Josh Allen: May not be a lot of fans, but they’ll make a difference

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills will have fans in the stands for the first time all season when they take on the Colts in the Wild Card round of the playoffs on Saturday afternoon.

It won’t be close to a full house. There were 6,200 tickets sold to the game and another 500 will be distributed to guests of players, coaches, and others in the organization.

While there will be a lot more empty seats than occupied ones, Bills quarterback Josh Allen told Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio that he believes the group will still have an impact.

“I’m extremely excited for them,” Allen said. “You know, hopefully, our 6,700 fans can make enough noise to cause a disruption on their third-down offense, make them burn a time out or get a false start or something like that. But I’m just excited that they get to be in the building, we get to kind of feed off their energy that they give us because they’re going to be loud. They’re going to be crazy, and I know there’s not a whole lot of them, but the difference that they have, it’ll show, for sure.”

The Bills have long enjoyed the embrace of a raucous fan base, but they did just fine without them as well. The Bills were 7-1 at home in the regular season, which suggests the biggest thing they have in their favor will be on the field rather than in the stands.