Jets interview Marvin Lewis for coaching job

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The Jets need a good coach, and they’ve talked to one of the more underrated coaches of the past generation.

The team has announced that former Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has been interviewed for the job. Lewis, currently the co-defensive coordinator at Arizona State, coached the Bengals from 2003 to 2018.

Lewis took the Bengals to the playoffs seven times, but he went 0-7 in the postseason — including a loss to the Jets. The Bengals under Lewis made the playoffs five straight years, from 2011 through 2015.

The 62-year-old Lewis routinely dealt with a Bengals organization that cut financial corners when it came to scouting and other non-football budgets, making it hard to be as successful as possible. The ability to get to the playoffs so frequently amid deep-rooted dysfunction makes his body of work more impressive than it otherwise would be.

Since Lewis left, the Bengals have gone 6-25-1.

He also has interviewed with the Lions and Texans. As noted by Brian Costello of the New York Post, Lewis is the first candidate to be interviewed for the Jets job with head-coaching experience.

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  1. I’ve said all along that what Lewis did in Cincinnati was a minor miracle, considering the owner. Their season records prior to him being hired were just terrible. As the article mentions, Brown is one of the cheapest owners in all of professional sports and doesn’t exactly give the coach what is needed to be successful. He doesn’t care though, he can always just fire the coach while keeping his family members in all the positions of the front office.

  2. oh man.. if this hire marvin and the jets beat the bengals next season.. it will be too much lulz for this bengals fan to take

  3. Co-defensive coordinator at Tier 2 Pac-12 school with 0-7 NFL playoffs record? Sounds about right for the Jets job.

  4. If they want to be good but not win any playoff games, Marvin is their man.

  5. OK so I think as far as getting the right attitude in the organization he’s a good choice, but his ineptitude in the playoffs would worry me if I were a Jets fan

  6. In this age of offensive minded HCs, the Jets hiring a good DC who was just adequate HC at Cincinnati sounds like a Jets move. Try Eric Beheminy instead.

  7. Would be their best move, which means they won’t hire him. Having overcome dysfunction and been successful is an underrated attribute. Also, people need to stop acting obtuse about Lewis’ acumen as a coach. The excellent Baltimore defense that’s still good to this day was first implemented by him 20 years ago, and Cincinnati’s defense for a time there was just as good, and he was doing it with the generic brand players that the Bengals cut corners on obtaining since Mike Brown doesn’t have a full staff to scout players.

  8. What is with Marvin Lewis and dysfunctional franchises? He needs props for doing what he was able to do with Mike Brown, but man, Marvin should just be an assistant for a good organization. The Jets problems start with ownership.

  9. ” … one of the more underrated coaches of the past generation.”


    Marvin Lewis inherited a 2-14 Bengals team and went 8-8, 8-8 and then 11-5.

    Zac Taylor inherited a 6-10 Bengals team and has gone 2-14 and 4-11-1.

  10. I think Marvin Lewis is a good coach but not a good talent evaluator. He has to stop thinking everyone deserves a second chance. If they were uncontrollable in college they will be uncontrollable in the pros. That being said the Jets r a poorly run organization that will not help him succeed.

  11. The Bengals were a 2-14 team with no more than 8 wins in the past 12 seasons when they hired Lewis. He then won 8 games his first four years. They could have won a SB his 3rd year but KVO shredded Palmer’s knee. He also had lots of input with personnel because Mike Brown knows nothing. Brown is also incredibly cheap which did not help Lewis. He had two bad years in 2008 and 2010 then his franchise QB cried and left. Only for Lewis to rebound with a 2nd round rookie at having a 9-7 season after losing Palmer and coming off a 4-12 year. Lewis may not win you a SB but what he did in Cincy deserves praise and he deserves another chance. I find it surprising people would rather boot a guy that gives you a shot at playoffs and floor of 5-7 wins and take a risk of having a clueless coordinator who could get you 1-3 wins. Jeff Fisher, Chip Kelly, Doug Marrone, Eric Mangini, Adam Gase, Pat Shurmur, Hue Jackson, Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, and Romeo Crennel all got more than one chance to be a head coach. Did any of them do more with their team than Lewis did? I am not saying Lewis is going to win a SB but he gives you a chance for postseason which is all you can ask. See what happened with Detroit and Caldwell, do they wish they kept him? Dalton would likely go there too, which would be nice to pair with a rookie signal caller.

  12. The Jets though Adam Gase was coaching where football is going.. and now they’re looking for the next coach that is coaching where football is going.. Marvin Lewis.

  13. The Jets aren’t going to land an A list candidate this cycle. They CAN find a suitable place holder who can elevate the program relatively quickly, help the team find an identity and give them stable footing going forward.

    If Bill Cowher really has an interest in the job, the Jets should consider him.

  14. I may be in the minority here, but I actually believe he’s a perfect hire for the Jets. They need someone who can turn that ship around and bring some stability and credibility. He was a good coach who has a choke artist QB who was too good to cut, but not good enough to win big games. I think he would have success there with Darnold.

  15. Say what you will about the Bengals (and much of it is true), they had some GREAT talent while Marvin was there. Carson Palmer. Chad Johnson. Justin Smith. TJ Houshmandzadeh. Andy Dalton. AJ Green. Geno Atkins. Carlos Dunlap. Some great RB’s and o-lines. Mike Zimmer coaching defense. He had all that talent and went 0-7 in the playoffs.

  16. Lewis had a WINNING record in Cincinnati. That puts him in a small group in Cincy. He may be a recycle but it’s not like he hasn’t turned a joke team into a playoff team.

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