Chase Young: “Tom Brady, I’m coming”

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Washington defensive end Chase Young has a message for the quarterback he’ll be facing in the wild card round of the playoffs.

As Young skipped off the field following Sunday night’s win over the Eagles, Young called out his next opponent, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

“Tom Brady, I’m coming. I want Tom. I want Tom,” Young said.

Saturday’s Tampa Bay-Washington game will be Young’s first career postseason game, and Brady’s 42nd. The 21-year-old Young was born in 1999, the year Brady played his senior season at Michigan. It’s going to be a battle of the ages on Saturday, and Young is calling his shot.

22 responses to “Chase Young: “Tom Brady, I’m coming”

  1. I’m quite certain Tom has never heard that before. Washington will probably be a double digit home dog.

  2. As much as I hope that chase young and Tom brady get to be introduced violently multiple times next weekend, this sounds like something the rookie may regret saying.

  3. I love it. The Football Team is a solid defensive team and the one way to get to TB12 is to hit him early and often. I can’t wait.

  4. love chase…buckeye thru and thru. but if you come for the king…better not miss.

  5. Brash young former Buckeye going after a former TTUN QB. You love to see it. WFT has the kind of DL that has traditionally caused Brady to struggle. Unfortunately for Chase, the WFT offense is facing a similarly vicious DL and Alex Smith is even less mobile than Brady. WFT barely squeaked by Philly *cough* tank *cough*. Stranger things have happened, but Chase & Co. is going to be on the field for a long time and the longer they are out there, the more likely it is that Tom Terrific manages to make a few more plays than Alex.

  6. IMHO Young is the guy that gives Washington a shot a beating Tampa. Tom can’t handle pressure. If he can disrupt him all night the rest of the defense may be able to keep Tampa in check.

    That being said Washington could use two or three Chase Young’s on Saturday to pull off the upset.

  7. Yes teams everywhere fear the juggernaut that is the Washington Football Team and their impressive 7 win season.

  8. 6ringsnewengland says:
    January 4, 2021 at 9:57 am
    Tom is really scared

    walks off the street into a new system no practice or ota’s throws 40 tds 4600 yds at 43 lol….remember all the dudes on here who would call him a system qb… they’re pretty quiet these days

  9. I love it! Young was probably in diapers when Brady won his first Superbowl. Young could not care less. Love the confidence as long as he can back it up. Young is definitely a beast and can play. I look forward to the matchup!

  10. Many players/teams have said that before facing him in a playoff game……………many players/teams went home for the year right after the game

  11. Young is hyping the game up with a little inner Apollo Creed! Take it for what it is – a great “Young” player making the most out of this moment. Love it! David vs Goliath.

  12. Rivera’s defense has always given Brady problems, but I just can’t see Washington keeping up offensively unless vintage playoff Alex Smith shows up.

  13. Love Chase Young’s game, but the rookie needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Don’t poke the hornets nest, rook. Show him what you’ve got in the game.

  14. I just hope it’s great game between two great QBs. I also hope Chase Young learns a bit of humility after TB12 kicks his behind!

  15. I remember one time when Travis Kelce tried to blow up Brady’s traditional “Let’s go!” trot when Brady played for the Pats. Brady just looked at him and didn’t bat an eye or say a word.

    The Pats defense held Kelce to under 30 yards that game – I think it was under 20 yards.

    Go ahead and talk, Mr. Young. That’s all it is until game time, and then actions speak a whole lot louder.

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