Dom Capers out in Minnesota

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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Longtime NFL coach Dom Capers will have to go somewhere else if he wants to keep his coaching career going.

Capers, who had been the Vikings’ senior defensive assistant, will not be back in 2021, the team announced today.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said the 2020 Vikings’ defense was the worst he ever coached, so it’s unsurprising that some of his defensive assistants are losing their jobs.

The 70-year-old Capers spent four years as head coach of the Panthers and four more as head coach of the Texans. He’s also been a defensive coordinator in Pittsburgh and Green Bay among several other stops.

The Vikings also announced that Director of Competition Development Mark Uyeyama’s contract will expire and not be renewed.

42 responses to “Dom Capers out in Minnesota

  1. We could have told you this wouldn’t work.

    Also shows how good a leader Zimmer is. He’s the DC who throws an assistant under the bus.

    Losing!! SKOL!!!

  2. Of course……Mike Zimmer is a creature of habit, and besides his track record for lacking overall success, this is a man who loves his scapegoats.

  3. I like defensive coordinators who win Super Bowls. Oh wait … he did in Green Bay. My bad.

  4. Mike Zimmer is the problem. If the Wilf’s don’t see that, the Vikings are in serious trouble.

  5. Maybe you shouldn’t look to a 70-year-old failure in his last job as the source of new ideas.

  6. Dude coached for half the league and is 70…time-tested, and props for that. I guess the Vikes want to get a little younger.

  7. I liked the good ol’ days where you had a head coach, a couple coordinators, and some assistants. Now we have stuff like “Senior Defensive Assistant” which is somewhere in between the coordinator and being a regular assistant and whatever “Director of Competition Development” is.

  8. A defensive head coach still making all the defensive calls, two co-defensive coordinators and Capers the consultant. I’ve said this before, too many cooks. The defense was a mess with 4 leadership voices. You want to bet all four of them were frustrated but only Zimmer has the power to fire people. He needs to hire or promote a single DC and let them do their job. Well if he does the DC it won’t be Capers.

  9. I am a Viking fan still unhappy about the January 1970 Super Bowl loss. I would like Zimmer gone. Bud may have something left in the tank….just saying.

  10. Let me know when the Vikings do something about the offensive and defensive lines. Defensive line especially at the tackles beyond horrible. Don’t let the offensive stats fool you, when it was third and one or fourth and one when the Vikings needed it most the offensive line was pushed back like a bunch of old ladies-at least lift some weights!!!!

  11. If Dom Capers next job in the NFL is anything more complex than shaving Mike McCarthy’s back, I will poke my own eye out.

  12. To be fair, he did get the Panthers to credibility quickly as their first HC,I don’t know what happened after that, lol

  13. Also, want he the first HC of the Texans? Who else has been a HC of 2 new franchises?

  14. They come, they go! When the coaching carousel stops, where will he be? Best guess is Big D.

  15. ivotedfornixon says:
    January 8, 2021 at 6:09 pm
    What the heck is a ‘director of Competition”
    Strength coach. And by the lack of it on the lines, this was a no brainer.

  16. Kamara scored 6 TD’s on Christmas, the whole Defense just quit, Zim calls all the plays , it is 100% Zim’s fault, Capers should’ve been DC. Zim’s D lost to Ten, Dallas, the Falcons, he has zero motivational skills , they have a wind storm to thank for beating GB this year & an infighting Bears team to win that game, every big game , except 2 against the Saints they barely won they show up flat. He’s had 7 years and has done nothing with it. Zim is a black cloud that has everyone on eggshells and brings only doom and gloom, a naysayer. I hate him. Look what they did against Seattle, 4th & 10, they leave a rookie exposed on an island against the best WR on the team. Zim’s defense is easily exposed, he’s still running the same one every team has figured out. He chose the players, nobody else, the backups , that’s his call. No FA’s that used to play for him want anything to do with him. The players change his calls. Please fire Zimmer. Year 8 will make no difference except to prolong his slightly above mediocre performances

  17. Codylaws says:
    January 9, 2021 at 12:21 am
    Watch for next years Vikings defense improvement and it’ll be scary good.

    That would be sweet if he was right-but unfortunately you’ve got a better chance of seeing God!

  18. I didn’t really see anything he added but the linebacker corps was decimated, and that’s his part of the operation to develop.

  19. Poor Dom. Just a patsy taking the fall for Zim’s inability to properly coach a team.

  20. I guess all the comments seem to have forgotten Mike Zimmer was a pretty good DC himself. The Vikings ‘D’ was awful. Yes, some injuries played a big part. But you coach and you prepare what you have available. It didn’t happen in Vikingland. I can see why Mike Zimmer wasn’t happy.

    Offensives keep changing. Defenses have to adjust and keep up with those ever changing offensives schemes. Maybe Capers couldn’t, or wouldn’t. When you can’t, or won’t, a change is going to happen. It’s a fact of life in the NFL.

    I can’t buy the poor Dom crap.
    What totally scares me is Mike McCarthy could bring to the Cowboys!!!
    McCarthy loves to bring in old friends and cronies as coaches.

  21. Zimmer was not a good defensive coordinator. ‘His’ defenses were good when he was with a defensive minded head coach. When left to his own devices, he’s terrible.

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