Jaguars meeting with Urban Meyer today

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Urban Meyer is meeting with the Jaguars today about their head coaching vacancy.

No deal is imminent and the team isn’t done interviewing other head coaching candidates, NFL Network reports.

Meyer has been identified since before Doug Marrone was fired as a potential next head coach of the Jaguars. Although Meyer has no NFL experience at all, he’s one of the best college football coaches of all time. He won national championships at both Florida and Ohio State, and his winning percentage of .853 is the best in major college football of any coach whose career started after World War II.

If Meyer does take the Jaguars job, speculation will immediately turn to what Meyer would want to do with the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Although Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been widely regarded as the clear first pick, Meyer may be the one coach who would consider Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Meyer never coached Fields, but Meyer has remained close to the Ohio State program and has repeatedly praised Fields not just as a player on the field, but for his leadership and character.

Meyer retired from Ohio State two years ago, citing health reasons, but he previously retired from Florida, citing health reasons, and that didn’t keep him out of coaching for long. If Meyer thinks he can win in Jacksonville, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if he takes the job.

32 responses to “Jaguars meeting with Urban Meyer today

  1. It will end up being just like another Nick Saban hire… He’ll retire or run back to college once the going gets tough.

  2. If they hire Urban Meyer, I may have to retire as a Jags season ticket holder… for health reasons.

  3. if hired, 2 years, 3 max in the NFL then he’s gonna go back. Just like the vast majority of the college coaches, once they realize that coaching grown men, usually accompanied by massive egos and multi million dollar contracts that fuel those egos, is completely different than coaching/controlling essentially kids and being the one with the biggest ego and paycheck in the room.

  4. For a rebuild? As soon as the ship starts to sink Urban will develop some health issue and abandon ship.

  5. If his health was bad two years ago at Ohio St, what is it going be like in Jacksonville with that roster? The man is trying to kill himself!

  6. Rumor is meyer wants fields but at seven with Detroit in a trade that brings Taylor Decker , Jeff Okudah and Jonah jackson. Then will trade more picks to the saints for mike Thomas and the cowboys for Elliott. Finally in separate deals he acquires the bosa brothers. Chase young was ruled untouchable

  7. I hope the Jags pay up for Urban Meyer.
    Then they should draft Fields.

    Not a Jags fan 😁

  8. As long as the team protects itself with a non guaranteed contract. This guy has a history of walking away after a couple of years claiming health issues while collecting the remainder of his contract… paid in full

  9. In spite of Meyer’s success and the Gator-homer attitude prevalent here in Jacksonville, this fan base is expecting…rabidly demanding…that Lawrence be the pick. I think there are two things that would cause a lot of heads to explode here; Lawrence stating he wouldn’t come here or some new coach or GM passing him up for Fields or anyone else.

    In any other year and if the top two guys were evaluated evenly, it might not matter which one Jacksonville picked in April. But if everything they say about Lawrence is true (and my eyes tell me it is), the Jaguars would be stepping in it again if they went another way. In three years, this team went from five-minutes-to-the-Super-Bowl to absolute rock bottom and the result is that they have the once-in-a-franchise-history opportunity to pick the QB they’ve always wanted and needed.

    They better not blow this.

  10. It will be interesting, if he takes the job, to see if he can succeed in the NFL coaching millionaires where Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban couldn’t, especially since Jim Harbaugh got his NFL team into a Super Bowl in the NFL. Hmmm… get the popcorn popping….

  11. this dude is a stiff. As soon as the crap hits the fan, he’s out for medical reasons. No thanks urban.

  12. Meyer has won everywhere he’s been including Bowling Green and Utah. Big time success follows him wherever he goes. Jacksonville would be foolish not to hire him.

  13. They should fully inform Urban about the following:

    1) You cannot recruit most of the best players in your region to come to your team.

    2) You can’t have 90 players on the team.

    3) You don’t get to play Tulane. And, Rutgers will not be in your conference.

  14. Lol. Happy Colts fan here. Houston is ruined for years. Jax has a chance to turn around here and they are looking I all the wrong places. Tenn has Henry for a year or two more at this level with Tannehill and zero defense.
    Now if we could only find a QB.

  15. Remember when the Jets announced Head Coach Bill Parcells and Head Coach Bill Belichick? Well if ever there’s another time for that, thos is it. He needs a Ryan Day or Leftwich on staff who can step in immediately given prior health.

  16. Wrestling fans will tell you the Khan’s are all about the sizzle and not interested in giving fans the steak. 62 year old Sting now a college HC with a history of leaving programs because of health concerns. Urban makes headlines and gets the Khan’s attention but it will prob stop there. Let’s hope the Jags can get a million people to watch them.

  17. This Jags fan is very concerned with them talking to him. Mostly for a lot of the above health concern Bull…. but also the possibility of him trying to outsmart a sure thing. Hire the Chiefs O.C and Draft Trevor

  18. I think he would be okay. He used a lot zone running plays at Ohio state and depends on his staff really.

  19. What a mistake this would be. Better have an out clause for the team once his health issues start up again. Not saying it will, but it’s happened twice now and coaching is stressful.

  20. I can’t imagine they are actually considering hiring him. Forget drafting Fields. The first thing he’ll do is sign Tebow. All those Gator fans would love it though. They could relive all those golden years of Meyer at UF.

  21. I can see Meyer getting the job, if he doesn’t ask for an exorbitant salary. I can even see him being successful, if he hires the right coordinators. I don’t see Meyer and the Jags taking Fields over Lawrence. When Fields has had bad games, he has looked really bad. When Lawrence has had a bad game (there haven’t been many), he just doesn’t look great. Meyer is smart enough to understand the difference.

  22. FOR YOU GUYS THAT LIVE IN THE PAST…… All that you bring up doesnt matter now. Urban is the best college football coach compared to many before him and to the present.

    I don’t feel he will become sick and need to opt out. Not do I feel he decides to leave after 2 years at all…. Probably the second year of his hire, he will get to playoffs.

    He is a winning football coach. He is a detail nut, He, along with his gm will build a plan to win. With a new culture, with football players, with excitement along the way.

    All the guys that are against him probably lost to him. Maybe a lot, Michigan.
    One note for SOS and the redskins. He had no say about players. He ended up being just a offensive coordinator, not a head coach. So therefore resigned.

  23. I wouldn’t be surprised if Urban is successful unlike most college coaches who make the jump. He’s one of those guys who is just able to put it together, and he might be seeing an opening here because of what’s going on in Houston, Indianapolis not having a stable QB situation, and Tennessee in the middle of their window that will be closing here soon.

  24. Mr.Khan has said he wants to be heavily involved in every detail. That won’t work with Urban. Meyer’s ego won’t allow that. Urban Meyer may become a NFL HC one day but it won’t be with Jacksonville.

  25. sandmangator ,

    Yep. As much as I don’t like him, he’s just one of those people who is able to build programs, and he’s done it at every level. You don’t win over 85% of your games just because. How many of the same people said Pete Carroll would fail, and when he came back from college, he was better because of his intimate knowledge of college prospects during that 2012-2014 timeframe. Urban Meyer recruitedand took the Bosa boys right out of the three major colleges in Florida’s back yard. He recruited Chase Young. These are three of the best defensive players in the NFL now.

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