COVID-19 outbreak at Ohio State could postpone national championship game

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Allstate Sugar Bowl Semifinal Game - Ohio State v Clemson
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Six days before Ohio State is slated to play Alabama for college football’s national championship, a COVID-19 outbreak may result in the Buckeyes seeking to delay the game.

According to, Ohio State, Alabama, the Big Ten, the SEC and College Football Playoff officials have had discussions about possibly postponing the game by a week, from January 11 to January 18.

The report says Ohio State could be without an entire position group because of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. Similar issues have come up in the NFL, with the Broncos’ quarterbacks and the Saints’ running backs, and the NFL forced the teams to play their games anyway.

Ohio State played only five games in the regular season because of COVID-19 cancelations, and the Buckeyes were shorthanded in some of those games because some players had tested positive and others had been exposed to people who had. Ohio State coach Ryan Day said before his team’s semifinal win over Clemson that he still didn’t consider the Buckeyes to be at full strength.

14 responses to “COVID-19 outbreak at Ohio State could postpone national championship game

  1. The game will go on as scheduled. It’s just one game. There’s no point moving it.

  2. They should postpone it as long as they need to. People just want to see a good game.

  3. What a true test of who is champion. The Buckeyes have played a grade school schedule and now get to postpone another game. College Football equals a Beauty Pageant.

  4. Ohio State has had more outbreaks than any 4 other teams put together. Their players must not be following protocols to stay Covid free. I hope the NCAA doesn’t accommodate them again, because of their own stupidity.

  5. Control your team, how many teams have had zero issues by discipline and hard work. Iowa State for one didn’t have anybody test positive after August workouts, it’s not that hard if you aren’t more interested in partying/etc… I’d say tough cookies, here is the date, if you want to be champions, stay out of the bars/general population like several other teams were able to navigate in this tough season.

  6. This team was already riddled with Covid. This is about buying time for Fields to recover.

  7. Ohio State doesn’t deserve to be there anyways, six games? College football is a joke.

  8. Stupidity should not be rewarded. This is what happens when stupid people can’t follow simple rules. Play the game. Its Ohio States fault they got COVID

  9. Or knowing how corrupt Ohio St is they are claiming its COVID, when it is really Fields needs another week to heal so he can play.

    Ohio State is as shady and corrupt as Trump

  10. Why even play the game? Everything to this point has been orchestrated to give tOSU the championship so just crown them and let Bamas’s 12 or 13 NFL prospects get ready for the combine or whatever draft preps are gonna look like this year… without the risk of getting hurt in their final game.

  11. I am a lifelong Ohio State Buckeyes fan. You must play this game when it is supposed to be played. This is the world we live in now. “Next man up” and “the show must go on”. I’m not saying anybody was reckless or flaunted protocol at all but the bottom line is this is something we have got to live with as this is the new norm. What happens if after they delay the game a week for Ohio State, Alabama has an outbreak and wants to delay it yet another week? Do you say no? Would that be fair? NEWSBREAK…. life isn’t fair. It’s just the way it is now. If a worker gets COVID – 19 they don’t shut the factory down. They put someone in there who may not be as good but they keep the line moving. I just hope everyone stays as healthy as possible and comes out the other side ok. I don’t see the NFL rolling back that Browns Steelers game. It’s BIG BOY time.

  12. They were handed a place in the playoffs with only 6 wins… Its already going to be a blemish in the college playoff history and now they want to act like a diva team to get it postponed… Just get embarrassed Monday night and get it over with…

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