Jets looking for a head coach for “entire team”

Cleveland Browns v New York Jets
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One of the more memorable Jets losses of the 2020 season came on December 6 when Raiders quarterback Derek Carr hit Henry Ruggs for a game-winning touchdown against a heavy Jets blitz.

That blitz was called for by defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and Williams was fired the next day. Williams had autonomy on the defensive side of the ball, which left then-head coach Adam Gase unable to provide adequate answers about why he didn’t call timeout to change the play.

Gase was fired on Sunday and Jets chairman Christopher Johnson said at a Monday press conference that he thinks the team “can do better” than using an approach that had the head coach focused on only one side of the ball.

“I don’t much like the term CEO either, but it does describe what we’re looking for,” Johnson said. “We want a head coach that coaches the entire team, end-to-end, and his staff. You don’t have to be offensive, you don’t have to be defensive, this is a coach for the entire team and that’s very important to us looking forward.”

The Jets are changing other things about this search, including having General Manager Joe Douglas run the process rather than using consultants or search firms to assist them. Given how little success they’ve had doing it the other way, it was time for a change although it will be some time before we know if the new approach will be the right one.


10 responses to “Jets looking for a head coach for “entire team”

  1. Yeah…because all the other teams are looking for a coach for just part of the team. How did this guy make all his $$$?

  2. There are a lot of head coaches who are nothing more than an offensive or defensive coordinator with a glorified title. If they can’t oversee all three phases (including special teams), then they aren’t qualified to be a head coach.

  3. If your head coach is calling plays on either side of the ball during the game he can’t possibly be overseeing the entire team and that is when problems arise. He should pick good coaches and delegate to them the authority to control their part of the team. Tomlin is a good example of that. Being a Steeler fan I just wish he had better coordinators. Not every position coach makes a good HC.

  4. The owners have admitted that in the past they hired bad HCs, ones who focused on just one side (offense or defense, and they always ignored special teams).

    Welcome to the 21st century Mr. Johnson, 21 years late.

    But better late than never.
    This is actually a positive statement for the owners to make. They realize they didn’t know what they were doing.

  5. You need a coach who’s willing to give up his play calling and just focus on the team as Belichick pete Carroll not like kyle Shanahan..let ir ego go

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