Jaguars fire Doug Marrone

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens
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The Doug Marrone era is over in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars have fired Marrone a day after a loss to the Colts left them with a 1-15 record for the 2020 season. The Jaguars fired General Manager Dave Caldwell during the regular season.

“I am committed and determined to deliver winning football to the City of Jacksonville,” Jaguars owner Shad Khan said in a statement. “Realizing that goal requires a fresh start throughout our football operations, and with that in mind I spoke this morning with Doug Marrone to express my gratitude for his hard work over the past four seasons as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I’ll always appreciate Doug’s passion, grit and class, and I’m confident he will enjoy success in the next chapter of his career. As the search for our new general manager continues, now the quest begins to find a head coach who shares my ambition for the Jacksonville Jaguars and our fans, whose loyalty and faith are overdue to be rewarded.”

Marrone coached the final two games of the 2016 season on an interim basis after Gus Bradley was fired and then got the full-time job in 2017. The Jags went 10-6 and advanced to the AFC Championship Game that year, but went 12-36 over the next three seasons to touch off the housecleaning.

The Jags have already been linked to former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and their mix of early-round draft picks, including the first overall pick in 2021, and cap space should make it an appealing opportunity.

30 responses to “Jaguars fire Doug Marrone

  1. Most cap room in all of football, #1 overall pick plus a slew of other top picks, and a second year RB that set records for an UFA sounds pretty attractive to me, too. Rebuild number 5 coming up.

  2. They will hire Urban Meyer. He will insist on drafting bust-to-be Justin Fields. In 2 or 3 years, both Meyer and Fields will be gone, and Jax will be drafting top-3 once again, with a new coach, new GM. The cycle continues…..

  3. No surprise there. He took the Jaguars from AFC Championship game in 2018 to worst team in the league in 2020. For a supposed “offensive genius”, he’s awful at running an offense.

  4. everyone keeps saying urban Meyer is going to take the job but urban just likes to be courted…plus he always quits when the going gets tough

  5. Ryan Day will be the next coach and he is bringing Fields and the FBS Championship with him. 🙂

  6. kinda weird, Marrone is not a bad coach, almost made it to the SB with Blake Bortles, seems like they should be getting rid of Tony Khan instead.

  7. Urban would be a huge mistake. Lots more better qualified in NFL ranks than over stressed Urban.

  8. Even when they were winning he never seemed to be the driver as much as just another guy enjoying the ride. And when the losing started it was like he was no longer even in the vehicle.

  9. Marrone isn’t a bad coach rather he worked for a horrible GM (Dave Caldwell).

    Look at what he did in 2017 with a team full of guys with talent.
    Since then all of the good players have moved on and he tried to coach a roster of mostly schmoes who could not make the roster of any other NFL team yet his teams never quit on him !

    It’s past time for him to go, but I think most Jags fans wish him well.

  10. Marrone and Adam Gase both failed to earn the respect of their players. That they both got second chances – and again let their egos get in the way – was a bit of a surprise. Neither will chance #3 to be a head coach.

  11. Jags’ Head Coach job is so programmed for failure, the only person I want to have it is Jim Harbaugh.

  12. The Jags big mistake was putting their chips on Bortles after they went to the playoffs with him. They let the winning obscure all the deficiencies in his game. It cost them three years…

  13. Khan said “appreciate Doug’s passion, grit and CLASS…”…….sorry someone with CLASS doesn’t quit a head coaching job in order to collect a $4m buy out….
    signed – all Buffalo Bills fans

  14. I’m glad they got rid of it but in reality nothing’s going to change. Nobody can succeed with this team because of the total lack of talent on both sides of the ball.

    “I am committed and determined to deliver winning football to the City of Jacksonville,”

    That’s a crock. Since he bought the team they’ve had at least ten losses in every season but one. Even the Bengals are better than the Jags. Now, after eight years, he’s committed to deliver a winning football team? Baloney. This franchise has gone steadily downhill under Khan. It’s too bad the NFL doesn’t have a way to force out terrible owners.

  15. Long over-due, but the owner is the problem. I don’t expect them to make a good hire. Anthony Lynn is available. That would be a good hire.

  16. Doug Marrone was over his head as a NFL HC, period. Caldwell never had a draft plan other than just draft someone. Now you have Khan wanting to be an ‘active hands on owner’. Khan want to be the guy in charge of the draft, not the GM and the coach. Sounds a lot like a Jerry Jones wannnabe! Does Khan know anything about having a plan and then drafting players to fit that plan???

    I have no idea about Khan, but like Jones, he owns the team and can basically do what he wants. I stopped following the Jags a few years ago because it was obvious the Jags had no plan to get better. I feel for Jags fans.

  17. Dont understand the Jag fans love of Marrone. He and Rex Ryan were by far the 2 worst HC hires in the Bills history

  18. Great position coach. He will find work as a D Line coach, might see him back in New Orleans.

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