Mike Zimmer: Gary Kubiak will take some time before deciding what to do

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A source has revealed to PFT that Vikings offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak plans to retire, but head coach Mike Zimmer didn’t confirm that news on Tuesday.

“He’s taking some time to mentally think about the season and where he’s at health-wise and then he’ll decide what he wants to do,” Zimmer said, via video released by the team.

Zimmer added that Kubiak is “the best I’ve ever been around,” via Chad Graff of TheAthletic.com. “I loved having him.”

Kubiak joined Minnesota in 2019 as an assistant head coach and offensive advisor. He became offensive coordinator when Kevin Stefanski left the Vikings to become head coach of the Browns in 2020.

Kubiak previously retired from coaching a year after winning Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos. He was Denver’s head coach from 2015-2016 and the Texans’ head coach from 2006-2013. He served as a Broncos senior personnel advisor from 2017-2018.

Zimmer didn’t say who would be the offensive coordinator moving forward, but sounded like he wanted to keep the Vikings’ current system.

“I will say this. I love the scheme we’re running offensively,” Zimmer said. “I love the wide zone and the play-action offense.”

Minnesota finished the season No. 4 in total offense and No. 11 in scoring.

The Vikings will apparently need to fill two coordinator positions, as Zimmer announced on Tuesday special teams coordinator Marwan Maalouf’s two-year contract has expired and will not be renewed. Maalouf joined the Vikings in 2019 after serving as the Dolphins’ assistant special teams coordinator from 2013-2018.

21 responses to “Mike Zimmer: Gary Kubiak will take some time before deciding what to do

  1. Is there a bigger joke than the Minnesota Vikings franchise?

    Yes: Their fans. They’re huge. And they don’t know football. IQs in the teens.

  2. Basically this means Kubiak is gone . Zimmer is the same guy who said Hunters injury was a tweak . The man always misleads on injuries and changes .

  3. Don’t know why people bash Kirk cousins all the time when he consistently puts up top 10 numbers and even top 5 numbers in all QB statistics. But PFT needs their punching bag I guess.

  4. Zimmer needs to watch some videos of Rodgers, Brees, and Brady to learn exactly what it means just to pick up the first downs. Throwing 4 yards or running up the middle on 3rd and 15 is not how this is supposed to work. No more going up the middle and more play action.
    Also, cousins NEEDS to learn how to roll out and not be a statue 3 yards straight back. My 2 yo has a better sense of pressure with. Get your head on a swivel Kirk!

  5. I’m sorry why is Zimmer still cemented as Head Coach? Shouldn’t there be a story about how Zimmer is being fired? To have the greatest rookie WR since Randy Moss along with the best all around RB since Marshall Faulk and to scrap together 7-9 along with a horribly coached defense, and no one sees Zimmer as the problem?

  6. I didn’t realize the offense was ranked so well. Viking fans are down on the staff and team but with Hunter, Barr, etc back and the rookie secondary having a real training camp, next year is looking up, not down.

  7. I really hope he stays. The scheme fits the current talent, and it really won’t help them for Cousins to have a FIFTH different OC and scheme in FIVE years.

  8. Writing was on the wall for ol’ Marwan.

    I’m happy with the Wide Zone scheme too. But you need another RB as explosive as Cook. Cook slows down right around game 12. Happened this year, happened last year. He’s just not built for that many carries and Mattison isn’t the answer.

  9. Viking offense better than it’s been in a while and improving, could stand to be updated just a touch.

    Klint Kubiak is a no-brainer here. Continuity with an infusion of youth.

  10. First I wouldn’t cry If Dennison and left and took Dozier with him. Secondly good riddance to Maalouf. These guys need to go. But the whole concept of co-defensive coordinator’s with Capers as a special consultant and Zimmer with his hands in the defense up to the elbows needs to go. This is organizationally unsound and the defense reflected it. I know all about the cornerback purge and the injuries etc. but does anyone think this organization on the defensive side is a good idea? And if Patterson focused just on the defensive line would we have failed so miserably at the point of attack?

  11. Personally, I credit Kubiak for sticking it out this long.
    Once you finally leave the Vikings it takes years to remove the stench of losing that permeates that organization.
    And the longer you’re immersed in it, the worse it is to overcome.

  12. I like KC too! I also believe that Zimmer is the stumbling block. The Vikings with a better head coach would’ve just outscored more teams and won at least 2 or 3 more games. Zimmer’s conservative nature is outdated and holding the team back.

  13. Our run-stuffing Nose Tackle opted out because of COVID, one of our Pro Bowl LBs missed the whole season, our best LB missed the last 1/3 of the season, our CBs are rookies and the other CBs were injured, our best D-End missed the entire season and the other DE is new. I’m not sure but this kind of turn-over may have an effect on our season.

  14. All-American Voltron
    You don’t watch much football (or understand if if you do) much, do you?

    You referenced all the offensive talent they had.
    And the were 4th in passing in the league, and 11th overall on offense.

    Offense was NOT the problem.

    The coach you want fired previous to this season has never had a defense out of the top 10 (or maybe 5)

    They lost pretty much all d-line starters, two corners, and a safety in FA
    The k acquisition in D-line Opted out.
    Both star linebackers hurt most of or out all of season.
    Rookie Cornerbacks and safeties all on IR or out most of season
    Playing practice squad players on defense

    This was the reason they ended up 7-9 (including losing several 1-point games)

    So, please dude… THINK before you type.

  15. Had to check, thought for sure I was on the Packers boards again. They just don’t stop following even when they’re down n out, the obsession is REAL!

  16. Flo is right . . . you never catch any Viking fans weighing in on anything other than Viking specific posts.

  17. philmccracken says:
    January 5, 2021 at 11:27 am
    The MN Vikings.

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

    Actually, former Vikings coordinators like Tony Dungy, Brian Billick and Mike Tomlin have gone on to have successfull head coaching careers immediately following their tenures on the Vikings coaching staff…

  18. Under Zimmer the Vikings have been in the top 10 best defenses until this year. Watching the last FEW games I hardly knew anyone on the defense. This year was a rookie camp on defense. Anyone who faced reality knew this and even more-so as injuries happened. The media is what drives me insane. They always over hype up the public and after a loss they need to blame anyone but themselves…

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