Marcus Peters laughs off playoff criticism of Lamar Jackson

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
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Lamar Jackson hasn’t won a playoff game yet.

That’s an indisputable fact, and it provides some fodder for criticism of the now 24-year-old quarterback.

The Chargers put together a 23-3 lead before Jackson threw a pair of touchdowns in the fourth quarter to make the final score 23-17. Jackson finished that game 14-of-29 passing for 194 yards with two TDs, one interception, and 54 yards rushing. He also took seven sacks.

Last year, the Titans rained on Jackson’s stellar regular season by forcing three turnovers in the divisional round. Jackson was 31-of-59 passing for 365 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions and rushed for 143 yards. But he also took four sacks and lost a fumble, the Ravens falling 28-12.

But Jackson is still one of the league’s best players. He was voted MVP a year ago. And that’s why cornerback Marcus Peters isn’t sweating Jackson’s past — or the criticism that comes with it — when it comes to this weekend’s rematch with Tennessee.

“I just laugh at it,” Peters said in his press conference on Thursday. “They try to criticize him, and then they also compare him to the greats who … Like, Peyton Manning didn’t win a playoff game [at first]; he was 0-3 at first. So, things like that.

“But my whole thing is just watch the young man grow, watch the young man continue to lead this team, continue to lead this offense and be the wonderful person that he is off the field. How he holds and carries himself in a day-to-day manner, it’s out of this world. You can’t be Lamar Jackson and hold yourself to that standard like he does. Every time that he may have a bad game, he holds up, he stands on his 10 toes, and he owns up to everything, and he comes back the next week ready to work. So, you’ve got to appreciate those things.”

Jackson completed 64.4 percent of his passes for 2,757 yards with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2020. Plus, he became the first quarterback to ever register consecutive seasons with 1,000 yards rushing — finishing with 1,0005. But if the Ravens can’t defeat the Titans this weekend, that playoff criticism of Jackson isn’t going away.

17 responses to “Marcus Peters laughs off playoff criticism of Lamar Jackson

  1. Until Harbaugh wakes up and realizes that passing is actually an important commodity, especially in the playoffs against great teams–the Ravens chances of postseason success is slim. You can’t ALWAYS run it.

  2. Jackson deserves some of the blame for those playoff losses, but the Ravens were outcoached in both those games too. They have to be able to make adjustments when opposing defenses neutralize his unique skillset.

  3. He’s played 2 playoff games, the first one was as a mid season replacement for Flacco in Jackson’s rookie year. Has Baker Mayfield won a playoff game? Has Sam Darnold? Has Josh Allen? Josh Rosen? All these QB’s were taken before Jackson and have not won a playoff game. At least he’s led his team to the playoffs for 3 straight years. The Ravens were a fading team before Lamar became the starting QB. Since then they have been one of the best teams in the NFL. The exciting thing is he works hard and keeps getting better. After 2.5 years as a starter in the NFL, it’s just a ridiculous narrative that is pushed by Jackson haters. It’s really that simple.

  4. Running back that threw the ball 50+ times in a game. Of course he is going to lose with that strategy. If they fall behind it is over again.

  5. cjmcfootball says:
    January 8, 2021 at 9:42 am
    Jackson deserves some of the blame for those playoff losses, but the Ravens were outcoached in both those games too. They have to be able to make adjustments when opposing defenses neutralize his unique skillset.

    14 3 Rate This
    Outcoached??? The Titans deserved to win that play-off game. But, the problem was definitely execution. Harbaugh is a much better coach than Vrabel. I don’t get the hate for Harbaugh. I really don’t. The Ravens saved their worst game for the playoff against the Titans. It is that simple. You gotta give credit when credit is due. The Titans played a good game and Henry is a BEAST!!! With that being said, the Ravens turned the ball over 5 times (2 int’s + fumble and 2 turnover on downs). No team will win with 5 turnovers. Give the Titans defense credit, but the Ravens looked shocked and played out of character, abandoning the run too soon and passing too many times. Not the Ravens M.O. for sure.
    I expect the Ravens this time to handily beat the Titans. This will be a statement game.
    I have the Ravens 41 Titans 22. It will a be great game!

  6. Not to nitpick, but since you included that Jackson lost a fumble in the Titans playoff game, he also lost a fumble at the end of the Chargers game that sealed the victory for the Bolts.

  7. Kind of funny to listen to Marcus Peters talk about character and what a wonderful person someone is off the field. Not to knock Lamar per se but coming from Peters lol.

  8. While true that Lamar has not won a post season game, he has had some of his best moments in big games. Beat Seattle & Russ Wilson in Seattle. 5 PASSING touchdowns vs Aaron Donald & the Rams. Unanimous MVP. Defeated Tom Brady & the undefeated Pats on MNF. Beat the Super Bowl losing SF 9’ers in a tightly contested game, decided on a last second Tucker FG. Can Lamar win big games? Hellyeah…he’s already done it. He’s the first in his QB class to even play in a playoff game, the first to win MVP, and led the NFL it TD passes in 2019. Dude is a versatile threat!

  9. If the Ravens win you can laugh it off.
    If the Ravens lose then the criticism of lamar Jackson in the playoffs will continue.

  10. How well you do in the regular season means nothing if you can’t win in the playoffs. Ask Dan Marino what he thinks about being one of the greatest, but never won a ring. As a lifelong Broncos fan I spent 15 years watching one of the greatest constantly get blown out in 3 Super Bowls before his legacy was finally cemented with back to back rings. Had he never won those, nobody would say his name anymore.

  11. Tom Brady started off 9-0 in playoff games, so I’m not sure I’d like to be compared to Manning.

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