Aaron Donald: “I think we have all the pieces to the puzzle”

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Rams went to the playoffs, and the Super Bowl, in 2018 as the division champion. This year, they’re the sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. So how is defensive tackle Aaron Donald feeling as the postseason arrives?

“Confident,” Donald told reporters on Wednesday. “I think we have all the pieces to the puzzle. I think we are playing lights out on defense and our offense is doing things to a point where they can manage games and still make things happen to help us win. So when you have that, you’re definitely going into it confident. I feel like we’re in a position to get to where we want to get to, we just have to go week-by-week and just dominate.”

Does it feel like two years ago for the Rams?

“Yes,” Donald said, “but it’s a different team. So you’re still confident, but I will say the confidence is in a different type of way. I think the defense we have now is a little bit more stout, a little bit more consistent. Not taking anything from the defense we had in 2018, it just comes down to being consistent. That’s what it’s about in this league. You have to be consistent. You have to do it week-in and week-out and I think we’ve been doing that. So having a group like that, that’s be doing that going into the playoffs, it makes you that much more confident.”

The confidence arguably is misplaced, given that the Rams lost to the Jets and then the Seahawks before beating the Cardinals to finish the season — and given that they’ll quite possibly have John Wolford at quarterback again. Assuming the Saints beat the Bears, a win by the Rams over the Seahawks would send L.A. to Lambeau Field for the divisional round. If the Rams win there then, yes, there’s reason to be confident.

8 responses to “Aaron Donald: “I think we have all the pieces to the puzzle”

  1. I never begrudge any player from exuding confidence in themselves and their team. Without it, you’re not going to be competitive. The Rams are very good and will be a tough opponent for the Seattle Seahawks. It will be a great game. Looking forward to watching it and the rest of the wildcard games. Best weekend in all of sport.

  2. As long as Goff stays off the field they might and that’s a big might…have a chance!

  3. Please do tell, since when is ‘starting QB with a broken thumb’ a quintessential piece of a football team? Or a piece of any other thing, really?

  4. I wouldn’t doubt Donald. He is a very rare generational player that has the ability, talent, pedigree and plays a position in which he can determine the outcome of any game.

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