Khalil Mack: We’ve been hearing a lot of disrespect

Chicago Bears v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The 8-8 Bears will face the 13-3 Saints on Sunday for a wild-card matchup few expect Chicago to win.

Khalil Mack seems to be taking that to heart.

“Me personally, I always feel like an underdog,” Mack said at his Thursday press conference. “It’s just in me. I know these guys do as well. There’s a lot of disrespect that we’ve been hearing. So obviously, you’ve got to use all of that to your advantage. Not to speak on it so much, but to go out and use our actions. And that’s what we’re looking forward to doing.”

But disrespect? Where’s he getting that from?

“Maybe I’m making it up. Maybe I’m not,” Mack said. “You just hear certain things, take offense to it. But in the right ways — use it to your advantage.”

So Mack might be using the straw man technique so many athletes like to use, including a pretty famous former Chicago Bull. But however Mack and the Bears’ defense motivate themselves, they know they’re going to need a strong performance to win.

“It’s the understanding that it has to be some of the best defense we’ve ever played,” Mack said. “It’s an opportunity and it’s all we’re looking forward to. … Got to make the most of it.”

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  1. You have 9 sacks for the season, Roquan is likely out for the year, Eddie Jackson disappeared after getting a new contract, Jaylon Johnson’s shoulder injury is a reminder of why he went in the 2nd, and Quinn is a joke compared to Floyd. Oh yeah: we had Brandon Staley in the building and replaced him with Chuck Pagano.

    What were we talking about? Your offseason plans?

  2. LoL the Bears are always underdogs, anyway. Mack better hope the defense can score 21+ because their offense isn’t going to do much.

  3. That’s surprising because usually teams that finish 8-8 and back into the playoffs off of a 35-16 loss are given great respect.

  4. Last year in the playoffs, the Vikings caught the Saints looking ahead and sent them packing. This is a mysterious team these bears, great and awful at the same time. It seems unlikely that they could beat the Saints but if the Saints look past them it isn’t impossible.

  5. Respect is earned, the Bears games that I’ve seen when playing good teams is not respectable.

  6. Well unfortunately this game comes down to Chuck Pagano, not Mitch, and I have more faith in Mitch than Pags at this point. I haven’t been impressed much with his D since he’s been there. Forget pressure; guys look out of place way too often. Missed tackling (a ton)? That’s on the players.

    Bears took Saints to OT mid year and both sides were missing key players but this is the playoffs and anything can happen. I’ll take the points but my Bears need to play mistake free football for 60 minutes for a shot to win.

  7. A big part of the “disrespect” is that the Bears D has gone to trash this year. Even if no other offseason changes are made (quite likely), Chuck Pagano has to go. And they really need to evaluate if some of their high-paid players are earning their money and get rid of the ones who aren’t. To see guys like Eddie Jackson, Kyle Fuller, Danny Trevathan, Robert Quinn and even Mack being outperformed by guys making a fraction of their money is alarming to say the least.

  8. Mack is yesterdays news… Overpaid, overrated and off of everybody’s radar. Teams don’t even gameplan for him anymore as a simple chip by the TE will shut him down completely. That and the good Tackles in the league generally handle him 1 on 1 these days.
    He also disappears for games at a time. He’s still a top 10 edge rusher, but closer to 10 than 1 and definitely not worth that huge salary. 23.5 M a year for 9 sacks? That’s 2.6 M a sack! This money could have/should have been spent elsewhere to improve the Bears and Mack would still be on an 8-8 team.

  9. The Bears paid a fortune in draft picks to get Mack and a fortune in $$$ to keep him. I think the weight of expectations is getting to him. Not his fault, I’d taken the money too. The price you overpay to get a Mack or a Kirk Cousins is if the team believe them the last piece of the SB puzzle. Neither were. Not entirely their fault, the puzzle wasn’t as near complete as the team thought. OOPS.

  10. Said the same exact things before the Packer game. Crying because Green Bay’s LT said they wanted to beat you.

    What did GB do in that game?

    How many sacks did you or the whole D have in that game – you know, fighting the disrespect you felt you were getting?

    In the words of Mr. Blonde – Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?

  11. You felt so disrespected after losing five in a row that you pulled together as a team and went out and almost beat the Lions. But you did show Jacksonville who was boss.

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