Lamar Jackson: Definitely trying to erase narrative we can’t win in playoffs

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson led the team to the playoffs as AFC North champs in each of his first two seasons, but that’s where things ended both times.

The Chargers knocked them out in 2018 and the Titans did the same last season. Baltimore was the top seed in the AFC for that one and the back-to-back losses have given rise to questions about whether the Ravens can win in the playoffs with Jackson as their quarterback.

Jackson knows that doubts exist and said Wednesday that he hopes to eliminate them when they take on the Titans in Nashville this Sunday.

“It’s win or go home right now,” Jackson said, via Jeff Zrebiec of “I don’t really care about what people got to say. . . . It is what it is, but I’m definitely trying to erase that narrative right there. That’s No.1 right now in my mind.”

The Ravens will bring a five-game winning streak with them into the game and winning all of them was necessary to get to the playoffs. The competition will be stiffer than what the Cowboys, Jaguars, Giants, and Bengals provided them, but a longer time with the mindset of win or go home may lead to better results despite the uptick in opposition.

16 responses to “Lamar Jackson: Definitely trying to erase narrative we can’t win in playoffs

  1. Titans will knock the Ravens out of the first round 2 years in a row. Titans have the better QB & the better RB.

  2. we all know what’s gonna happen, he has to play good teams now…soon as they’re down a few scores and he’s forced to throw…hilarity ensues

  3. No No No Lamar it’s not WE it’s YOU. The franchise, and the head Coach have won in the playoffs, and they’ve been to the summit, and come back with the trophy. YOU however have ended up on the bench looking like the kid who had his toy taken away. It’s time for YOU to step it up

  4. Since you’ve been the main reason your team lost both games…I have an idea how you can erase it.

  5. This man has willed his team into the playoffs. Nothing is enough for the critics. Prototypical QB’s who wwre miles ahead of him haven’t sniffed playoffs in their entire careers. He has made 3 in a row with the first one in his rookie season and the second one if you look closely he was the only player playing at a high level in that game. Henry ran over that D. Accept that he is unique and move on. Change sometimes is hard to digest when you been doing something for a long time

  6. Although he said that he “don’t care what people got to say”, it sure sounds like he cares about the narrative…what he needs to care about is taking the game play by play and staying in the moment. I think he and the Ravens will be fine and IF they get thru tbe 1st round, they will be a serious threat to keep rolling.

  7. Titans by 10…
    Titans are just a better all-around-built team to get a lead and then pound it to eat the clock…
    Jackson’s scrambling isn’t going to help once they get behind 2 scores!

  8. The Ravens are this year’s hot team. They will win this game convincingly.

  9. Going to come down if they can stop Henry. Or Ravens need to take a early lead and try to get the running game out of the game plan.

  10. Give you something to do next season I suppose, it ain’t happening Sunday.

  11. Jackson is a one man army, he doesnt have the luxury of being able to throw to 1 of 4 targets running wide open like Mahomes does on most plaus. Lets face it, the Ravens’ top WR wouldnt even be a top 4 option in KC, and thats on the Ravens, not on Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson has only one weapon in the passing game and that is Mark Amdrews, I’d say what he has accomplished in his short career proves he is an elite QB. Can you count on one hand the number of QBs that would make the Playoffs, much less win MVP with the Ravens?

  12. It’s not that they can’t win in the playoffs. They can’t win against a good defense. The Titans provided the blueprint in the playoffs last year and they’ll do it again. Jackson may be a good runner but he’s not a good enough passer to win against good teams.

  13. Peyton Manning was 0-3 in his first playoff tours, and had 9 1 and done seasons. HIs record is 14-12 in the playoffs. Yet he is regarded as one of the best to ever do it. People who push this narrative just have a problem with Lamar personally. None of the QB’s drafted before Lamar have a play off start let alone a win. Also Matt Stafford a QB who has been in the league for a good while now has NEVER been to the playoffs. Yet the media doesn’t even mentioned him. The double standards are obvious at this point. Lamar Jackson rumble young man rumble. There will always be a anti- Lamar narrative, because we have people who practice marginalization as if its a religion.

  14. itsamadmadmadmadworld

    Well then I guess it is a good thing for Lamar that Tennessee has the 28th ranked defense in football, huh?

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