Report: Deshaun Watson “extremely unhappy” with Texans


A little over an hour after a report surfaced that the Texans were hiring Nick Caserio as General Manager on Tuesday, Deshaun Watson tweeted — and later deleted — what seemed his displeasure with the choice.

“some things never change….” Watson wrote.

The quarterback is “extremely unhappy with the organization” and not answering calls from the Texans’ front office, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

“This has nothing to do with the actual hire of GM Nick Caserio. It has to do with the process,” Rapoport continued.

Owner Cal McNair promised Watson he would be involved in the process of hiring a new G.M. and a new head coach to replace Bill O’Brien, who held both titles before being fired in October. The Texans did not consult Watson for his feedback before hiring Caserio, per Rapoport.

PFT‘s Mike Florio reported earlier in the day that rumors are circulating that Watson has broached with teammates the possibility of requesting a trade. Later in the day, a report followed out of Houston that the Texans won’t trade Watson if he asks for it.

The sides obviously are at odds, leaving the Texans in a position to make sure Watson is on board with the hiring of a new head coach. Unless, of course, he already is past of the point of making up and desires to move on. Then what?

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  1. Seems odd that any QB would have input on the hiring of a GM. I can maybe understand asking his input on a HC – maybe. This dude isn’t Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

  2. Franchise dak and then trade him and a 1st and 3rd for Watson. Imagine those WR’s with Watson WOW!!!!!

  3. Watson doesn’t strike me as the type to stomp his foot and pout. Anything that fights or distracts against easterby’s efforts is worth doing IMO.

  4. This isn’t the NBA, DeShaun. While it is a QB driven league, it’s not a player-driven league. Which means you can ask, but you cannot tell ownership what to do. Even if your owner is a buffoon.

  5. He’s really becoming quite the diva. Next thing you know he’ll be demanding an ownership stake in the franchise.

  6. Owner Cal McNair promised Watson he would be involved in the process of hiring a new G.M. and a new head coach to replace Bill O’Brien, who held both titles before being fired in October. The Texans did not consult Watson for his feedback before hiring Caserio. Sounds like Watson is part of the problem why not just let him run the team lol

  7. The point is that the owner told Watson that he could have input on the hires…..and he lied.

  8. I like Watson alot but this is diva behavior. Texans made a huge mistake involving him in the process in any way.

  9. Didnt they try to hire this guy last year? It should not have been a surprise to Watson that the owner wanted him. That said Deshaun, you made your bed (signed that mega extension), now sleep in it.

  10. I can sort of understand getting his perspective on a coach, but on a GM? How often does one get an opinion on hiring one’s boss’s boss?

  11. Answer the phone Deshaun.

    If this is true then it is not a good look on him even if he is in the right side. Need to hear his side before rushing to judgements. Deshaun always been a good dude.

  12. Jets should offer their #2 pick and whatever else they need to get him. QB problem solved.

  13. You are free to leave anytime. No one wants to hear it, not with businesses closing and people not being able to pa their rent. Walk away if you feel you were “lied” to…

  14. radar8 says:
    January 7, 2021 at 8:24 pm
    The point is that the owner told Watson that he could have input on the hires…..and he lied.
    This was my thought as well. I agree that allowing the QB to have input on the hiring of a GM is odd and I wouldn’t do it, but when you’re showing your best offensive player he can’t trust your word, you’re setting yourself up for problems down the road with a lot of your players. The situation in Houston has already been reported as a place where low morale is rampant. Doing things that lead to more players learning that you can’t be trusted is counterproductive and will only lead to more problems. It may take years to change this perception by the players, whether or not Watson leaves.

  15. The two key points have been mentioned throughout the comments.

    1) It seems really stupid to promise your QB input in GM and coach hiring talks.

    2) It seems even more stupid to promise those things and then blatantly disregard his opinion.

  16. Certainly any team could get in the mix, but it seems only 3 teams have BOTH the NEED and 2021 CAP SPACE to trade for Watson.

    1. Colts (Same Division – NEVER)
    2. Patriots (Unlikely – not Belichick’s style)
    3. Washington FT – BINGO! Here’s the spot.

  17. maybe Cal got his imput and did something else.
    either way,
    quarterbacks play, owners own.
    end of story

  18. Most Texans fans have been “extremely unhappy” with the Texans for almost 18 years now.

  19. As usual, fans taking management’s side. Never mind how clueless this management is and the horror stories about Easterby who is clearly running this ship. He should just sit there and be the next Matthew Stafford or Phillip Rivers in terrible organizations because he has a contract. Guess what. Contracts are tradeable, and they’re going to have to do so. What are they going to do? Let him sabotage their team and still pay him $40 mil a year? Good luck with all that. You had a heads up when he didn’t want a longer deal and wanted to get back to free agency instead of signing for longer like the Texans wanted.

  20. Watson is making Bill O’Brien look like a guy that wasn’t actually the problem…

  21. In one of my previous jobs I complained that I wasn’t consulted when management brought in a new VP over my department. I was out of a job that afternoon. I haven’t made that mistake since.

  22. DeShaun Watson knew that the Texans had gutted the team thanks to Bill O’Brien.
    Yet he still signed a long term contract at the start of the year.

    Thats 100% on him. If he didn’t want to be with a bad team then play out his contract and leave. It would take him a few years but then he’d be able to go anywhere he wanted, for any price.

    I have zero sympathy for him because he could see up front what had happened to the Texans. There were no surprises. DeAndre Hopkins was gone. They gave up draft picks for Tunsil. The team was a mess.

    What I don’t like is whining after ONE season. Usually divas whine after TWO seasons.

  23. He is a PLAYER. His job is to PLAY, not to coach or hire people. Perhaps Bob McNair was not that far off when he mentioned inmates running the asylum. Watson can either play for the coach hired or go home and not get paid.

  24. A lot of people slamming watson here. However if the owner said he would have input on the hire and then did not actually ask him before making the hire its on the owner. Do not say one thing and do another you lose trust with your franchise player.

  25. Watson is a class act. So if he’s scorned now. He won’t be change his mind on being traded. Texans are joke. They will not be competitive for 3 more years

  26. The same people criticising DW now will be the same people criticising him for not trying to get out when the Texans go 5-11 next season.

  27. Why wouldn’t he be? Some organizations appear to be incompetent on a consistent basis. To work as hard as most of these guys work, only to be wasting a career….I’d be upset too.

  28. There’s a difference in pouting because your opinion is not being considered, and being told you’re going to be involved and having the ownership go behind your back and do the opposite. I highly doubt Watson really cares who the GM is, but being told something and receiving the exact opposite is untrustworthy and would make anyone upset.

    I agree that QBs (of any experience/skill level) should NOT have a say in GM roles. The Texans should get a coach first and include Watson in those discussions and then allow the coach and the owner to work together to find a GM to build a team that the coach and QB can be successful with.

  29. radar8 says:
    January 7, 2021 at 8:24 pm
    The point is that the owner told Watson that he could have input on the hires…..and he lied.

    Exactly. Those calling Watson a diva just don’t get it. It’s a trust issue.

    The Texans can bring in the best new GM and coach they can find, but if they don’t change the culture and build trust and rapport within the organization, they will not succeed. Watson knows that, JJ Watt knows that. But the team owner, the guy with all the money, doesn’t seem to know that.

    And that’s why Watson is upset.

  30. While I don’t necessarily think that your quarterback should be involved in front office decisions, you shouldn’t tell him that he will be and then break your word.

  31. Its amazing to me how many people on this comment board don’t get it. Watson isn’t some whiny punk who didn’t get his way. The owner went out of HIS way to make sure Watson knew his input was going to be important in the process of filing those key positions, only not to have considered his input at all. I’d be pissed too. Especially if he doesn’t have faith that the owner will put the right people in place and waste the rest of his prime years. Watson is one of the best QBs in the league and he’s on one of the worst teams.

  32. Watson is one of the more frustrating players to watch. He takes bad sacks, brutal hits, and he shuffles his feet too much in the pocket. He could be an all time great with a good coach who corrects these things.

    Cam Newton should be a cautionary tale for Watson. Rivera shortened Cam Newton’s career by not fixing his mechanics. He let Cam throw off his back foot his entire run in Carolina. Two shoulder surgeries later and Cam can’t even throw a frisbee.

  33. Man seems like people are quick to jump down Watson’s throat. This is all the Texans fault and their dysfunctional organization. Look at the timeline. Per media outlets, the Texans ownership made the decision to call him in and get his input on GM and head coach. Then they went ahead and made a decision that’s a total 180 from what was discussed. If that was their intention all along, then why call the player in the conversation. Now that’s well within their rights to do what they want, but you cant bash the player for having feelings (if true)when he was invited to the decision table. To this day nothing has been said publicly from Watson. All the public statements have come from the Texans. Lets not rush to judgement.

  34. If he wanted to be involved in the hiring, he should have negotiated that in to his last contract. Of course, that would have cost him some of that $40 million…..

    Go Hawks!

  35. He’s right. Houston is racing to the bottom and Watson doesn’t want to be along for that ride. Since when can’t employees complain about their boss, especially when their boss is an incompetent liar?

  36. Watson is Patrick Mahomes playing for the Texans. What might happen if Pat didn’t go to the Chiefs and Andy Reid? See Watson.

  37. If I’m not mistaken didn’t the players union just agree to a new contract with the owners recently. This is no reflection on Watson as a player or a person but rules are rules. You did not have to agree to a new contract with this team. If you don’t trust the organization, play out your contract under the agreed upon rules and become a free agent. If they franchise you you are guaranteed a huge sum for one year. If you don’t want to play under those conditions the sit out the year. L. Bell did it as was his contractual right. Even though as a Steeler fan I was not pleased I respected him for exercising his right under the rules that they agreed to as a union.

  38. Why be critical of Watson? If I were a Texans fan, it would be owner Cal McNair I’d be upset with. You can argue an employee shouldn’t be involved with the hiring of their boss (something I agree with, actually), but nevertheless, that’s what McNair promised him. Meanwhile, at the same time McNair doesn’t seem capable of or willing to corral Easterby either. The Texans are in danger of loosing their locker room months before the new league year even starts.

  39. Honestly, what has Watson done to deserve the right to help hire the GM and Head Coach, other than sign a big contract? Has he even won a playoff game?

  40. Let me make this clear for those hating on Watson.


    He then didn’t consider his input in hiring the new GM. He lied and broke Watson’s trust.

    People need to calm down with the “diva” and “spoiled brat” talk.

  41. The McNairs are horrible owners and the Texans are a train wreck. Watson should have noticed that before he signed a contract extension. Maybe he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

  42. He has turned into quite the crybaby. At this point I wonder if anything would appease this guy.

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