Vic Fangio: I’m sure I’ll forge a good relationship with the next Denver G.M.

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The Broncos announced on Monday that John Elway will step away from his duties as General Manager, but remain with the club as the president of football operations. In that role, he’ll still oversee Denver’s next G.M. and head coach Vic Fangio.

On Tuesday, Fangio said he’s happy Elway is happy to move into this new role.

“John, I think, is really content with the decision and the makeup moving forward for the Broncos,” Fangio said, via video from Troy Renck of KMGH. “And what’s real is that John is still going to be available for us to run things by him, give his opinion and his experiences involved in the big decisions here.”

Fangio noted he feels the same in terms of his job security with a new G.M. entering the equation.

“Whoever we end up hiring here, I’m sure we’ll forge a good relationship,” Fangio said. “I’ve had experience over the years, obviously, working with many different general managers. I’d like to think I’m easy to work with. And I’m sure who we hire will be a guy that’s a consensus builder, but ultimately be the guy who makes the final decisions as it relates to the roster and I’m not really concerned about that.”

Fangio is 12-20 in two seasons with the Broncos. Denver went from 7-9 in 2019 to 5-11 in 2020.

6 responses to “Vic Fangio: I’m sure I’ll forge a good relationship with the next Denver G.M.

  1. Yeah we saw how well that arranged marriage thing worked out between Ryan Pace and John Fox with the Bears. What GM candidate of any quality will take a job where he knows he doesn’t get to pick his coach for at least a year? And with no disrespect to Fangio, especially a coach whose record with the team so far is so underwhelming.

  2. Sure, Vic. But what if the new GM just doesn’t like you? You better hope they bring in someone you already know and get along with.

  3. Fangio seems like a good guy but his clock management and situational awareness is atrocious. He better work on that because the new GM probably won’t put up with that for long.

    On the winning 2-point conversion Sunday the Raiders were in total disarray and on the verge of having to take a delay of game penalty when Fangio bailed them out by using HIS final timeout. They then got settled down and converted to take the lead, and then the Broncos had a 62-yard field goal blocked at the buzzer when they probably could have run an extra play or two if they’d just had that timeout.

  4. Doesn’t matter. Elway will still be meddling in everything. The new GM will just be the fall guy for lousy picks. Which Elway will “approve.”

  5. People talking about “lousy” picks by Elway. Actually, Elway has done quite well in drafting over the past few years. The roster has a lot of talent. The only thing he can’t seem to draft is QBs

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