Jalen Hurts: As a competitor I play to win, but you’ve got to trust the coach

NFL: JAN 03 Washington Football Team at Eagles
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Eagles coach Doug Pederson claimed he was coaching to win after benching Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld on Sunday night. Hurts wishes he could have played to win.

A clearly dejected Hurts said after the game that he wanted to be in there trying to win the game with his teammates, but he stopped short of criticizing Pederson for pulling him.

“As a competitor I play to win. But you’ve got to trust coach with that,” Hurts said.

Hurts hadn’t been throwing the ball well before Pederson pulled him, but Sudfeld threw the ball even worse. And Hurts ran for two touchdowns to keep the Eagles in the game early on, while Sudfeld didn’t provide that kind of running threat and didn’t give the Eagles any chance.

The Eagles have some hard questions to answer about the future of Pederson, Hurts and Carson Wentz. It was a disappointing season, and a season that bizarrely ended with Pederson, Hurts and Wentz all standing on the sideline and watching Sudfeld lose the game.

15 responses to “Jalen Hurts: As a competitor I play to win, but you’ve got to trust the coach

  1. Coach simply wanted to see all pf his QB’s in game action.
    Not really more to it than that. A meaningless game for Philly.

  2. Washington had figured him out and he couldn’t move the ball against them after the second TD drive. He wasn’t going to beat them anyway but I appreciate Doug making sure he didn’t get the chance.

  3. This was a very weird tanking. Clearly Pederson played to lose, but if the idea was to do that from the beginning, why not bench Hurts from the getgo?

  4. I still can’t believe the NFL put that game in primetime, they should have put Rams vs Cardinals two teams with winning records.

  5. I’m not sure why everyone is having an aneurysm. It’s not like Hurts was lighting it up. The Eagles can do whatever they want.

    Giants have no one to blame but themselves. It’s not like they deserve to make the playoffs. If you want to play in the post season, win 10 games. Geez, win 8 and finish 500. If you’re not walking away with that division title, then you’re a pathetic football team.

    You won 6 games. Be quiet.

  6. Hopefully the kid progresses in his passing mechanics next year. The running and decision making hid it but he was about as inaccurate with the ball as Wentz.

  7. Let’s see if he still trusts the coach when the Eagles take a QB #1. The spoils of the tank job.

  8. Catch 22: if the Eagles won this game (which they could have easily) everyone would say how dumb they were for winning and all they did was lower their draft pick.

    Now I can’t believe the NY Giants and fanbase and blaming the Eagles for them NOT going to the playoffs. Way I see it is simple. 6-10 teams shouldn’t blame anybody but THEMSELVES. Hey NY, if you won more games, you would be in the show. The Eagles did what ANY team would’ve. Its what’s best for them..
    Not you.

  9. Eagles coach Doug Pederson should have kept it real and came out wearing a “But I hate the Giants more” T-shirt

  10. What a joke. Hey free agents, add the Eagles to your list of “nah, unless the pay me BIG” teams.

  11. Jalen Hurst was supposed to be the one evaluated. If I were him I would quietly be thinking, when does my contract expire?
    I like him a lot from his Bama days but he really isnt a good passer and his arm is weak throwing off balance.

  12. Wasn’t initially happy about picking a QB in the draft, but Jalen made his mark.

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