JuJu Smith-Schuster: “The Browns is the Browns”

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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JuJu Smith-Schuster is no longer literally dancing on the opponents’ logo. He did so figuratively on Thursday.

“I think they’re still the same Browns teams I play every year,” the Steelers receiver said Wednesday, via Tom Withers of the Associated Press. “I think they’re nameless gray faces. They have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, I don’t know. The Browns is the Browns.”

Yes. And the Bengals was the Bengals. But the Bengals, stirred by Smith-Schuster’s pre-game dance, managed to beat the Steelers on a Monday night last month.

The Browns have plenty of issues to deal with, so many that an actual or perceived diss by Smith-Schuster may not make a difference. Regardless, there’s no reason to throw gasoline in the general direction of a fire, no matter how small it may be.

60 responses to “JuJu Smith-Schuster: “The Browns is the Browns”

  1. What’s up with wide receivers? Once they get to their 4th or 5th year they become bitter malcontents. Thomas, Diggs, Brown, etc.

  2. That’s bold. Receivers 20-30 years ago never would have said something like this. I dont even exactly know what a “nameless gray face” is but I know it cant be a good thing. And on top, he purposely uses incorrect grammar (the Browns is the Browns) to really stoke the flame. Again, that’s bold (or really dumb).

  3. I usually stick up for Smith-Schuster because people take the stuff he says/does out of proportion, but dude’s gotta rein it in, especially during the playoffs.

    For starters, “nameless grey faces…couple good players.” It’s not just a couple good players. There’s a lot of talent up and down that roster. Why say this.

    Second, “same Browns teams I play every year.” Not like he’s been playing for a decade — he’s in his 4th year. Again, why say it.

  4. Oh boy, someone needs to humble this kid quick before his ego gets out of control, or it’s AB 2.0

  5. Man I have zero respect for Shuster not only loved seeing him getting blown up by Vonn Bell but now gives the Browns even more incentive for victory just shut this clown up and I’m a Bengals fan…Go Browns show mister JuJu how it’s done!

  6. I’m a die hard life long Browns fan. He ain’t wrong. But hey JuJu… it’s January and you’re looking at the Browns. It’s different now. Get used to it.

  7. JuJu seems to have been infected with Crazy Diva Wide Receiver Syndrome this season. While the symptoms are still relatively mild, I don’t remember a case where an afflicted WR broke the hold that this sickness puts on one’s mind.

  8. JuJu is a truth teller… He should have been a Baker instead. How many times I gotta tell ya, Factory of Sadness? L.o.L 🤔😌

  9. Trash talk is part of football.
    It is literally entertainment and makes the games that much more interesting. As long as they aren’t being vile or crude, I say bring it on!

  10. That’ll give them a little extra motivation and a target on your back if you happen to meet in the playoffs.

  11. So full of himself after accomplishing so little. He’s gonna be passed up by the Steelers other two receivers in the coming years

  12. *Are the Browns.
    If you’re going to be a jerk, at least try to have the proper grammar.

  13. The Browns, at least the original version of them, was once the best professional football team in America. Paul Brown’s (he was the coach) methods and practices were copied throughout the league and college levels…ahhh, forget it. It’s easier to just say JuJu lacks historical perspective and shouldn’t motivate his opponents.

  14. This guy might be worse than AB lol. At least AB didn’t talk dumb and actually showed up on the field. I hope JuJu gets blown up by Myles on a screen or something. Used to like him but this dude is just annoying now.

  15. Is he in concussion protocol? Should be. Always carrying on. Wait til Ben is gone. Gonna get rough in the Pitts.

  16. Being around Antonio Brown ruined this guy. He thinks with his ego and not with his brain. This is why locker room cancers must be moved on from no matter the talent.

  17. Starting to seem like Mike Wallace. Seemed like he was going to be the Steelers best WR then AB and Sanders passed him by.

  18. Juju is a UFA after this season and is not likely to be re-signed by the Steelers. All he is doing with these immature comments is driving his own price down on the market because no-one wants a drama queen.

  19. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Juju has gone from likeable to unlikeable very quickly, a trip guys seldom reverse.

  20. he’s like a villain in a straight-to-video B movie who has to make a speech before finishing off the main protagonist, and we all know how those speeches turn out

  21. This guy used to be likable, but that’s fading fast.

    I hope the browns smoke the Steelers solely because of his statement.

  22. Oh boy… u rested starters and let them in… now u gonna talk crap about them .. should be interesting..

  23. Juju can’t just shut up. Trained by Antonio Brown.
    Hey Juju, maybe you’ll be playing for the Browns next year cause I don’t see the Steelers resigning your antics. Byby

  24. Junior needs to worry about his own team. The Steelers haven’t looked good in about two months. Had they not started the season so strong, he’d be home watching the playoffs on TV.

  25. Wow, dude is lucky covid hit the Browns, otherwise comments like this PROPEL teams to great upsets.

  26. Probably his last game as a Steeler, irony would have him being a faceless Browns player next year

  27. So once again, we have JuJu doing or saying something before a game to fire up his opponents. One thing about talking & dancing, dude. You better back it up. He tried something stupid in Dallas and they almost lost to a team that was playing their 3rd string QB. Cincy, Buffalo? Both teams stated JuJu’s stupidity fired them up. I don’t remember him doing anything in those games to back up his actions.

  28. JuJu needs to STF up. Never give a team another reason to beat you. Mike Tomlin is a good head coach, but definitely does a poor job of controlling the message from his team.

  29. Some context- the “nameless gray faces” thing is a Tomlinism that he’s just repeating. It’s not actually meant as disrespect, it’s more meant to indicate that your opponents are your opponents and personalities, off-field stuff, whatever should not be in your head once you are on the field (i.e. no-one should see “Garrett” and factor in what’s gone on in the past but should just be concerned about blocking a very good player who is coming after Ben). That being said, some of the other stuff was unnecessary and borderline disrespectful for no good reason. Tons of talent on the browns and they are finally well coached. If the Steelers take them lightly, they will lose. Still love Juju but this definitely falls into the “better left unsaid” category.

  30. JuJu is still just JuJu. His toddler level touchdown celebration took up valuable time the Steelers could have used to properly set up a two point conversion. I do not know which is worse ….. JuJu doing it or Tomlin permitting it.

  31. No dude is not turning into AB. AB was a gamebreaking threat on the field. Juju is good at dancing.

  32. jvonblohnjvb0013 says:
    January 7, 2021 at 11:09 pm
    Trash talk is part of football.
    It is literally entertainment and makes the games that much more interesting. As long as they aren’t being vile or crude, I say bring it on!


    Talk trash on the field. Not in the media. He just lit a fire for the Browns.

    Leading up to games, don’t give bulletin board material. Never works out.

  33. Pittsburgh are better than Cleveland? Is you sure about that?
    You know, “grammar” is not your father’s mother.

  34. He’s a B-/C+ level WR who won’t get any press for his play so he has to do with antics.

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