John Elway giving up G.M. title, remains head of football operations

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The Broncos are in the market for a General Manager.

John Elway has been in that role since 2011, but announced on Monday that he is stepping away from that job. He will remain the president of football operations and will oversee the search for a new G.M.

“Working in this role for the last 10 years and going back to my playing days, I’ve always tried to do everything I can to help the Broncos win and get better,” Elway said in a statement. “As part of a transition I’ve thought about for a long time, I have made the decision to step up into an elevated role and hire a general manager to lead our personnel and football staff.”

Elway said the new G.M. will have “final say on the draft, free agency and our roster.” He emphasized that the new hire will be working in partnership with head coach Vic Fangio to make football decisions.

The next G.M. will not be vice president of player personnel Matt Russell. The team said Russell was offered a chance to interview, but will assist Elway with the search and then retire instead of pursuing the position.

49 responses to “John Elway giving up G.M. title, remains head of football operations

  1. It’s gotta be nice being able to give yourself a raise and promotion while the dumpster fire of the Bowlen leadership squabbles with each other.

  2. You put people in the organization in an odd spot when you hire one of the best players ever to be a personnel guy.

  3. Probably not a bad move. I don’t follow the Broncos closely and therefore it’s not clear to me the cause for their demise as they have some legit talent on that roster.

  4. Sometimes the best move is to step down or away. This is different & To “elevate” yourself as part of the move, is interesting. He isn’t being promoted into a spot in the team hierarchy, but creating the position that oversees the entire system. He will be the boss of the GM the same as he has been the boss of the coaching staff as GM. Did he stay out of the coaching realm as the GM? Sounded like he did. Thus, this move is really positive.

  5. I find this hard to believe especially with the success he’s had at finding quarterbacks

  6. Elway hoofing it on outta there for greener pastures within the organization is a good move for all involved.

  7. This could work out.
    If the GM and HC report to him, there is full accountability.

  8. If not for Elway, Manning would not be a Bronco.
    Than led to their Super Bowl win.

  9. He passed on Josh Allen and drafted Bradley Chubb instead. That will be his legacy as a GM.

  10. On another note, he’s probably going to be the assembling an ownership group to buy the team, if/when the Bowlen’s cannot agree on who will take leadership of the club.

  11. Too bad he couldn’t pay players under the table the way he and Terrell Davis were paid during their “super bowl” years.

    Both he and Davis and the owner Bowlen are in the Hall of Fame. Go figure. Shanahan’s the only high integrity figure missing.

  12. So he is now going top handle the season ticket waiting list and and what beer to sell in the stands along with the Bronco vote on changing the holding rules?

  13. I never understand moves like this. If he was really thinking about this move ‘for a long time’ why didn’t he do it when they were hiring a new HC? Typically the GM would want their say in hiring a head coach. They’re doing it backwards. What happens when the guy they want says Fangio has to go, or he won’t sign?

  14. come on elway, one more season… i think your finally getting the gist of it…

  15. This puts the Broncos in an awkward position with Fangio. Why bring in a GM with a coach that he might not want? It would make more sense for them to just start over.

  16. The person in charge of the draft is the most important person in the organization. Elway has to get this right. I hope he’s not going to only consider guys that think Drew Lock is a franchise QB. If that’s the case, the Broncos will continue to lose. If you have the right players, you can win with just about any coaching staff. Most staffs are good. Did the Patriots suddenly get a bad coaching staff? No. Those are the same guys that everyone hires for head coaches, and believe it or not, Bill Belichick is still there. All the Charlie Weis and Matt Patricia kind of guys. Now it seems like the Tampa Bay Bucs have the best staff. Come on people. You’re smarter than that, right? It’s the QB. Did Andy Reid suddenly get smarter when he drafted Mahomes? Remember Andy, the guy that didn’t know how to manage the clock? Lol. He doesn’t seem to have any problems now.

  17. So he basically still makes all the decisions what’s gonna happen if the new GM wants a fresh start from the HC and QB he didn’t hire or draft them….

  18. Elway found a late stage HOF QB and won a Super Bowl as GM.

    He’s won SB as a player (beating my Packers) and GM for the Broncos, legendary performance by any standard.

    Hard to criticize the guy.

  19. Elway was never a clutch QB.

    See Super Bowl loses to the Giants, Redskins, and 49ers.

    Elway said it himself that the SB wins would had never happened without Terrell Davis.

    Now his tenure as GM sucks.

    Maybe Davis should return to the Broncos to bail him out again.

  20. Elway is like let me get one of these CEO or president roles that don’t get fired or blamed for anything.

  21. steelcitywhiner says:
    January 4, 2021 at 6:51 pm
    Elway was never a clutch QB.
    He is the all time leader in 4th quarter comebacks so there’s that.

  22. I hope the Broncos go out and hire the best, most diverse candidate possible. It’s time to shake the good old “white” boys club up and show the league that a person of color or a woman can be the next HOF club leader.

  23. “I’m giving myself a raise and a promotion,but I’ll still be in a position to make sure that the team stinks every year.”

  24. He had an amazing streak of free agents that panned out and a few great defensive picks in the draft early on in his tenure. It didn’t last. I can’t think of one good personnel move he made in the last 5 years.

  25. Time has proven that Elway was a poor GM. Having said that, Elway just existing as a GM tempted Peyton Manning over and gave the Broncos a SB. I’m not sure whether, in 20 years time, his tenure will be remembered for the SB win, or for his year after year failure to replace Manning while the excellent defense of the twentytweens was allowed to slowly get worse

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