailey as much as Tua being a rookie but I’m sorry, running the ball every 1st/2nd and goal and a fade route on every 3rd and goal along with constant short passes made me physically ill. This was the most predictable offense I think I’ve ever seen from the Dolphins, and that’s saying something. Good riddance.

  3. Chans a good man and pretty good offensive coordinator not great but good. Sometimes with guys like chan,Kubiak,Shanahan etc it just so much complicated verbiage. Tua will be fine but a 1st year QB needs a more simple approach as time goes so does the offense. Chan is old school football. New blood is good.

  4. They have fired OC’s in back to back years after doing seemingly pretty good jobs. O’Shea was having success late in the year. They brought in Chan knowing they were getting Tua or at least a rookie QB. Flores is building a solid team but some of his decision making when it comes to Qb’s and OC’s is a bit odd…

  5. I don’t think Tua has learned to read the defenses yet with the pre snap motions Gailey sprinkles in to help the QB. Fitz seemed really good in that offense. From Tyler Thigpen to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chan Gailey has done a lot with very little. If this is the end of the line for him, he had a great career.

  6. Might be time for Chan to consider hanging up the boots. Guy’s bounced all over the past 35 years as either a positional coach or OC and has never stuck anywhere. With how much teams obsess over young OCs that have experience with college offenses, seems like the game’s left him behind.

  7. I don’t miss his horizontal offense I used to have to watch when he was the Bills HC, unbelievably boring to watch

  8. Watched a lot of Tua in college. Only 2-3 games this year. Tua is definitely a work in progress and will take time just like Josh Allen for his capabilities to come to fruition whatever his level of play becomes. Having said that it wasnt Chan Gaileys defense that allowed the Bills to put 49 points on them and 28 of those point by 2nd & 3rd stringers.

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