The difference between the pursuit of Nick Caserio in 2019 and now

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In 2019, the Texans wanted to hire Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio. The Patriots slammed the door in the face of the Texans, and the Texans ultimately hired no General Manager.

So how were the Texans able to hire Caserio now?

When the Texans last made a run at Caserio, he had a clause in his contract that waived his ability to leave. Now, the clause is gone.

The clause is gone because, per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL declined to approve Caserio’s 2019 extension containing a clause that prevented him from leaving. Thus, Caserio — who was not a “high-level club employee” in New England — could leave to become a “high-level club employee” elsewhere.

It’s still not clear why the Texans didn’t simply hire him in 2020. If that had happened, maybe DeAndre Hopkins wouldn’t have been traded. Maybe Laremy Tunsil wouldn’t have gotten a three-year deal worth $22 million per year. Maybe Bill O’Brien the G.M. wouldn’t have gotten Bill O’Brien the head coach fired.

Maybe that’s exactly how executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby envisions the various moves on the chess board playing out.

As to Caserio’s contract, it’s unclear why the league approved in the past a clause restricting Easterby’s ability to leave. Maybe it simply wasn’t noticed. After the 2019 imbroglio, it was. And now, it’s gone.

7 responses to “The difference between the pursuit of Nick Caserio in 2019 and now

  1. Heck of a pick up by Jack Esterby. Very nice move or the Texans organization. Kudos – your team is headed in the right direction. And hats off to Caserio to get off the sinkning ship in NE and out of BB’s shadow.

  2. Why would anyone want to sign any personnel people from that organization? Just look at their drafts the last 10 years – beyond pathetic.

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