Source: Urban Meyer is looking for $12 million per year

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It’s become the worst-kept secret in NFL circles that the Jaguars coaching job will go to Urban Meyer if he wants it. As of Sunday, the question was whether he wants it.

If he wants it, he’ll want to be paid for it. Handsomely.

A league source tells PFT that Meyer is looking for $12 million per year.

That’s not a crazy number, given the manner in which the market is going. The Panthers gave Matt Rhule nearly $9 million per year when he made the jump from Baylor to Carolina last year. And plenty of NFL coaches are getting paid in the eight figures annually.

With Meyer, the question is whether his success at Ohio State and Florida will translate to the NFL. If, as it appears, the Jaguars believe it will, it’s a fair price given the broader realities of the industry, especially as gambling promises to goose revenue to unprecedented levels, and beyond.

71 responses to “Source: Urban Meyer is looking for $12 million per year

  1. Just sign him to a 2 year contract so that when he has health concerns and quits after not winning a superbowl in 2 years you’re not on the hook for more years of guaranteed money.

  2. Now Jon Gruden is going to demand a raise, and he’ll probably get it. Raiders are so good at raidering. Just .500 baby!

  3. for a guy who’s never coached in the nfl? what a joke. this is the tail wagging the dog.

  4. Nope, get someone with NFL HC experience, won’t be playing Vandy and Kentucky in the NFL.

  5. Khan’s have been throwing big money on guys who have no experience on big stages for awhile now.

  6. I was about to write that it very much is crazy, but Romo gets $18 million a year be an overrated analyst, so from that perspective, it’s a bargain.

  7. No, no, 1000 times no. A quitter, and we just got rid of all the locker room malcontents. Meyer would let Jeffery Dahmer play if he could.

  8. As a Jaguar fan, I’d prefer someone who is hungry to make a name for themselves who can be with the franchise a decade plus. Exploring Urban seems very short sighted, especially if he has personnel control.

  9. You just know Jerruh is salivating thinking about outbidding Khan for Meyer and Stephen is busy trying to disable the WIFI on the Jones family yacht.

  10. Honest question: do you believe urban Meyer is with $3 million more than Matt Rhule? Because given his proven history, long track record, and reputation… then I’d say heck yeah he is.

    Just don’t ask me if I believe Matt Rhule is worth $9m per year

  11. Saban > Meyer and it didn’t work out for him either.
    Great recruiters and motivators but NFL is different..

  12. I understand they come from different pools of money, but how it’s setting the market to pay an NFL head coach what rather pedestrian players regularly make annually after free agency is BONKERS.

  13. Probably better to invest that $12 million in a player, no? Like Jaylen Ram, oh, wait….

  14. He’ll coach for a couple of seasons and then retire due to “health concerns” just like he’s done THREE times before with a fully guaranteed contract, and yet, some team will hire him.

  15. Speaking of gambling, what are the odds of him retiring before the completion of his contract?

  16. $12M? I want some of what he’s drinking. He’d probably take the $12M and then resign after the first game of the season and take home the $12M.

  17. Something tells me he’ll get his money. I just hope the job doesn’t do a tune on his health.

  18. I think it would be interesting to add Dabo into this conversation. You get to bring in a good collegiate head coach who has a very established relationship with your new Franchise QB.

  19. I root for this primarily because maybe that means Meyer might take Justin Fields ahead of Trevor Lawrence.

  20. The worst possible decision that could be made in hiring this clown for more than $12.00 a year.
    BTW, I too am looking for $12-million a year. Some foolish team will make that mistake. He sure has an overinflated self-value.

  21. He’s going to be a flop in the NFL. He always got the cream of the crop in college not going to happen in the NFL. Question is how long before he quits because of health reasons.

  22. Jaguars better pay him! Who cares what he wants. He wins every where he goes. Ain’t your money

  23. College coaches don’t always translate well to the NFL. See: Nick Saban, Chip Kelly…

  24. Cant argue his record. Won everywhere he coached. Bet your coaches cant sniff his NCAA resume. Heck, half the college coaches are under his tree.

  25. Wait, NFL players are already paid. How will Urban gain a competitive advantage? He didn’t win in college because of his coaching abilities.

  26. Urban is as shady as they come.

    Always has been… always will.

    He won in college because of some real shady stuff… every stop…

    When the heat turns on..

    The “health” issues happen.

  27. Urban will not have the elite talent that only about 3 or 4 teams are recruiting at the college level. Take the talent level advantage away from him and what is he? Remember when he lost Tebow and then started having health issues. Then all of the sudden started working for ESPN and then took the Ohio State job. T-shirts in Gainesville after Christmas said Urban Liar. What makes him special when he is coaching substandard or equal talent? He primarily runs a spread offense, not sure how that will translate to the NFL. Just saying…

  28. How many successful college football coach has made it big in NFL? I can’t name one, at any salary categories.

  29. In the NFL, the teams with the best QB’s do most of the winning. If he gets on a team with a great QB, he’ll win. If not, he won’t. Not nuclear science.

  30. drjohn says:
    January 4, 2021 at 1:01 pm
    Just sign him to a 2 year contract so that when he has health concerns and quits after not winning a superbowl in 2 years you’re not on the hook for more years of guaranteed money.

    Let’s not forget he won championships both times before he supposedly did that.

  31. Urban has won everywhere he has been. And players don’t have anything bad to say about him.

    To be honest $12 million for arguably a top 5 football mind seems like a bargain.

  32. How many successful college football coach has made it big in NFL?

    Jimmy Johnson
    Pete Carroll
    Dick Vermeil
    Jim Harbaugh
    John Robinson

    .. plenty of bad though for sure (Bobby Petrino, Mike Reilly, Chip Kelly)

  33. You can get a much better coach for $12M a year. That might be enough to make Cowher ditch Boomer and Simms, or lure Dabo to the NFL, or resurrect Vincent Lombardi himself.

    Urban Meyer has done NOTHING to prove he can succeed at the NFL level.

    Matt Rhule had a coaching job when he got $9M a year. Matt Rhule has coached every season since 1998 without health concerns. Matt Rhule can connect with his players.

  34. Owners and GM’s gamble on coaching hires and QB selections every year. Most do not work out. It’s not a reach to cast doubt.

  35. Meyer will want at least 4 years, making him very expensive to fire at any time during the deal. It’s a big risk to pay a coach that much who has never coached the professional level before, especially on a guaranteed contract. Professionals don’t admire coaches like college kids do. There’s a long history of successful college coaches that burn out quickly in the NFL and run back to the comfortable coach-worship culture of college football.

  36. Jags should bring back Tom Coughlin, look at the direction they took after he left.

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