Six years, $30 million for Nick Caserio

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
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The Texans finally got their man. And their man is getting his money.

Per multiple sources, Texans G.M. Nick Caserio received a six-year deal with a base value of $30 million. One source said it has a maximum value of $36 million.

It’s been speculated that multiple other candidates from the list of finalists compiled by the Korn Ferry search firm would have accepted a deal worth half that amount. Caserio, amazingly, wasn’t one of the finalists identified by Korn Ferry. Somehow, executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby persuaded owner Cal McNair to hire Caserio, who presumably won’t be a threat to Easterby’s power and influence and, possibly, employment.

So now that Caserio has the job, what happens? The Texans have a franchise quarterback but they need plenty of players. They need weapons for their franchise quarterback, and Caserio’s prior team hasn’t exactly been stellar in recent years when it comes to drafting and developing receivers.

The franchise quarterback remains dubious about the direction of the team. On Sunday, Deshaun Watson said this after a second-ending loss: “Man, it just starts with the energy and just the foundation of this program. There’s no real foundation in view. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows that.”

Although Watson has signed a long-term deal, if he doesn’t believe in the direction of the team, that’s a problem. His curious “some things never change” tweet has been deleted, without explanation.

So what does he really think? It’s not clear. Maybe we’ll get more hints after the Texans hire a head coach. We don’t know who it will be, but we do know that it won’t be Eric Bieniemy.

10 responses to “Six years, $30 million for Nick Caserio

  1. New England has the greatest coach in NFL history, yet they didn’t even make the playoffs. Why on earth would you hire their GM? I mean if he can’t get good enough players to make the playoffs, even with the greatest coach of all time, he’s not going to win without the greatest coach ever.

  2. Are there any worse drafters than the Patriots? Money down the toilet with a buyout after about 3 years.

  3. Good luck with this one Texans. Ask Detroit how it all worked out with hiring a leadership team from the Patriots. Their record for hitting on draft picks and winning football games is abysmal.

  4. They didnt learn from the B.O.B hire??? you’re not going to turn into the Patriots because you hire all of their guys , right?? Hello is this thing on??

  5. Nobody from the Patriots would be a good hire. Seriously, what have they won? A terrible coach, a system QB, and horrible drafting, trades, and free agent signings for the last 20 years.

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