Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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The Chargers have fired head coach Anthony Lynn.

The move was made this morning after a season in which the Chargers finished 7-9, missing the playoffs for the third time in Lynn’s four seasons.

Although Lynn got credit for the promising development of rookie quarterback Justin Herbert, he also took a lot of criticism for the Chargers’ many close losses, in which game management mistakes came back to bite them.

The Chargers are now the sixth NFL team seeking a new head coach. The Chargers job will be an attractive one to a coach who thinks Herbert is the long-term answer at quarterback, although there are plenty of other spots on the roster that need work.

Also seeking new coaches are the Jaguars, Jets, Lions, Texans and Falcons.

54 responses to “Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

  1. There is a reason bad programs stay bad. Now Herbert will have to learn a whole new system going into his second year, and probably will lose a lot of the momentum that he had going into the end of the year.

  2. As a Chiefs fan, you should hire Bieniemy. Wink wink, please! I’d love to keep him in the west. Though in reality he’d probably be better than Lynn.

  3. Can’t say I am surprised, though having multiple coaches may hinder Herbert’s development

  4. His late game problems notwithstanding, don’t think this was justified. He’s had to play without his best players on defense for long stretches of time. Derwin James hasn’t played for two years now for instance, and that’s kind of a big deal.

  5. Not a surprise but interesting that the coach in Cincy kept his job, while Lynn lost his. Both were playing with Rookie QBs. Oh well, nothing to see here.

  6. Wow I thought they’d keep him one more year, but there were a lot of bonehead moves that just made no sense.

  7. it really could have gone both ways on this one. Ummmm he’s not really head coach material maybe a damn good coordinator at best. you know your judged by your record.

  8. The Falcons are likely the most appealing because they have crucial positions already filled and they pick 4th if you think you can get a young qb or top player for their need…

    All those other teams will need a great deal of retooling and coaching up to compete with the top teams in their division!

  9. If you look at what he did the last half of the year, with no offensive line and with a QB who should be rookie of the year, this could be a real bad move.

  10. It’s crazy to see Mike Zimmer outlast coaches that were hired after he was. Congrats to these franchises from moving on from their mistakes and giving their franchises a chance at success while Minnesota continues to deny/delay the inevitable.

  11. Best Head Coaching opening out there from a roster standpoint. Downside, just have to deal with Mahomes and the Chiefs every year in the Division.

  12. Loved Lynn on Hard Knocks and he had a real run of bad luck with injuries, but the game management decisions and the close losses doomed him. They looked at the Texans and Falcons and realized better too soon than too late for moving on especially given Herbert’s rookie window.

    I know everyone thinks that Spanos is too cheap, but I still say that this is Harbaugh’s job. The Cali ties, the job he did with the 49ers before the wheels came off due to internal power struggles, working with young QBs, being a former Charger…if they can work out the money it’s Jim.

  13. Charger GM Tom Telesco and Bills OC Brian Daboll have been friends since high school.

  14. Karma to the organization for abandoning San Diego and moving to a city where no one wanted them and especially not Spanos

  15. Turmoil every 3-4 years doesn’t help the program progress. If in-game decisions were his worst short-coming then split his duties among other coordinators/coaches. A new coach & system will take more time, now, so 2021 is a lost season until everyone understands “the system”…such a bad decision. smh

  16. Too many serious blunders in close games. The team has under achieved over the last three years or so…

  17. 2 words are the best explanation: Clock Mismanagement. The Chargers could easily have been borderline playoff-bound despite all the injuries, but good coaches take control of the game, not the other way around.

  18. Well, we just found the likely landing spot for Brian Daboll. He went to high school with Tom Telesco, knows how to groom QBs and would be a great fit for the Chargers.

  19. Still the same organization that fired Marty Schottenheimer after going 14-2. Constant coaching shake-ups and inconsistency at a staff level always leads to the average product you see on field.

  20. To be expected He’s not a head coaching material, terrible clock management, etc.Special teams debacle, etc,

  21. I guess they’ve decided to swing for the fences.

    A rookie QB can’t play or develop any better than Herbert has this year. That is success with your most valuable asset. Messing with continuity there is a dangerous bet.

  22. It’s the right decision and frankly it’s a year too late.

    When Lynn said he didn’t know how to fix the Chargers problems with close losses in the 2019 season (9 games lost by 1 score), I was stunned he got another opportunity in 2020. He proved in 2020 that he still didn’t know how to fix it.

    That’s why he’s gone.

  23. Same owner that fired Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season. Same owner that moved team out of a very viable NFL market to a city where no one cares about the team al all.

  24. No, this was the move you had to make. Not Herbert learning a new system, does not make sense as he learned a new one coming in to the league and he aced it as a rookie. No, it’s about the game management, it’s about the special teams catastrophe, it’s about not winning with talent on both sides of the ball, and it’s about developing a culture for a new stadium so that fans will go not to see the Charger’s opponents but to see the Chargers. Lynn had this tough guy attitude but a team is more than that these days.

  25. Not surprised. He wasn’t the guy. Rumor around town is Marv Lewis will be offered the job.

  26. Somewhat surprised. I would have kept him, at least one more year. He is a solid coach.

  27. Heck, Jon Gruden should loose his job for his mismanagement of the second half of season

  28. Rotating coaches with a young QB has never really worked out for teams and the development of the QB.

  29. hire bieniemy it’s a no brainer…herbert can do a lot of the same things as maholmes can physically, he’s just missing the guy to unlock his full potential

  30. Lynn was leading in his meeting to keep his job but he lost the advantage in the last minutes and he was fired.

  31. As a chiefs fan this is great. Instead of being contenders next year or two they will be in rebuild mode and lose a lot of there younger players before they can fix it. Meanwhile the chiefs will just roll on to division tittles 6-10 and maybe even a couple more Super Bowls…

  32. Great guy, not a great head coach. Wish him luck, he’ll be able to coach special teams anywhere I’m sure. I’m hoping for Eric Bieniemy, Brian Daboll, or Arthur Smith. Robert Saleh wouldn’t be bad either, but I think with Herbert now they gotta go with an offensive-minded coach (someone who has led an offense, not a position coach again) that can bring in a good defensive staff.

  33. So I’m guessing Phillip Rivers wasn’t the problem after all. Colts are in the playoffs and the Chargers are looking for a new head coach.

  34. lynn started the season saying there was “a reason Herbert is a backup”. he elluded that the reason was a lack of skill on Herbert’s part, but it was because the lack of quality coaching it turns out.

  35. No matter how much the pundits jump the charger bandwagon every season they still stink!

  36. Arthur Smith could come in and build a running game to help his QB and defense.

  37. I must admit that Spanos treated Lynn fairly. The facts on the ground were against keeping Lynn.

  38. Look for Jim Harbaugh’s name to be mentioned. Warmer weather, Hollywood. He likes the spotlight. He’s a west coast guy.

  39. In 2019, the revenue of the Los Angeles Chargers was 392 million U.S. dollars.

    Why would the owner care about continuity. Money over everything.

  40. His game management is bad but it still pales in comparison to our 100 million dollar coach who plays for fgs instead of game winning TD’s or the defensive coordinator playing head coach in Denver….

  41. Best thing that happened is getting rid of this “leader of men” woke coach who cant even manage timeouts. Ill be he would make a great janitor or maybe gardner at the stadium, but that’s about as close to the field as he should ever be allowed!

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