Taylor Heinicke takes most snaps at Washington Football Team practice

Carolina Panthers v Washington Football Team
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Washington coach Ron Rivera says he might use both of his quarterbacks, Alex Smith and Taylor Heinicke, on Saturday against Tampa Bay. In practice, Heinicke is getting most of the work.

Smith is still not 100 percent healed from a calf injury, and Rivera told reporters today that Heinicke took most of the snaps at practice.

Rivera said Smith is still sore, and that they’d love to be playing on Sunday to give him one more day of rest.

Officially, Smith is questionable for Saturday’s game, but there’s little doubt that he’ll play. The question is how many snaps he’ll take, and how many Heinicke will take.

Also questionable for Washington are running back Antonio Gibson (toe), wide receiver Terry McLaurin (ankle) and linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis (ankle). Linebacker Thomas Davis has been ruled out with a knee injury.

18 responses to “Taylor Heinicke takes most snaps at Washington Football Team practice

  1. I don’t want Alex’s amazing story to end, but I do believe that Heinicke will lead Washington to victory over the Bucs.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Washington would need Joe Montana playing QB to have a chance to beat the Bucs.

  3. Washington has a pretty decent defense folks. Are these just Rabid Bucs fans predicting a 35 point loss? Really?
    They haven’t given up more than 20 in the past 8 weeks, and haven’t lost by more than 15 all season.

    But on Saturday, they will lose by 35?

    OK, get me some of that stuff you’re on…

  4. Say what you want, but this Heinicke kid has moxie! Bucs better not overlook this kid…could be a star in the making beginning this Saturday night!

  5. How do I get in on some of that Washington -35 action?

    Fun Fact: Washington gave up 20.6 ppg, and hasn’t allowed more than 20 since Week 10. Tampa Bay has been feasting on defenses in the bottom tier of the league. In the last six weeks they’ve played two good defenses, and lost both.

  6. 31-14 Bucs. It was a great run, but WFT is injured at the major skill positions.

    Also, Bucs will start out run heavy to cool off that pass rush.

  7. Say what you will about Washington, but even in most of their losses they kept it close enough and had chances to win. They have the type defense that usually rattles Brady, the Bucs would prefer a mostly immobile Smith over Heinicke who they have very little tape on and who has the ability to run and put extra pressure on their defense. Look at Smith”s TD/INT stats and ask. How much worse can Heinicke be, and the kid has shown a little that says don’t take me lightly.

  8. In January of 2002, none of us EVER thought the Patriots had any shot against the high-powered Rams offense. They had a nice defense, but not nearly enough offense to keep pace with Kurt Warner and those receivers.

  9. They should just start & stick with Heinicke. Rotating QBs doesn’t work and Alex Smith is doing more than good as a sitting duck.

  10. The Patriots had a historic defense and special teams when they beat the greatest show on turf. The Washington defense is very good but not great. It will be a close game but the Bucs should win.

  11. The WFT bandwagon is heading for the ditch. Their QB + injury situation will give Tompa several extra possessions. Tompa Bay is playing their best football of the season offensively. There are no factors suggesting that WFT will be able to stay close in this game. All matchups favor TB, save for Chase Young. He cannot win the game by himself. A skilled veteran leader with high quality skill players will easily defeat WFT. I’m taking TB, giving the points, and I’m taking the over.

    When they realize what they are up against, they will quit. Like other Ron Rivera coached teams, they will fold up like lawn chairs and pack it in early.

    And I am nothing close to a Tampa fan. Just telling you like it is. Sorry (not sorry) if you don’t like it.

  12. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 7, 2021 at 3:54 pm
    The Patriots had a historic defense and special teams when they beat the greatest show on turf.

    No, they didn’t, and you’re not a Pats fan. The Pats we’re 11-5. It was a good team, not great. Clutch though, and they kept the scoring low against an historic offense. Kind of like the Giants did to the Pats in 2007. The first of Brady’s calm execution in 4th quarter moments, which he’s known for.

  13. This Bucs team is a fraud. Brady is the man, but that’s where it ends. Never been a fan of Arians, Brady has won in spite of him. I still am picking the Bucs but will not be surprised if the upset happens and if it does it will be because the WFT gets enough pressure on TFB to make him have an off day and Arians will show he had no back up plan.

  14. WFT should play Heineke all game. With the pass rush and Heineke, WFT can upset the 43 year old QB and the Bucs.

  15. Takes a lot of faith to rest your playoff hopes on your 3rd string qb…
    If he was that talented, he would have been playing instead of Haskins…
    their defense might be good but if the offense can’t score then you can’t win!
    Whether its 17-6 or 38-9 a win is a win and the Bucs knock their opponent out of the playoffs!

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