Jets request interview with Eric Bieniemy

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was expected to be a hot head coaching candidate this offseason and things are going according to form.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Jets have requested an interview with Bieniemy. He is set to interview with the Falcons and Lions on Monday.

Those interviews will take place remotely and that will be the case for any future interviews with Bieniemy that take place while the Chiefs are still playing. The NFL mandated that in protocols put in place for this offseason due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Houston and Jacksonville are the other two teams currently looking for head coaches.

10 responses to “Jets request interview with Eric Bieniemy

  1. I’d like to see him paired with 1)Wilson or 2) Fields and start fresh. If not Bienemy I’d like Smith from Tennessee or Campbell out of college. we need a program builder and leader of men. These guys know this job won’t be easy, but if they can pull it off in NY…

  2. If Bienemy didn’t have Mahomes as the QB would anyone be interested?

    How is it that coordinators on teams with great personnel on offense or defense receive all the credit and get jobs while others don’t?

    Bienemy may be a great HC, but is he such an amazing OC?

    I’m more impressed with how the ravens adapted around Lamar Jackson and made a system that he can thrive in, rather than making him what he’s not.

  3. Watson is the best QB at any of the openings, but Houston’s draft picks aren’t great in the next few years. Bieniemy will definitely land somewhere as a head coach and he is very deserving!

  4. I just want EB hired so all the talking heads will stop with the “EB should be hired” nonsense. We only hear it every game yet everyone knows EB only calls plays, well, never…

  5. Reid draws up and calls the plays. They have kermit at QB. What does Bieniemy even do?

  6. Don’t go to the Jets. If that was my only option of being a head coach, I’d stay with the Chiefs. Jags, Chargers, and Texans are the best options.

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