Frank Gore may return for 17th season

NFL: DEC 20 Jets at Rams
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Frank Gore ended the season with an even 16,000 yards rushing after 16 years in the league.

But those nice round numbers could get crooked.

Gore said Tuesday that he hasn’t decided yet whether or not to retire. He plans to take some time before choosing if he’ll play in 2021.

I still have fun playing football,” Gore said, via Dennis Waszak Jr. of the Associated Press.

At 37 years old, Gore rushed for 653 yards and two touchdowns in 2020. He also caught 16 passes for 89 yards — none bigger than six-yard reception on third-and-6 that sealed the Jets’ first victory over the Rams in Week 15.

Gore spent the first 10 years of his career with San Francisco before playing three in Indianapolis. He’s spanned the AFC East over the last three seasons, playing for the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets. If he is indeed back in 2021, he’d complete the cycle if he played for the Patriots.

A third-round pick in the 2005 draft, Gore is No. 3 on the all-time rushing list behind Emmitt Smith (18,355) and Walter Payton (16,726). Gore’s son, Frank Jr., is currently a running back at Southern Miss.

17 responses to “Frank Gore may return for 17th season

  1. Is Gore a HOF candidate? Yes he is. 16 years as a RB when even the best ones flame out after 5 or 6 years is amazing.

  2. Those numbers are perfect. 1,000 yards per year
    I’m know I’m getting Adrian Monk on this but don’t mess them up

  3. He is a HOF and was great in his prime.
    But he’s over the hill now.
    Why would you play him rather than a younger player you hope to develop?
    Even if Gore performs a little better, you hinder the younger players development.

  4. Nothing but respect for him, but it was brutal to watch Gase keep giving him the ball on 1st and 2nd downs during a lost season while we have young RB’s who look like they can play in the very limited touches he gave them. Damn, Gase even kept him as the main ball carrier after the other guys ran for over 200 yards when Gore was out with a concussion. Best wishes to Gore. If Gase gets a job, then he will too. Be happy you’re not a Jets fan people. This organization even made Gore carrying the ball a loathsome thing!

  5. This is an unpopular opinion on this site, but he was an average to good player for a long time; never “great.” Consistent, and maybe even impressive, but not spectacular.

    Never lead the league in rushing. Never lead the league in touchdowns. Never All-Pro. No Super Bowls. 69.2 rushing yds/game. Meh.

    Maybe a HOF candidate, but not a HOFer.

  6. At this rate, Glore will be the 1st player inducted into the Football Hall of Fame and still playing.

  7. I love Frank. Dude is a football player. Never once whined about playing for some awful teams. He shattered his knees in COLLEGE and still cranked out 16 years, maybe more in the NFL. Has there been a 40 year old running back besides Emmitt? I don’t understand all the comments hating on Frank, 3rd all time leading rusher, of course he’s a hall of famer. He’s no Barry Sanders but durability is important too. I’m not a fan of disparaging other players to argue about someone getting into the HOF but if Jerome Bettis got in, then no question about Frank.

  8. The guy is indestructible. You would think that playing for the Jets was enough punishment.

  9. gjv001 says:
    January 5, 2021 at 11:15 am
    At this rate, Glore will be the 1st player inducted into the Football Hall of Fame and still playing.


    Except for the HOF’s requirement that a player had to have retired for a minimum of five years to merit HOF eligibility.

  10. 3 more seasons and in theory Gore and his son could play against each other… Has that ever happened?

  11. theres two things I know…at the end of a James Bond movie, the credits say “James Bond will return”. At the end of an NFL season, I know Frank Gore will return.

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