Report: Texans won’t trade Deshaun Watson, if he asks for it

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The Texans aren’t waiting to see whether quarterback Deshaun Watson asks for a trade. They’re pre-emptively putting out word that Watson will not be traded.

“Under no circumstances will the Texans trade Watson,” writes John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, adding that, even if Watson asks for a trade, “he’s not going anywhere.”

It’s an extreme position for the team to take, leaving the franchise with little wiggle room when it comes to dealing with its franchise quarterback. It also could prompt Watson to regard the team’s obviously-leaked position as a challenge, making him more likely to prove that he can and will get his way.

McClain says the Texans aren’t “foolish enough” to trade Watson. But what’s more foolish? Trading him for a potential mega-haul of draft picks from the highest bidder or flatly refusing to trade a player who makes it known that he wants out — and who may be willing to engage in a battle of wills that includes, for example, boycotting all voluntary offseason workouts and generally not behaving like the arrive-early, stay-late, hold-teammates-accountable, quasi-member of management that starting quarterbacks need to be?

If Watson shuts down and does the bare minimum until he gets what he wants, that’s not good for anyone. Eventually, it will force the Texans to do that which they currently claim they won’t.

Two years ago, Antonio Brown eventually tweeted his way out of Pittsburgh. Last year, Stefon Diggs made it happen in Minnesota with just one Twitter post. If Watson, who has shown a willingness to speak his mind, eventually does so with a public request for a change of venue, how can the Texans say that “under no circumstances” will he get what he wants?

So why say it? Possibly, the Texans are foolish enough to think it will work. More likely, the Texans are trying to ensure that, if they trade Watson, they won’t be simply giving him away.

But here’s the thing: If they make it known that Watson is available, the Texans can simply sit back and wait for the offers to pile up, because they will. The leverage that comes from the “we’re keeping him” posture (e.g., the Vikings saying they have “no intent” to trade Percy Harvin) won’t be needed.

Until knowing what Watson wants, it’s odd that the Texans would be drawing a line in the sand. Which simply makes it the most recent odd thing the Texans have done.

59 responses to “Report: Texans won’t trade Deshaun Watson, if he asks for it

  1. Kind of tired of people getting all crabby when they don’t get their way. Let’s try to learn from yesterday.

  2. A regional internet sports show that I watch today asked the hypothetical question…

    If the Dolphins offer Tua, the #3 pick, and more of the Texans original draft picks back to them for Watson, would the new regime take it?

    Man, Billy O really set this team back..

  3. Your point is well-made. Elite Quarterbacks always have the leverage to get out. Who the hell else are they going to trade to get some draft capital?

  4. Wish whining worked In the real world, wish everyone would learn they’re replaceable.

  5. I don’t find it odd that they simply want to get ahead of the rumors and make it known to Watson that they appreciate him and are not secretly talking of trading him behind his back.

    That being said, I would trade our entire friggin draft this year for him to come to the Vikings! Maybe get a third or second back to include Cousins in the trade.

  6. This just looks like bad business… They are basically daring him (publicly) to ask for a trade. How dumb is that?? Why wouldn’t they speak directly to him and his agent about what he does or doesn’t want and then handle the matter behind closed doors?

  7. The Texans are a dysfunctional organization. They are wasting Deshaun’s prime.

  8. That’s the opinion of the author of the Houston Chronicle article. This makes it seem like the team has put out an official statement

  9. Miami…could see them being able to offer draft capital and Tua..Miami would be instant contenders with Watson..

  10. Jimmy G and 1st round pick..would be interesting to see him in SF.
    If Jimmy took them to the SB, just imagine..

  11. Time of year to start speculating on everything about the teams who have started their off season.

  12. For the life of me I just cannot understand why some NFL team hasn’t hired Florio as a GM.

  13. Ask fo it? They rarely ask for it, they get dui’s, start trouble with the coaches, do anything to show their displeasure with the team and basically make you get rid of them as a plague on the team. He has a lot of avenues to go besides asking to go to a team that can win.

  14. I bet the Dolphins would trade the 3rd overall pick back to the Texans for him.

  15. Thats 1 down and 8 more potential qbs to go to replace jimmy right “niner fans”?

  16. I’m definitely worried about the potential that Deshaun actually wants out. Ideally we would be building an organization around him, because I feel like the team doesn’t need a full rebuild, but rather some adjustments to be competitive again. The team already has Tunsil and Watson locked in for their prime years, and it would be ideal to bring back someone like Fuller. Offensively the team is set.

    Defensively the team is a mess, so there needs to be some overhaul made. With few draft picks and no cap room there is no major splash that can be done. So the team will need to prioritize which players are a part of the future, and which ones need to be cut. Some solid veteran additions will be necessary for any improvement.

    Ultimately if Deshaun actually wants out, the team may need to acquiesce if a good enough trade materializes (don’t just take the best deal offered if we aren’t happy with the return). If the Dolphins offered Tua plus at least the two firsts this season, that may be enough to get discussions started.

  17. Houston has been a poop show for a while now – but that didnt stop Watson from signing HUGE extension LITERALLY four months ago..

  18. “Wow, how odd the Texans have no interest in my stupid idea I made up out of thin air!”

    You’d be saying the complete opposite if the Texans sat quiet and said nothing.

  19. McNair is a moron for letting Easterby rise so high up. He should have never said ok to that Hopkins deal. They cannot afford to lose Watson, on the field and off. He is staying

  20. Not sure why y’all acting like the Texans said this just because John McClain said it. While he may be the beat reporter he gets it wrong about 40% of the time. 12 hours before O’Brien was fired he said it would never happen… 24 hours before Caserio was hired he said it wasn’t going to happen…he literally had to eat the entire front page of a newspaper because he was so incorrect on one of his predictions… so don’t put all your eggs in John McClain’s basket

  21. Is McClain merely giving his opinion here? I know he has ties with the team, but he doesn’t specify that he got this information directly from a team insider. If the team is taking this position, it’s foolish. If a great player really wants out, he can find a way to make it happen. It is best for the team to stay publicly silent on the issue and let interested teams make inquiries. A bidding war could easily happen.

  22. The Texans have his rights for 5 more years. They can play the Lions and force him into early retirement ala Barry Sanders.

  23. In other words, we need draft picks, lots of them… How many draft picks can we get?

  24. Deshaun hasn’t said anything yet, but people on here are already criticizing him. One person even compared it to the rioters that attacked our nation’s capital. Lol.

    Here is a simple question, why is it that NFL owners are the only ones allowed to get out of a contract they agreed with a player? If a player tries to do it, he is a villain, but when the owner does it, they are just trying to make the team better.

    You wonder why pay has stayed stagnant for over 30 years and it’s because we have given owners all the power. Here is another question, when is the last time a single fan paid money to see the McNair family? Drones.

  25. Best move Houston can make is for Cesario to hire Matt Patricia as head coach. Those two and Easterby will provide the foundation and discipline for greatness.

  26. Let’s be honest, the Texans will be good, possibly in 3 years, at best. Watson will be at, or past his prime and he choked in previous playoff games. So maybe he doesn’t have the mentality to be a SB QB. Trade him, hope to find a QB within 2-3 years. You can go 4-12 with anyone,

    I think he’s be worth a 1st and 3rd or possibly even a top 5 pick. Imagine Washington, Indianapolis, Patriots, or the Raiders with him. Even the Vikings, Bears, Ravens, Eagles, would be possible suitors as he’d be an upgrade on those teams too.

  27. freakylj8 says:

    January 7, 2021 at 4:14 pm

    Houston has been a poop show for a while now – but that didnt stop Watson from signing HUGE extension LITERALLY four months ago..

    We won the division last year idiot…

    We’ve won the division 4 out of the last 6 years and 6 out of the last 10 years.

    Everybody needs to just calm down… we had a bad season so everybody’s got a bad taste in their mouth but it ain’t that big of a hole.

    A new coach is going to bring in a new vision and blood… we’ve got one thin year at the draft and then we’ll be back to normal on that… the cap situation is just going to require a few cuts to people that needed to be cut anyways.

    Everybody standing on the edge of the building should step away from the ledge… have a beer and let it unfold…sheesh.

  28. I don’t blame Watson for wanting out of a crap organization. He seems to be a pretty level-headed guy. I don’t see him whining his way out of Houston,but if they do decide to trade him after all, the haul they get for him will be unreal. I would love to see him become a Patriot,but Kraft is too cheap to even entertain the idea. Who would he throw to,anyway?

  29. It’s not odd at all. Houston has problems but QB isn’t currently one of them. If they traded Watson, they could potentially plug other holes but would be opening one at the most important position. If they had a backup QB they were high on, it might make sense but that’s not the case.

  30. Two division titles @ 9-7 – CONGRATS!!! and last year 10-6!! Real world beaters.. Nice!! A 10-6 team didnt even make the playoffs this year..

  31. murphyslaw40 says: “If the Dolphins offer Tua, the #3 pick, and more of the Texans original draft picks back to them for Watson, would the new regime take it?

    Man, Billy O really set this team back..”

    What are you talking about??

    Tunsil made two straight Pro Bowls, gave up only TWO sacks all year and fixed his penalty problem. He’s going to be the cornerstone LT for the next 8-10 years of his prime.

    O’Brien also dumped Clowney who wanted $20m/yr and you guys ripped him for it – until we saw what Clowney truly was: a phenomenal talent that disappears for multiple games.

    As for trading Hopkins, it’s absolutely ridiculous to pay a WR $27m a year. Did the Cardinals make the playoffs either? Nope. Watson LED the league with 4,800 yards just fine without Hopkins.

  32. Before the last CBA was negotiated Deshaun should have advocated for free player movement between teams any time a player wants. Deshaun, you will have to wait for the next CBA, sorry.

  33. The 4 year 177 million dollar contract he signed 4 months ago tells me he’s not going anywhere. Didn’t need a team statement.

  34. I predict Jacksonville will soon overtake Houston, and the Texans will be bottom dwellers for the foreseeable future. Watson is not a winning QB.

  35. As much as I empathize with a talented player wanting to win, it seems we live in a sports world where a player has one bad season, and all hell breaks loose. Texans had back-to-back playoff appearances prior to this season, and it’s not like Watson walks on water. The team only scored around 380 points. Just because your stats are pretty doesn’t mean you’re consistently moving your team down the field and in a position to score.

  36. I bet they listen if the Jets call offering the 2nd pick in the 2021 draft, their first rounder in 2022, and Darnold.

  37. As a Texans fan, you learn to take McClain’s words with a grain of salt. If Watson really wants out and another team puts together the right compensation package, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans pull the trigger on it.

  38. Doing a full tear-down and rebuild when your young franchise QB is in his prime is certainly an innovative strategy.

    If they hire a great coach, get really lucky in the draft, and make a couple good trades, they might be able to pull it off. But how likely is it that this team will do that?

  39. They won’t unless the offer is right. They traded Hopkins, a top 3 WR, for a bag of rocks and a box of chocolates. Sure, it was Bill O’Brien, but if you don’t think ownership knew….

  40. meanj0e says:
    January 7, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    The 4 year 177 million dollar contract he signed 4 months ago tells me he’s not going anywhere. Didn’t need a team statement.


    Though unlike with Wentz, a lot of teams would jump at the chance to pay it.

  41. Cousins, a 2021 2nd rd pick, and 2022 2nd rd pick for Watson. Come on Spielman.

  42. Deshaun is calling Jalen Ramsey now to ask him how that back pain started a few years ago…

  43. Should have drafted Trubisky. He is playing this weekend for his job, whereas Watson is whining after getting a 4/160M payday.

  44. Bad move. They better do whatever it takes to make him happy by bringing in some major talent or else they are going to regret this. Looks like the Texans will be unloading three first rounders and not the other way around.

  45. I predicted here before the season began that the trade of Hopkins was the undoing of this organization. His numbers improved, the team didn’t.

  46. D Hammer says:

    January 7, 2021 at 6:38 pm

    I bet they listen if the Jets call offering the 2nd pick in the 2021 draft, their first rounder in 2022, and Darnold.
    I bet they dont and why would they, that package is horrible. So you think they would listen for essentially Watson’s replacement in Fields, Darnold who would be well paid vet backup for them and a future 1st. So to reiterate your idea of a good trade has them devoting a ton of cap space to 1 position with Watson’s dead cap money, Darnolds contract and Fields and somehow you think that’s an enticing offer…

  47. tgucc says:

    January 8, 2021 at 8:57 am

    Trade him to the Jets for their first and second round picks.
    Why would you do that? So you draft fields and you hope 1 day he gets to Watson level and you get a 2nd rd pick, that’s a horrible return

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