Texans pass on interviewing Eric Bieniemy

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has become a top candidate for an NFL coaching job in 2020. He is not a candidate for the coaching job in Houston.

The Texans are the only team with a head-coaching vacancy that hasn’t requested permission to interview Bieniemy, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.

The Chargers, Jaguars, Jets, Lions, and Falcons have interviewed Bieniemy, who has helped turn quarterback Patrick Mahomes into a superstar. The Texans have Deshaun Watson at quarterback.

Why not at least interview Bieniemy? Although the Texans have no obligation to do so, it’s hard to have much faith in their process — or to believe this search isn’t about finding the best coach for the Texans but finding the best coach for Jack Easterby — if Bieniemy isn’t given a chance to interview for the position.

It would be interesting to hear the Texans explain the basis for their decision to overlook Bieniemy at some point. And it would be interesting to know what Watson thinks about it.

Maybe we do. Maybe that’s the message contained in Watson’s cryptic tweet from late Tuesday: “Some things never change.”

15 responses to “Texans pass on interviewing Eric Bieniemy

  1. This is the team that waited 9 months of 2020 to fire O’Brian, among many other perplexing decisions. Why would they start doing something that makes sense now?

  2. It may be that EB has things he’s looking for and Houston already knows they wont meet them.

    Not going to waste anyone’s time.

  3. JJ Watt apologized to Watson for wasting a year. Now the Texans are going to waste his next 2 or 3 years. Bienemy should be top choice for any team needing a HC, that KC offense is great!

  4. Maybe they know the Chiefs offense has little to do with Bieniemy, and all to do with Mahomes and Reid. If the Chiefs didn’t have Mahomes, no one would be interested in their offensive coordinator. FACTS

  5. Maybe its because they knew he would turn down the request. This is the worst of all the HC jobs available. Eric has better opportunities.

  6. I thought Watson was involved in the interview process. I thought his “input” was valued. Apparently not.

  7. Nick Caserio is the GM. I would think he would have the most input into a Head Coach decision.

  8. As a organization, the Texans have been mismanaged for a few years. Texan fans are hoping Nick Caserio make a big impact on the organization.
    Personally, I would think the Texans would interview all the top coaching prospects. Eric Bieniemy would be one.

  9. Wow, honestly I thought he was the perfect choice for Texans head coach above any of the other openings. Texans have some kind of weird Patriot fetish it seems. Never works out though.

  10. That’s what you call a blessing in disguise. That organization is a hot mess.

  11. Soon to be seeking a trade. The silver lining is that Caserio has same agent as Bills OC Brian Daboll , so he could be an upgrade as a coach …but who knows?

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