Joe Judge: We will never do what Eagles did as long as I am the Giants coach


Giants coach Joe Judge told his players during their season-ending team meeting that the Eagles owed them nothing. The Giants had a chance to win the NFC East on their own, without relying on help in Week 17 to extend their season.

He’s right: A 6-10 record doesn’t win the Giants any sympathy.

But, in his season-ending press conference, Judge made his feelings clear about Doug Pederson’s decision to replace Jalen Hurts with third-stringer Nate Sudfeld early in the fourth quarter of a three-point game.

“I’ll let Philadelphia speak for themselves on that,” Judge initially said.

Then, Judge delivered a speech that will reverberate into next season when the NFL hopefully schedules the Giants to play the Eagles in the season opener on Sunday Night Football.

Judge never mentioned Pederson or the Eagles by name in his one-minute, 39-second answer. He didn’t need to as he passionately expressed his opinion that the Eagles disrespected the game in tanking for a better draft choice.

“Obviously players have asked me throughout the day, and I just can’t express that the one thing to keep in mind with this season is we had a lot of people opt in to this season,” Judge said, via video from Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “We had a lot of people opt in. Coaches, players. That includes family members as well. All right? So to look at a group of grown men who I ask to give me effort on a day in, day out basis and to empty the tank, and then I can look them in the eye and assure them I’m going to do everything I can to put them in a competitive advantage and play them in a position of strength. To me, you don’t ever want to disrespect those players and their effort and disrespect the game. The sacrifices that they made to come into work every day and test before coming in, to sit in meetings spaced out, to wear a mask, to have shields over those masks, to go through our extensive protocols, to travel in unconventional ways, to get text messages at 6:30 in the morning telling them practice was going to be canceled; we have to do a virtual day. To tell them, please don’t have your family over for Thanksgiving. Please avoid Christmas gatherings. We know it’s our wife’s birthday, but let’s make sure we put that one off until the offseason. There’s a number of sacrifices that have been made by all the players and coaches in this league. There’s a number of sacrifices that come along, as well, with the family members and the people connected to them.

To disrespect the effort that everyone put forward to make this season a success for the National Football League, to disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything you can to help those players win, we will never do that as long as I’m the head coach of the New York Giants.”

137 responses to “Joe Judge: We will never do what Eagles did as long as I am the Giants coach

  1. Try to win more often and you won’t have to worry about it. Even 7-9 for Washington is a joke to get in the playoffs.

  2. Joe Judge’s comments inspired me. A stand up man fighting for his men. Can’t refute his logic. I hope Doug Pederson loses sleep over this…

  3. Nate actually played better than hurts for the game….its not like he replaced hurts and hurts was playing well when he was pulled he was playing terrible

  4. How lame are the Giants? Maybe have better than a 6-10 season and then you wouldn’t have had to rely on the Eagles.

  5. Let’s strip teams draft picks because of COVID, when the NFL has proven time and time again they don’t care about the safety of the players, and let’s ignore how the eagles deliberately did everything to lose.

  6. Doug Peterson did what he believes is the best thing for his team by moving up 3 spots in every round of the draft. With the six overall pick they can probably trade out and acquire multiple draft picks.

    Joe Judge should focus on doing what he believes is the best for his team and he can start by winning more than 6 games.

  7. Judge sounds like a spoiled kid: He was entitled to a playoff spot and those mean Eagles didn’t try hard enough for him to get it. How about next season winning enough games to get the spot instead of relying on someone else to get it for you? The problem wasn’t anything the Eagles did, it was winning just 6 games. It’s pathetic to whine about losing a playoff spot at 6-10.

  8. In the long he helped the giants out, giants are now picking 11th and get a much better player in theory then drafting 19th or further down in the 1st round.

  9. if a team went 8-8 and another team in their same division went 13-3 because 5 games they played the opponent lost on purpose does that mean the 13-3 team deserved their record Even though 5 teams they played lost on purpose while the 8-8 team all their opponents tried to win

  10. Ryan Dubose says:
    January 4, 2021 at 7:39 pm
    Nate actually played better than hurts for the game….its not like he replaced hurts and hurts was playing well when he was pulled he was playing terrible


    Nate scored zero points and had 3 turnovers hurts would have won game oh and Nate had a 14 qb rating that’s right 14

  11. A 6-10 team in the playoffs would have made me agree with some who think there should be a requirement that a team finish .500 or better to make the playoffs, regardless of whether they won the division. 7-9 isn’t great either, but 10 losses is sad for a playoff team.

  12. Jalen hursts was not playing good at all even if he would stayed in the game we still would have beatin the eagles giants fans stop crying and win more than 6 games then you would have not to worry about another team helping you get into the playoffs bottom line

  13. WFT getting into the playoffs is a joke. The playoff team in their place should be another team with a better record, not whose in first place in a weak division. This is RIDICULOUS. Giants are crybabies, they should have taken care of themselves by winning a few more games.

  14. This one is sealed as the most overblown story of the 2020 season. Hurst was something like 7-20 with a 25qbr…and furthermore, these are professionals being paid handsomely. They don’t need to be explained to that the business reaches far beyond any one season.

  15. Who is Joe Judge? How many SBs has he won? He is a rookie coach who won SIX games and is now running his mouth?

    Hey, Joe, accomplish something first. Then maybe people will listen to you.

    Mark my words. He’ll be out of a job in one or two years.

    In fact Pederson did the Giants a favor. They now have the 11th pick as opposed to the 19th.

  16. If NFL believes they tanked on purpose they should drop the eagles to the bottom half of the draft for every round. I guarantee you will never have another team do it again.

  17. I said last night the Giants would remember this for next year. Now listen to Coach Judge and tell me the Giants won’t be extra motivated to make certain they don’t place themselves in the same situation again.

  18. this guy should be happy that his hapless 6 and 10 team didnt make the playoffs. that would have been more embarrassing than Washington 7 and 9……

  19. Best part of this – after a few more 6-10 season he won’t be Giants coach for long. Too much emotion – not enough smarts (or respect).

    Giants – now picking 11th instead of 19th – need all the personnel help they can get. They will be thanking the Eagles if/when one or two of those guys they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten becomes a player.

  20. For everyone saying the “Giants should just win more games,” you’re missing the point. The competitive nature of the NFL, the players of several team’s incentive milestones, the integrity of the contests required that Hurts be in the game to try & win that game. If the game was out of reach, or even if they had played their 4th string QB a couple of series, no one would’ve minded. It was the intentional move to lose the game that was objectionable here.

  21. I bet the Miami Dolphins are saying the same thing about Mike Tomlin. He sat his starters and Cleveland is in the playoffs, instead of them.

  22. For all those running Peterson, they haven’t a problem with Tomlin playing starters in a game that absolutely had an outcome on the playoffs!

  23. So the Giants are mad that their 6-10 record didn’t get them into the playoffs and had to be dependent on the Eagles? Of those 6 wins, only 1 was against a team that finished the season with at least a .500 record. Joe Judge can say all he wants about never doing what they did. He should just just say, we need to win more games.

  24. Joe Judge shouldn’t have to say anything. Roger Goodell should take away the Eagles first round pick. Never in my life have I seen a tank job so blatant. It totally disrespects everything about the league. The other owners would be justified by getting together and forcing Lurie to sell the team. The tank job was obviously approved by the owner, or you’d have seen the coach get fired before leaving the stadium last night.

  25. Do teams disrespect when they rest players so they can be more rested for a playoff game. Another team might have made the playoffs if the other team hadn’t rested their players.

    In one there is the advantage of the playoff game. In the other is a better draft choice. Is one worse than the other.

    I must point out -chicago is in the playoffs at 8-8. and they lost their last game not knowing they would get in with a loss.

  26. If they didn’t do anything about the other teams tanking for Luck, Tua or Lawrence then why would they do anything about Philthy. What about Pit sitting Ben allowing Cleveland in? Noone cares. Especially Philly or the NFL.

  27. Thing is…Pederson said before the game that he was going to do exactly this. Like…exactly this. I think there was even a piece on here about it?

  28. Until he has 5 wins and the boss wants that #4 pick lol. But hey Saquon Barkley who has missed 2 of 3 seasons is coming back.

  29. This is going to haunt the Eagles. Players notice these things. Look at Kelce’s statements a couple weeks ago about winning being the only priority and the Eagles org would always put winning first. That didn’t age well. This may help the team move up 3 spots but it may have poisoned the locker room. I wouldn’t be shocked if this pushes Kielce into retirement.

  30. You won SIX games… Take care of business on the field and you won’t have to worry about it…Stop talking like you are a 10 win team that missed the playoffs…

  31. Hurts was 7/20 with a pick. Not exactly like he replaced Tom Brady……

  32. Nature takes .25lbs of air out of footballs during a 40 point blowout and the Patriots lose a 1 and a 4 plus a million dollars.
    the Eagles purposely lose a game with playoff implications and nothing is done?

  33. Pederson is pathetic. ‘tanking’ – never do it. you play to Win the game – otherwise it is not a game. It matters not about ‘draft order’. Draft order is for losers. never ‘tank’ – it’s actually impossible and embarrassing. Judge is now one of my new favorite humans

  34. I guess Joe Judge was the only New England Patriot who did NOT cheat…coming from a team he was a part of when they were caught red handed cheating THREE TIMES isn’t as bad as a coach losing a game so he can sneak into the playoffs with the worst record that would have EVER won a division! gimme a break.

  35. JJ should try worrying more about his own crappy record than other people’s crappy record in an attempt to back door into the playoffs.

  36. He is jealous that Rivera did a better job coaching his team to the playoffs. Yes the WFT is a big work in progress and with his cancer challenges, Haskins challenge, Covid and owner Snyder making life miserable for him he still out coached Judge Judy. He sounds and looks like a spoiled brat.

  37. While I applaud Judge’s conviction…
    At the end of the day, Pedersen has a Super Bowl trophy, Judge has a 6-10 record. Maybe he turns out to be the second coming of Bill Parcells? Maybe he turns out to be Ben McAdoo? We will see

  38. Winners move on, losers whine, if you had taken care of business yourself, you wouldn’t have needed the Eagles help…suck it NY, try again next year!

  39. Why in the world would you want two teams who suck on Sunday night football? Oh yeah, it’s not quality football you care about… it’s two cities from the northeast United States – that’s all you really care about.

  40. Judge was a position coach for the Patriots. Seems he’s over his head as a head coach. Looks to be yet another in the long line of Belichick assistants who fail as head coaches.

    Judge is just trying to get back at Pederson for beating the Pats in the SB three years ago. He ought to consult with his mentor (BB) before running his mouth.

    JJ is lucky Buddy isn’t still coaching the Eagles. He’d put a bounty on him in the first game next year.

  41. They should change the rules so that any team that is eliminated from playoff contention has their wins count as losses and losses count as wins towards their draft position.
    Thats better than some luck of the draw lottery.
    Who wouldn’t like to see that the jets get to draft Trevor Lawrence because they earned it rather than having screwed themselves by winning and letting the jaguars slide into the number one spot by playing worse.
    Would have solved this eagles problem and last year I was begging for the Washington football team to lose to the giants so we could get chase young when realistically it should have been the other way around.

  42. Those of you who didn’t hear the rest of Judge’s conference… he DID acknowledge the Giants only won 6 games and had no reason to complain about needing help to make the playoffs. This particular portion was strictly about what Judge felt was disrespect to the game and to all the people who made this season somehow get all 256 games in – on time – during a pandemic.

  43. I agree with him, but..I wish I had a job where my huge “sacrifice” if getting paged at 6:30 AM to be told I can sleep in until my virtual meeting starts and I don’t have to go to work. What about the injury risk all these players are put through. Football shortens your lifespan and future quality of life. Just seems odd some of the issues he brings up, when people are out of work and would gladly taken a nose swab once a day for a few million dollars.

  44. You’re either competing or you’re not competing. That’s it. There is nothing in between. Jet’s fans were mad because they competed and won. Are the Philly fans mad because they chose not to compete? They should be.

  45. njbill says:
    January 4, 2021 at 8:10 pm
    Who is Joe Judge? How many SBs has he won?


    Three. He’s won three……

  46. How many draft slots did the Eagles gain by losing this game?
    As disgusting and disrespectful tanking for draft position would be, the other possibilities — gambling, including paying debts with various game stats results, and private payoffs are even more dishonorable.

    I take a lot of heat for disagreeing with many allegations of tanking, and I absolutely agree this game was thrown.

    Hopefully, we’ll learn why someday, but that will only happen if and when somebody’s financial gain for talking overtakes what they’re getting for keeping silent, and whatever evidence they have.

  47. Philly should be ashamed. When you don’t even try to win a game and put in a player who hasn’t played all year well that is a chump move. Why didn’t you just start him if you wanted to see what he can do when the bullets are flying?

  48. CHawk12thMan says:
    January 4, 2021 at 8:29 pm
    For everyone saying the “Giants should just win more games,” you’re missing the point. The competitive nature of the NFL, the players of several team’s incentive milestones, the integrity of the contests required that Hurts be in the game to try & win that game. If the game was out of reach, or even if they had played their 4th string QB a couple of series, no one would’ve minded. It was the intentional move to lose the game that was objectionable here.


    Every year teams pull and rest players like what the Steelers did against the Browns. That allowed Cleveland to get in and Miami was eliminated. Which is why you want to control your own destiny. When you leave it up to another team, you need to accept whatever you get.

  49. As an eagles fan who didn’t want to win that game, I don’t think Doug tanked, I really think he’s that clueless that he thought sudfeld gave them a chance to win. I truly believe that. Everyone else in the league knows Doug isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed so is it really that big a stretch that he thought he could win with sudfeld playing? This is the same guy that didn’t kick the game tying 4th quarter FG on 4th down on the Washington 4.

  50. The Giants aren’t a playoff caliber team anyways at 6-10 so I couldn’t care less about how it impacted their season.

    But yes, it was a low class maneuver by the Eagles and an embarrassment that will likely come back to haunt them. If “seeing what you have in Nick Sudfeld” was the goal (AKA: tank for draft position), then have him start that week. Don’t send Hurts out there, secretly assuming your team is going to lose despite their best efforts, and then pull a last second “oh crap!” maneuver and send Sudfeld in.

  51. …because the analytics gave them a 2% higher chance of winning by going there. That’s the same kind of stupidity that’s been on display all season. That being said, giants fans, you were 6-10. That doesn’t deserve a ticket to the dance & you have a good coach that’s now going to be add better talent had you been the sacrificial lamb to the Bucs. They wouldn’t have taken you lightly twice, trust me

  52. Clearly you imps didn’t watch the game. Hurts was 7-20, 2 rushing TD’s given to him by the Eagles’ defense playing outta their tails… actually thought the Eagles were gonna win?!? No one did & Pederson said 3qtrs of Hurst, 1 qtr of Sudfeld who got hosed this season by never being given a chance after 4 years. I’m sure the NYG will give all their players a participation trophy….or at least their fans. Buttercup, you’re former coach said “you are what your record says your are!”

  53. At 6-10, he isn’t going to be the Giants coach for long. Who cares what he thinks about anything.

  54. And you are ALL paid handsomely to do those things, coach. Remember that there are people that don’t have jobs right now. So save your sanctimonious speech about working day in and day out.

    Can you weigh in on Tomlin benching Big Ben for the whole game, Miami would have liked Cleveland to face a full strength Steelers team, that Cleveland squeaked out by 2 points. But I do not hear the Phins fans or team members crying up a storm.

    Pederson told the media BEFORE the game that Sudfeld was going to get playing time. This was not a surprise to anyone on the team. Hurts knew Sudfeld was getting playing time.

  55. However, let’s not forget that he came from an organization that has been convicted of cheating the game on multiple occasions including prior to the Super Bowl. Get out of here with the ‘holier than thou’ BS. Coach Evan Engram to catch a pass against the Eagles in October and you get in instead of Washington.

    How many Giants fans would trade their win against Washington last year for Chase Young?

    I’m sure it’s Trump supporters that can’t get what is going on.

  57. Anyone who has gained respect for Joe Judge should question their entire lives. Bruce Arians is getting dragged for playing people in a game that “didn’t matter”. A coach whose team won six games is complaining that another team with nothing to play for didn’t play hard enough? BS coach, BS, this is professional football, is your team so bad that you need welfare to get a playoff berth? The Giants have a history of winning, multiple super bowls, massive media market and you’re worried about what another team is doing, pull yourself together, maybe you’re the problem.

  58. When Joe Judge got a 37.5% on a math test he blamed the capable kids for “wrecking the curve”.

  59. I recall the Giants first win of the season, against Washington, when the WFT scored a touchdown and would have sent the game into OT with the extra point. Instead, Rivera gambled on a 2-point conversion, which failed and gave the Giants their first win. A lot of fans accused Rivera of not playing to win that game. Kyle Allen was in rhythm and could have done it again OT. Whether Rivera played to win or just resolved to play another day, the Giants needed a gift like thus just to get to 6-10. Stop whining about this game and be thankful you had something to play for, even when the whole division was awful.

  60. Bottom line is that the Giants would never do what philly did. That is the point here; not that they are pissed that they didn’t make the playoffs. Why shouldn’t they be pissed?

  61. i mean i didnt like it but gtfoh woth all the “outrage.” Wheres the outrage for the coaches…like the steelers sunday… that sit their starters for week 17? its the same damn thing. youre not trying to win a game. i cant remember what year it was but a while back philly needed the giants to win week 17 so philly could get in. well the giants had already punched their ticket and didnt play their starters and though i was really pissed i didnt hear nowhere near the venom being spewed towards tjem as i hear towards doug…why?

  62. It’s time for a draft lottery that would include all 32 teams. Each team gets the number of chances “ping pong balls” according to how they finish. Then a drawing would determine each draft position. That order would invert in round 2 and then would alternate for the remainder of the draft. It would eliminate tanking and the lottery would be a major event for the NFL. Roger, it’s about the integrity of the game.

  63. “Joe Judge: We will never do what Eagles did as long as I am the Giants coach”

    I agree…
    They’ll never win a SuperBowl with him as coach.

  64. Teams sit players all the time in week 17 with zero outrage. Why the hate in Pederson? Why should he care what the Giants think about him? It’s very easy, win more than 6 games.

  65. Why in world would want to put two teams with losing record inthe season opener on Sunday Night Football?

  66. I’m all in on a playoff seeding change: thumbs up or down with your vote.

    The winner of each division is guaranteed a playoff spot ONLY IF they attain a .500 record. A sub-.500 record by all teams in any division nulls their representative in the playoffs. That position is granted to the team in the conference with the best record: treat it like a wild-card spot. Conference seeding still happens based upon win percentage.

    This would create the best quality playoffs: whoever gets to play the WFT next week: wow, what a gift.

  67. These giants fans- bwahhh!!! Anyone look at hurts stats line when he got pulled?
    Eagles when hurts got benched: 2 series left in a meaningless game when you have a qb room problem and the head coach wants to give a 4 year guy a few game snaps at the end of the season to see if he has any juice. This isn’t tanking. Hurts was awful.

    Joe Judge – go win more games. This crybaby stuff is way beneath an nfl head coach

  68. Teams do this every year, it’ll be forgotten all about by next season.

    If the Giants wanted to go to the playoffs they should’ve beaten the Eagles in the regular season, they didn’t. That’s their one fault.

  69. You beat 1 team that finished the season with at least a .500 record. Tell me again about the talent you have on your team to put them in a position of competitive advantage. If that statement were true, you’d of benched Jones weeks ago.

  70. Both of these things can be right:
    1. The Giants went 6-10 and have no right to complain.
    2. It makes zero sense for Pederson to play Hurts for 3 qtrs then bench him when this was it for the Eagles. I get players resting for the playoffs, I dont see them giving up when it’s their last game of the year after playing 3 qtrs and it being a one score game. Pederson should be ashamed.

  71. I kind of agree, but with 14 teams, we would have gotten an 8-8 Arizona team instead. Not exactly a huge step up.

    root4cleveland says:
    January 5, 2021 at 8:09 am
    I’m all in on a playoff seeding change: thumbs up or down with your vote.

    The winner of each division is guaranteed a playoff spot ONLY IF they attain a .500 record. A sub-.500 record by all teams in any division nulls their representative in the playoffs. That position is granted to the team in the conference with the best record: treat it like a wild-card spot. Conference seeding still happens based upon win percentage.

    This would create the best quality playoffs: whoever gets to play the WFT next week: wow, what a gift.

  72. Denis McCormick says:
    January 4, 2021 at 8:30 pm
    I bet the Miami Dolphins are saying the same thing about Mike Tomlin. He sat his starters and Cleveland is in the playoffs, instead of them.

    I think there is a big difference between a team that has already made the playoffs resting some starters to avoid injury and get a chance to get healthier for the playoff run vs a coach quitting mid-game to up his draft spot (if that’s what he did). You could argue that he used a game that had no impact on their season to evaluate a backup QB under “real game” pressure. But if that was the goal, why not say so? Once you’re out of the playoffs, those final games really are just an extended pre-season for next year anyway, but why throw out the presence of “trying to win” if that’s not really the priority?

  73. As an Eagles fan, I LOVE Doug’s decision. And if Giants staff and fans were being truthful, they’d trade circumstances with the Eagles in a heartbeat! 3 to 5 spots further up in the draft is ABSOLUTELY valuable….like multiple second round picks valuable. Coach Doug did the PERFECT thing for the franchise. And guess what…. the Eagles players get it. The ONLY people who are pissed by this are the Giants and their fans, who get NO playoffs AAANNNDDD have the lower draft pick anyway. Now they pick 5 further down than the Eagles in EVERY round. Ha-Ha!!!

  74. A 6-10 team whining about a 4-12 team not beating a 7-9 team is the most 2020 thing ever.

  75. Not from NY. Not from Philly. Unbiased observation: Philly is losing. They will head for a critical off season. Hurts is young….unproven. Sudfeld is young, unproven. Team needs to get as good a look at what they have heading toward critical off season. Last week, reports were posted EVERYWHERE that Sudfeld may very well get looks on Sunday. That happened. Whats all the Crying?

  76. Hey, as bad as it is hearing the Giants whining, what if the refs hadn’t blown that fumble call, and suddenly it was the COWBOYS getting the hose job from Philly?

    The only team that could make it more of a media circus than it’s already being attempted to turn into.

  77. All the crying about the Eagles is out of control. To paraphrase Vince McMahon. “The Eagles didnt screw the Giants. The Giants screwed the Giants”

  78. He also lost to the Eagles back in October which cost his team a trip to the playoffs. Had they won that game, none of this would matter right now.

  79. Well Joe, you won’t have to worry about being the Giants coach much longer if you keep turning in a 6-10 record.

  80. They won six games. The Cardinals won eight games and lost out on a tie breaker to the Bears for the final wild card spot.

    The cumulative record for the eight teams the Cardinals beat is 56-71-1, a .441 percentage. For the Bears, it’s 43-85, a percentage of .336, but the Cardinals lost out because of a “common opponent” record. Even the Vikings were 7-9. Two teams with more than six wins missed the playoffs. If the Giants wanted to be in the playoffs they should have won more games.

  81. Would he take such a hard line stance if his owner ordered him to do it? Would he choose his principals over his job?

  82. It’s so easy for the 6 win JJudge to make this kind of statement. It’s just as easy to rile up feathers of all these commenters & hear all this non-sense feedback. Judge & his Giants won 6 games & didn’t get in. He shouldn’t have beat Dallas in the first place (irony there) had their horrible coach made a better decision. Pederson’s decision, which may not be ideal, potentially did help them in the long term, big picture. Is that not important? The Steelers sitting Ben & others was nothing like Pederson’s decision. It allowed a 12 win, locked in playoff team to get healthier for a tourney game they earned (while still almost winning the game). Be smart people, before throwing your rocks. Judge isn’t almighty for his claims, he is a wounded animal disappointed in leaving it to others to decide their fate, which didn’t work out.

  83. The “sacrifices” that NFL players made this season are nothing special. Most people in this country had to make the same sacrifices, just without getting paid millions of dollars for doing less work than usual.

    Attempting to spin 1%-er pro athletes into nobly sacrificing heroes is kind of nauseating. They are all living in exceptional luxury. They should not be complaining about anything, including what their opponent did in a game.

  84. “I will never do what the Eagles did as long as I am the Giants coach.”
    Lose to the Redskins? Cost a division rival a shot to make it to the playoffs?
    Rest starters in a meaningless game? Put your team in the best position for the off-season? Which one?

  85. Oh brother, cry me a river! Get over it. Doug Pedersen needs to do what’s best for his team, not for the lowly Giants. This is not a big deal. And all you chest pumping “manly men” (uh huh, right) need to stop turning Judge’s so-called “speech” into some proverbial “leader of men” type inspiration. This is not inspirational… it’s sour grapes.

  86. Personally, I think there’s a ton of disrespect in saying the Eagles “weren’t competing for 60 minutes” simply because they inserted a player Joe Judge determined to be inferior. It might not have been pretty, but neither was the rest of the game.
    I didn’t see Jalen Hurts lighting it up, so why not put someone else in to try to “spark” the team as they like to say.

  87. Just listened to the moving response by Coach Joe Judge –
    May your words ring and echo throughout the halls of every football
    organization and league office. Well said, Sir.
    You have a new fan.
    The Eagles and other like teams who disrespect the game, the fans
    and the sacrifices of the players and families, should be scorned
    and held to account. Play 60 mins and play to win.
    It’s how you play the game with integrity.

  88. For those deflecting and equating the Steelers sitting a handful of
    30yo starters before the playoffs begin, to what Pederson did and
    the tank job the Eagles pulled, they should consider this :

    Steelers did not have a Bye week all season due to Covid and
    having to re-schedule games.

    Steelers could not improve their playoff seeding

    Steelers played to win and pushed the Browns down to the final on-side kick.

    Teams sitting players to get healthy before the playoffs is very common and
    an acceptable practice. Tanking is met with derision.

    In the past, Steelers have not tanked, even in situations where it would have
    obviously benefited them. But, they have missed playoffs in heartbreaking
    fashion, by other teams sitting their starters the final week of the season.

  89. I’m w/ Marcus Spears of ESPN on this… “I don’t give a damn what Joe Judge is talking about!”

    Besides, Joe should worry about his own team. Joe shoulda kept his mouth shut on this. Joe should let his record do the talking, ’cause 6-10 ain’t saying much!!!

  90. Read a lot of comments from people who just looked at the headline and didn’t read the article, or maybe read it and don’t even have the reading comprehension of a pre-teen…

    Judge said his team should have won on their own. So anyone who said he should have won more games. He explicitly said that himself. Glad you agree with him.

    At no point in his talk about respect of the game did he mention any team or coach. Which was stated in the article, top of the page, easy to see if you can read.

    Let me know with your brilliant reading comprehension skills what part of that was whining.

    As an aside, explain to me how the Steelers did the same thing, when they lost a 2 point game that came down to the wire. Remind me when Tomlin took out for Rudolph for…Idk who the Steelers 3rd string QB is and I don’t care. Not like he saw the field…

  91. @lifelongwhodat says:
    January 5, 2021 at 9:07 am
    I kind of agree, but with 14 teams, we would have gotten an 8-8 Arizona team instead. Not exactly a huge step up.

    I consider the cardinals a huge step up from either the Giants or the WFT this year. And also: most years there aren’t 7 teams in each division, but 6. Not that the bears are much better than the cards, but either (and indeed both) beat the WFT scenario in 2020.

  92. Eagles fans hate:
    1. Cowboys
    2. Giants
    3. Washington

    So it makes perfect sense to screw over the Giants…… nuff said!

  93. Hilarious how a six win coach can talk so tough. He’s got nothing to say about it. He didn’t take care of his business and so he can’t go whining because other teams didn’t take care of his business for him. Cry more.

  94. Funny how everyone says he coached to lose the game. It’s not like Hurts was playing well.

  95. All you people whining the WFT doesn’t deserve to be there because they only won 7 games, do you realize if they took the WFT out to put the top 7 teams in, the team that would replace WFT would be the 8-8 Cardinals? It’s not like the rest of the NFC was any better than WFT, like the Dolphins in the AFC were 10-6 and missed the playoffs. Or do you think they should take the top 14 teams regardless of conference? That would put 8 AFC teams and 6 NFC teams in the playoffs, bet you wouldn’t like that because most of the whining on this thread seems to be coming from NFC fans. Y’all need to grow up.

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