NFL: No indication of COVID-19 spread within the Browns’ facility

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
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Last week, when it appeared that the Cleveland Browns were experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, the NFL said that the sharp uptick in infections resulted from community spread.

The NFL still believes that’s the case.

“While we are continuing to monitor, there’s been no indication of a spread among the team facility,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT via email this morning. “This is based on contact tracing and also genomic sequencing that has been conducted to date.”

It’s an important distinction because the Sunday night playoff game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh will be delayed only if the league believes that the Browns are experiencing an uncontained outbreak of the virus. Absent such proof, the Browns will be expected to proceed, regardless of any players or coaches who may test positive between now and Sunday.

10 responses to “NFL: No indication of COVID-19 spread within the Browns’ facility

  1. The fact that because there are multiple strains of the virus in the facility does not represent “no evidence” of in-facility spread. You can have multiple strains spreading within the facility. The fact that the rate of infection is consistently much higher in the facility than it is in the general public over several weeks could be considered evidence that there is spread in the facility.

  2. Show must go on. Ravens had to play backup squad, Broncos no quarterback.

    At least Browns will have most of their best playes.

  3. No spread in the facility yet. But it will probably be at least another day before they know for sure. There’s very small chance that Stefanski and the other positives were not “shedding virus” on Sunday. That doesn’t mean it spread for sure, but the delay between infection and positive tests means we don’t know yet.
    And what’s going on with contact tracing? Nobody has been identified as a close contact (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more)? Is the league just going to declare everyone else eligible to play and hope for the best?

  4. “Ravens had to play backup squad”
    Ravens had the game move back 5 days and were found at fault and fined.

  5. I think the league is keeping one eye closed and just hoping Cleveland is one and done and the problem goes away.

  6. I have Zero trust in anything the NFL says. The situation is “ok” is what they want us to believe. They are “on top of it” they say. It’s all about money with them. They are only concerned that Cleveland fields some team out there.

  7. uh unless 17 players and coaches all attended the same house or off site party all not wearing masks, The Outbreak is in the facility. NFLs lies are hilarious

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