In Texans G.M. hire, Jack Easterby wins big

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Reactions are trickling in following the news that the Texans will make Patriots V.P. of player personnel Nick Caserio the team’s next General Manager. The common thread consists of two messages.

First, Easterby wins. As in executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby. Caserio is an Easterby guy, who presumably will defer to whatever authority Easterby will have.

Second, Easterby really wins. As reported by Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, the Korn Ferry search firm identified five candidates for the job: Texans director of player personnel Matt Bazirgan, Seahawks V.P. of player personnel Trent Kirchner, Steelers V.P. of football and business administration Omar Khan, Louis Riddick, and Ravens director of football research Scott Cohen. Korn Ferry did not include Caserio on its list of finalists. 

But Caserio got the job, because that’s who Easterby wanted — and Easterby won the power struggle with Korn Ferry. (Korn Ferry presumably still gets paid its six-figure fee for creating a menu from which the Texans ultimately didn’t select.)

“Easterby is a wizard,” Garafolo declares.

Others in league circles would use other terms to describe Easterby. In the hiring of a G.M., however, Easterby got the guy he tried to get in 2019. Which, as one league source observed, allows Easterby to continue to pull the strings without the accountability that goes with being the G.M.

Next, the question becomes whether Easterby will get his preferred coach. Some wonder whether it will be Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who spurned the Colts three years ago and who has gotten less interest in recent hiring cycles.

The first question is whether McDaniels on Korn Ferry’s list. If not, McDaniels could be the man for the job.

39 responses to “In Texans G.M. hire, Jack Easterby wins big

  1. As a football fan i would trust Easterby over Korn Ferry anyday of the week. Nice hire Jack and the Texans! And a good move for Caserio to find a fresh home in better position than NE!

  2. Congrats to nick! He helped us big time! Edelman, NINK, gronk, D-Mac, tower, Jones, Collins, Gilmore in FA, trey Flowers, Sony, Wynn, Thuney, Jimmy G, Brissett……

    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. As far as McDaniels goes, I don’t see it happening. I don’t think the McNair family wants another Belichick coaching tree guy after with Billy did down there. I could see Dabol since he hasn’t been with us in 4 seasons

  3. So the “Patriot Way” like Scott Pioli did in KC several years ago and brings in a control freak OC as head coach (Todd Haley) Good luck Houston! Most Patriot spin offs haven’t worked out any where.

  4. Be got his guy in his quest for his new GM, but he’s not interested in Josh as head coach, so you can forget about that

  5. Good QB,no draft picks to build around him and players are of the mind to leave as soon as possible. No one getting a job in that organization is going to feel like they won anything for a long time. Their quarterback is good enough to win them games that will keep them from drafting high enough any time soon. Being a Dolphins fan that is a nightmare situation to be in,over and over again.

  6. It’s looking to me that Brady was making everyone in the Patriots organization look good. Who leaves there and has real success elsewhere? I think it’s time to stop trying to copy the “Patriot Way” unless Brady is included.

  7. I can’t comment on the qualifications of Korn Ferry, but by all accounts Easterby has a weak resume’ and is a manipulator. Without regard to the qualifications of Caserio, to hire a consultant, completely disregard their recommendations and go with the recommendation of someone with a weak resume’ – that seems to be the mark of a continually unsuccessful organization.

  8. Has emulating the Patriots worked out for any franchise other than the actual Patriots?

  9. Josh McDaniels didn’t get the Browns job last off season because he demanded 100% roster control where as Stefanski was willing to work with the roster the front office gave him.. Texans hiring a GM takes that off the table not to mention it shows Mcdaniels hasn’t changed since Denver. On top of that we saw how unproductive McDaniels offense was without Tom Brady. Houston needs to look elsewhere for a coach. If they are going for the Bellichick tree might as well keep Crennel and let him pick his own staff.

  10. Bad hire.
    The Patriots have had nothing but bad to terrible drafts for the past five or six years. Nothing has contributed more to the weakening of the New England roster and the end of their decades long dominance than that series of failed draft picks. And yet that gets rewarded with a GM job.
    Failing upwards remains popular for poorly run franchises.

  11. I guess they haven’t figured out yet that the Belichick tree only produces fruit under the radiant light of Tom Brady, weird cause everyone else has

  12. Considering the track record of people from the New England tree, I feel bad for Texans fans. But I’m sure the rest of the league is excited.

  13. Caserio and McDaniel have a friendship going back to college days at Carroll. I think Josh will go to Houston too.

  14. I have a lot of respect for Nick C. VERY good at his job.

    Based on my limited view of Jack E I am surprised Nick would make a move.

    Jack E did a good job for the Pats and Nicknis not a stupid guy. There has to be more to this story than we know.

  15. My guess is that now he’d take pretty much any job available. I may be selling him short, but the shiny is gone so he needs to thing about his career. They have an excellent QB and some of the verbiage he uses so it kind of makes sense. As long as the Patriots DON’T hire Bill O’Brien back, it’s fine with me.

  16. I live in Houston so I’m a default Texans fan. But I refused to watch them this season over BOB and the Hopkins trade. Now of this is true, and Easterby stays, I’m a lost fan for good. Such horrible news.

  17. Since it looks like the Texans are going to be losing for the next 10 years, I think they should trade Watson and JJ to Miami, get their picks back that they traded to get Tunsil plus Tua, Miami’s own #1 and #2 picks this year. Your not wasting Watson away because Miami is close to being a playoff team. Texans gonna suck for a long time.

  18. How is this happening if the Pats are widely known for great coaching, getting the most out of SUBPAR ROSTERS of players (but led by TB for 20 or so years), & the player personnel group not able to find, select, or draft high end, talented players? With the history of the Belichik coaching tree not having much positive track record, it just seems odd.

  19. I find it interesting that Caserio is getting all of the accolades and none of the blame for Patriots draft and free agent signings. I am not saying that BB did not have a final say on anything. My opinion of the success and failures of the Pats has a lot to do with where they were picking and the approach that as a stable franchise they could afford to take some risks on selection day. Over the years, according to what I have read however it seems Nick was very influential in finding guys based upon certain directives. It is possible that could somehow absolve him but I have to believe his voice and opinion was taken in high regard and if so, then he certainly can be held responsible for a portion of the success along with the failures of the franchise personnel decisions.

  20. How many more years will it take for NFL teams to realize that the only thing valuable from the runtime Patriots dynasty was Tom Brady? If you’re not getting him, you’re not improving your team. Just look at the Buccaneers and Patriots now. The Lions “Patriots 2.0” project failed miserably.

  21. “Josh McDaniels didn’t get the Browns job last off season because he demanded 100% roster control where as Stefanski was willing to work with the roster the front office gave him.”

    It can never be overstated how badly McDaniels handled personnel in Denver, right down to the bizarre bit of trivia that he traded up for Tebow, yet never started him even though it just might have saved his job for at least one more season.

  22. You know how they say…..there’s a winner and a loser. If Easterby was the winner in this deal then I’d say the loser was the Texans. I only say that because Easterby seems to have more power than he deserves. I get the feeling that as long as he’s there the Texans are going nowhere. If, as the article states, Caserio simply goes along with whatever Easterby wants then why did he take this job?

  23. Easterby was qualified simply to be team chaplain for the Pats just a handful of years ago. Kind of a friend or sounding board for the players. That’s it. Remember that.

  24. Caserio!!! Houston we have a problem. D Watson and company will not make a Super Bowl with Caserio as GM.. Did Houston research Caserio background? Houston we have a problem.

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