Logan Ryan: At 6-10, Giants don’t have much right to be pissed off by Eagles

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Eagles head coach Doug Pederson’s decision to pull Jalen Hurts and play Nate Sudfeld at quarterback in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s loss to the Washington Football Team was the subject of many reactions.

Pederson said he was playing to win, but most people saw it as a way to ensure they’d lose the game and get the sixth pick in the draft. A byproduct of that was handing the NFC East to Washington and leaving the Giants out of the postseason.

Many Giants reacted negatively on social media, but safety Logan Ryan shared a different view with Peter King for Football Morning in America. The Giants were 6-10 this season and Ryan said that didn’t leave them with much of a platform to complain about how other teams handled their business.

“Wish I could give you the explosive stuff you wanted,” Ryan said. “There will be a lot of opinions about whether they were trying to win. You want to play the game to win, but I don’t play for the Eagles, I don’t coach for the Eagles. It’s their team. Winning six games doesn’t give us much right to get pissed off about this. We didn’t play consistent enough all year to earn it.”

There’s no way of knowing how the game would have played out with Hurts in there until the end. It’s clear, however, that the Giants only have themselves to blame for being on a path to the playoffs that required a bad Eagles team to win the 256th game of the year.

22 responses to “Logan Ryan: At 6-10, Giants don’t have much right to be pissed off by Eagles

  1. This is the correct take. We blew that game in Dallas early in the season and we paid the price for it yesterday.

  2. This is true. The same can be said for a division winner with a losing record hosting a playoff game against a team with a winning record. If you dont want to play playoff game(s) on the road win your division.

  3. Finally someone not crying like a baby and accepting the reality of being on a crummy team. The Eagles should be embarrassed and ridiculed over that game, and Pederson should be looking for a new job. However, acting like the Giants were robbed of a postseason run is just as pathetic. Play better.

  4. Pederson must have been told he was coming back next year. Why else would he lose on purpose for a team that was going to kick him to the curb.

  5. Ryan is right. The Giants blew 3 sure wins (TB, Dal, and Phi) this year. The Giants are not in the playoffs because of the Giants.

  6. As a Giants fan, I wholeheartedly I agree. The 10-win Dolphins have the right to be upset that they missed the playoffs. The 6-10 Giants don’t.

    If you want to go to the playoffs, A) don’t count on other teams, and B) Don’t suck as much.

  7. Logan Ryan is correct, but. I agree with him that the Giants players don’t have a good reason to complain since they could have won the division title on their own with better play all season, but what about football fans in general? That was a repulsive display last night, and Pederson’s baldfaced lying about it afterward made it even more so.

    There were other coaches who could have improved their team’s draft position yesterday by pulling a tank job, but they didn’t do it. It’s disrespectful to the team and to fans of the game to do what Doug Pederson did yesterday. And if he got the word from on high to do it, as I suspect he did, then shame on management and ownership too.

  8. For the giants players that were whining – it goes to show their makeup and competitiveness. You guys were awful. 6-10 awful. But yet you think you “deserve” Philly to carry you to the playoffs. How about you just win more games, and then you control your own destiny. Logan Ryan has it right. Those other whiners they kept showing last night do not. Did Philly tank for a better draft spot? Likely. I would have done the same thing.

  9. Dont know the overall status of the Giants QB but if he played in all games and were 6-10 with him, they got bigger problems then the Eagles. I have to guess the Eagles players were told that hey we lose, a game that does mean something we move down three picks and get a quality player to help us next season so their is some reward here guys.

  10. Philly intentionally tanked. That sucks.
    Ryan is right but not playing to win is just wrong.
    Just not cool to let another team win.

  11. Did the eagles tank, very possible. Hurts was 7 for 20 with 72 yards and 25.4 QB rating, not a stellar performance. I can understand a change.

    I agree with the majority of the comments that the Giants have no right to complain with a 6-10 record

  12. No matter who won the NFC Least, *none* of them actually deserve to be in the playoffs, and Washington is going to get blown out by the Buccaneers.

  13. Not surprising to hear this from a player whose professional career started in New England. For whatever negatives there sometimes seems to be from the Belichick way of doing things, whining about things not going one’s way when one could have played better is not one of them. As we’ve heard for a long time in sports, it’s best to focus on taking care of one’s own business, in order to render moot what everyone else does.

  14. Logan’s correct. I am thankful that Dallas was knocked off though. The best stat during the game was that the NFC East started 11 QB’s. While the whole division was ultimately a dumpster fire, I do credit Washington and NYG for al least making some strides. As a side note, how unbelievable is it that Alex Smith is back on the field? Who wasn’t pulling for him? That is the sole gold nugget. Good luck Washington!

  15. I would love to see your a rule that Divisional winners need .500 or better record to get into the playoffs. Otherwise, they are replaced by a wildcard team assuming they had a better record.

  16. Remember in 2016-2017 when Washington only had to beat the Giants to get into the playoffs. And the Giants had already clinched. But they kept their starters in through the third and were going for it on 4th down multiple times. This was payback to them. Hope that rotten taste of missing out of the playoffs stings.

  17. Let’s stop having this conversation in a bubble and bring it into reality…what organization is going to ever admit to playing to lose or anything other than giving it their best?

  18. Coach Pederson works for the Eagles not the New York football team and should do what is best for the Eagles, he needed to see Studfeld play and wanted to give him some time on the field

  19. As a Giants Fan I can honestly say no team in that division will have any hope of going to the Super Bowl. The fact that a losing record can win a division is embarrassing and illustrates the disarray in achieving post season games.

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