Jalen Ramsey on DK Metcalf: I feel like it should be big on big

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The Rams and Seahawks split their season series, and there was a significant difference in wide receiver DK Metcalf‘s production in the two games.

In Los Angeles’ Week 10 victory, Metcalf had just two catches for 28 yards on only four targets. In that game, cornerback Jalen Ramsey largely shut Metcalf down.

In Seattle’s Week 16 win, Metcalf moved around more and that increased his production. He received eight targets, catching six passes for 59 yards.

Ramsey has an obvious interest in wanting to handle Metcalf on a more regular basis. But as he pointed out on Thursday, he gets the Seahawks’ viewpoint, too.

“I feel personally that it should be like big on big,” Ramsey said, via Greg Beacham of the Associated Press. “If you believe you have a top guy, I’m looked at as a top guy, we should be matched up against each other a fair amount of times, as you see happens with other teams. The Cardinals game, for instance, it was me and D-Hop matched up against each other all the time. The first Seahawks game, it was that way, me and DK matched up across from each other all the time.

“That’s what I would like to see, selfishly. I feel like that’s what big games should be. That’s what fans would like to see, and most competitors will seek that out, ask for that. I’m not saying that he didn’t at all, because I think he’s an extreme competitor, but their game plan was not to do that. Their game plan was to do something differently, which was clear to see, but they were successful in doing that. It’s kind of like, who cares what they want or what the fans would want? We’re out here to get wins and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

“So I don’t know if I would say the right terminology is ‘hiding’ him. I don’t think that’s it. I don’t think DK Metcalf has to hide from anybody. But they felt it was in the best interest of their offense and their team to move him around in different areas so he could take advantages of opportunities potentially that he had that could help heir offense and help their team get a win, which you could say they were effective in doing. So now we have to find a way to combat that.”

Los Angeles seemingly has more work to do on offense than defense, as the club hasn’t scored an offensive touchdown since falling to the Jets in Week 15. But if the Rams can’t contain Metcalf, Russell Wilson, and the rest of the Seahawks’ offensive attack, then they won’t win Saturday’s wild-card matchup regardless.

9 responses to “Jalen Ramsey on DK Metcalf: I feel like it should be big on big

  1. Sounds like Ramsey needs to work harder to become a player that is versatile enough to travel more for these types of situations.

  2. Pre snap Motion, screen/rubs, and play action are all parts of the game to help get players open. The fact that he thinks players should be left to go one on one only is fine…..if they don’t want to keep free safety over the top or don’t blitz Russell. Then the one on one WR/CB would be a true test.

  3. I “hate” Metcalf, but that’s only because I’m a Niners fan and Metcalf is a great player on a rival team.

    I think that Metcalf will keep improving every year. Right now, Metcalf is kind of a one-trick pony that stretches the field….and he does that quite well. Once he gets comfortable in the slot…..look out. He’ll be like a combination of Megatron and Kittle/Kelce.

  4. That was a thoughtful and honest answer. He shows respect for Metcalf, but at the same time states the fact that he likes to challenge the top dudes every chance he gets. This makes me want to cheer for him. Well done by Mr. Ramsey.

  5. Teams aren’t going one on one with Metcalf, they are showing that look and rotating a safety late and that safety is rolling Metcalfs way.

    I have no clue how the Seahawks can’t be Cover 2 or Cover 3 with the weapons they have but Lockett, Moore Swain and Olsen need to step up because Donald dictates who quick that ball will have to come out.

    I give Ramsey credit for being big, fast and athletic enough to allow this kinda coverage to work successfully.

  6. 6 catches for 59 yards is still nothing to write home about for a wide receiver. It is not even good stats for a TE.

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