Joe Douglas on Sam Darnold: We’ll get a head coach and make a lot of decisions

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Jets General Manager Joe Douglas met the media on Tuesday to discuss the path forward for a team coming off the 2-14 season and whether it will involve quarterback Sam Darnold.

As team chairman Christopher Johnson did on Monday, Douglas found good things to say about Darnold and what the future holds for him in the NFL. He also joined Johnson in stopping well short of saying that he 2018 first-round pick is going to be back with the team in 2021.

Douglas said that any call will wait until the team has hired a head coach.

“Look, we’ve got a lot of decisions to make,” Douglas said, via “I think that Sam’s going to be a great quarterback. I’m excited to get a head coach in here, go through our process. Had a great conversation with Sam yesterday. I won’t go into the specifics, but I think Sam has a very bright future in this league. So we’re going to get a head coach in here, we’re going to get together and we’re going to talk about quite a few decisions.”

Douglas was asked if Darnold, who missed four games with a shoulder injury, regressed during a season that saw him throw 11 interceptions and nine touchdowns. Douglas said Darnold “faced a lot of obstacles this year” while noting injuries on the offensive line and wide receiver, but it will be a minute or two before we know if that merits a mulligan on a dismal season.

9 responses to “Joe Douglas on Sam Darnold: We’ll get a head coach and make a lot of decisions

  1. They get a new HC and then make a decision. In the meantime Sam, start boxing up your household goods.

  2. Has there been any part of Darnold’s game that would make a new GM want to keep him over the available QBs in the draft? He’s been a bust so far

  3. “He’s got a very bright future in this league” tells you all you need to know about Darnolds future as a Jet.

  4. Poor Jets fans. Right now is the brightest time of the year for them. They have the anticipation of getting a new coach and look forward to the draft.
    Then their season begins and all their high hopes & dreams shatter.

  5. I’d take Darnold. He’s better than what I got and there’s zero guarantee the young buck QB’s will be any better given the cesspool organizations they are headed to including the sad sack Jets. Successful QB’s are more a product of the organization they end up with. Rarely, very rarely do they turn an organization around on their own. Give Darnold more than 1.5 seconds to read the field and just maybe he can have a real opportunity to show the talent so many believed he had on his draft day. If I am Sam I am praying daily to be gifted a trade or a release.

  6. If the Jags select Justin Fields, the Jets will take Trevor Lawrence and Sam Darnold will get traded. After the bowl game performance, it would not surprise me if Jax takes Fields.

  7. You can see signs of a good young QB even on bad teams. Burrow and Herbert are a good examples. Even Tennehill was beating Brady and Belichick in Miami. You haven’t really seen that from Darnold.

  8. I was a Darnold guy ..he has been hurt by talent and coaching ..but after seeing Burrows and Herbert play this year I no longer think his ceiling is that high

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