Vic Fangio: Drew Lock has to improve

Denver Broncos vs Las Vegas Raiders
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Broncos quarterback Drew Lock believes “without a doubt” that he’s the right man for the team in Denver despite leading the league in interceptions this year and seeing his completion percentage drop from his rookie campaign.

Lock’s confidence hasn’t led head coach Vic Fangio to ink Lock’s name into the starting lineup. Fangio held an end of season press conference on Tuesday and said that Lock “can be” the team’s starter in 2021, but that he can’t just glide into camp with the job in his pocket.

“He’s going to have to improve,” Lock said, via Andrew Mason of DNVR Sports.

Fangio said last week that he’s excited about having offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur back for a second season with the team and continuity could be a plus for Lock showing the improvement Fangio is looking for. Before they get on the field, the Broncos will have an opportunity to add other players at the position and their approach to that will show just how committed they are to Lock in the short term.

11 responses to “Vic Fangio: Drew Lock has to improve

  1. Good luck, Vic. The best option Lock has at improving would be on his cute little dances on his rare successful passes.

  2. I’m sure Elway not being GM any more has nothing to do with Drew Lock being terrible

  3. I think Fangio is absolutely right. There has been a lot of regression in Lock this year. What surprises me is how many get excited by a few good plays. He still can’t read a defense and his footwork is horrible. A lot of work to do. Maybe he can stop working on dance moves in a game and work on other things. Too much talk and not enough learning and doing. Hope he does do well so the team can get other pieces.

  4. Lock isn’t the problem on the team. Put him into a more complete team with better coaching, and you’ll see something much closer to the Josh Allen end of the spectrum. Keep stumbling through general mediocrity with coaching & team building, and you’ll Sam Darnold the guy.

  5. Vic isn’t the type of coach to hand anyone anything, he is very tough, which is what Lock needs. Lock was drafted in the second round, with expectations of being roughly a two year project, he probably wasn’t going to see the field at all until end of this year, or next year, that’s why Denver signed Flacco as a veteran bridge, but he quickly laid an egg, and those plans went out the window. Plus this year not having any type of off season, this entire year was basically a preseason.. Yes he needs to improve and be consistent, but it would be nice to see what he can do with a proper off season. He has shown flashes of being the QB of the future, but for Lock the future is definitely next year.. It’ll be his season to win or lose the job permanently. Hopefully he is the answer!

  6. Fangio needs to fix himself before he works on Lock. Vaster has it right Fangio hasn’t any idea how to use a clock. The last game they had 9 seconds left at the 40. Could have easily run another play to get a decent chance at a 50-yard winning field goal. But no, they went for a 58 yarder, got it blocked and left 6 seconds on the clock. That was pure stupidity. Further this offense has some decent talent but when you only score 16 points a game for two years somebody doesn’t know what he’s doing. Look in the mirror Vic. This all reflects on you.

  7. It’s the OC fault….get rid of Shurmur. Lock was doing really well under Scangarello.

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