Matt Eberflus turns down offer to interview for Texans head coach

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Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus has turned down the Texans’ request to come in for an interview for their head coaching vacancy.

The Texans initially sought permission to interview Eberflus before hiring General Manager Nick Caserio, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports.

Although no reason has been given for why Eberflus turned the Texans down, it raises the question of whether he’s leery of the issues going on in Houston, where many people around the league have concerns about the direction the franchise has gone in since Jack Easterby, the team’s executive vice president of football operations, got owner Cal McNair’s ear. The hiring of Caserio, who has long been close to Easterby, strongly suggests that Easterby is calling the shots. And Eberflus may not be interested in coaching for a team run by Easterby.

Also concerning about the Texans is the possibility that Deshaun Watson, the franchise quarterback who is by far the team’s most valuable asset, is unhappy in Houston.

Eberflus is still scheduled to interview with the Jets and Chargers, so he wants a head-coaching job. Just not the Texans job.

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  1. Deshaun Watson is awesome, and many many coaches would love to have him. But honestly that franchise is a dumpster fire with a bunch of question marks and a lack of top draft picks. One player doesn’t make up for a terrible front office, even if it is Watson

  2. This Easterby situation reminds me of Vinny Cerrato in Washington. Completely inept and disfunctional. Have fun with that !!!

  3. Nick Caserio – “Hey Matt, we have no cap space, no 1st rd pick and our QB wants out of here, interested in the job?”

  4. Eberflus was hired by Indy based on Josh McDaniels being their HC. Luckily they let him stay, my guess is he does not want to be involved with Easterby or Caserio. That or the Watson stuff could be walking on a landmine.

  5. I mean, the simpler explanation is that he is being courteous to his current employer and colleagues by not accepting a position with a division rival. It’s not like Houston was the only place that would show interest.

  6. this job is going to a typical coach placeholder. someone who finally gets their shot, has nothing but a qb and will lose for 2 seasons before being fired. the coach they hire when they finally get draft picks back will be the important hire. this is all provided watson stays.

  7. Hue Jackson and Freddie Kitchens are available.

    Kidding aside. Eberflus might not be a good fit. Houston needs a offensive minded coach and a staff that can teach and coach.

  8. The most amazing thing is that they were able to get Caserio in the first place. Watson wants Bieniemy and will probably not be happy with anyone else… I’m guessing Bieniemy will have better options than working for Easterby.

  9. Hmmm…I am still trying to figure out why Eric Bieniemy is not on the Texans interview list for Head Coach…he is being interviewed by every other team, why not the Texans? Just interview the man, give him the opportunity to coach Watson.

  10. Just because you don’t like Easterby, these constant hit pieces is nonsense. He’s got the Texans job and his right to prove himself.

    Aaron Rodgers didn’t like the Matt Lafleur hire, and look how great that turned out to be.

  11. They wouldnt want a defesive minded coach anyway. Eberflus did the texans a favor.

    Yeah bc as Sean McDermott has shown, defensive minded coaches are never good hires. That organization is a dumpster fire. And there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the foreseeable future. Traded away their first round pick, traded best wr in the league…. and has this clown running the show? Thanks but no thanks

  12. Remember when Texans fans thought firing Bill O’Brien would fix all the teams problems?

    What a joke of an organization.

  13. If I was a guy in that position, I’d try to get the Chargers job. They have a QB, draft picks and cap space. Houston is in for a rough ride, no matter who’s coaching.

  14. Watsons drama has made that HC opening on his team less desirable than the Jets job…
    Watson has done nothing to solve their issues but now has become one of their biggest problems…

  15. So, let me get this straight. This is the current situation in Houston:

    – No 1st round pick
    – No 2nd round pick
    – They traded away a Top-5 receiver
    – Their franchise and Top-10 (maybe 5 or 6??) QB wants out
    – Puppet master (Easterby) seems to be pulling all the strings, but has no accountability
    – They just hired a GM who does not have final say, but will be fully accountable for failures
    – They are ~15 million over the cap

    Wow… sign me up !!!

  16. The Texas better get used to doors being slammed in their faces and phone calls not being returned. Does anybody really want to fight that dumpster fire?

  17. This reminds me of the Chiefs’ situation around 2010-2012. Nobody worth their salt wanted anything to do with the franchise as result of the way Pioli allegedly ran things (the “Patriot Way” if that rings a familiar bell).

    It took Clark Hunt cleaning house with literally everyone underneath him and bringing in Reid before KC got to where they are, and even that was a slow process. Stay strong, Texans fans.

  18. I dont blame him one bit. Houston is a dumpster fire and he might just be happy where he is.

  19. NinersFan1973 says: “Watson wants Bieniemy and will probably not be happy with anyone else… I’m guessing Bieniemy will have better options than working for Easterby.”

    Previous Andy Reid offensive guys that got HC jobs: Brad Childress, Matt Nagy, Pat Shurmur. Perhaps Bienemy is just another overhyped OC when the real brains was always Reid only.

    As I said before, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t too happy with Lafleur hire or not drafting a WR, yet look how that turned out for GB – just fine.

  20. This is a bad move. He should have at least accepted the interview; interviews are valuable experience.

  21. Why does everyone think houston needs a offensive head coach? Watson is leaving! Its a 4 win roster (both def and off) lacks stars and weapons. Jj will be cut due to cap so there goes both off and def leaders. Going to have to draft/FA a qb, maybe Dak but no cap room for that. Total rebuild, people hired this week will be fired again before this team makes playoffs again… Straight dumspter fire

  22. They’re in such bad cap shape with so few draft picks that their next coach could easily end up getting fired without ever having seen any big-time talent come in. That’s not an appealing situation.

  23. It’s Bienemy or bust. What part of that don’t you understand? Watson is too good for Houston. You can’t put new wine into old wineskins lol.

  24. Can you really blame him? who knows how the roster may look.
    Watson is upset and Allegedly wants out. I don’t blame him a bit.

  25. In his last full year Bill O’Brien destroyed that club.

    1 – trading all those picks for Tunsil (who is very good) but not having a contract in place so they then had to overpay him. They could have used those picks all on the Oline and had a better result.

    2 – Throwing away DeAndre Hopkins

    3 – wasting money paying David Johnson

    4 – alienating the team

  26. To the comment below, AND THANK GOODNESS, we didn’t have McDaniel come to town!
    Eberflus was hired by Indy based on Josh McDaniels being their HC. Luckily they let him stay, my guess is he does not want to be involved with Easterby or Caserio. That or the Watson stuff could be walking on a landmine.

  27. The Texans had such a good thing going and they intentionally tore it all down within the span of two seasons. Wild.

  28. Coaches these days get 2 years to turn it around, unless you’re working for Mike Brown. This job is not the right job for any coach. This year they have almost no draft picks so there’s one of those 2 years where you’re trying to win with a bad team and no incoming help. You have to decide if Will Fuller’s year was worth the tag or if it was a steroid thing. Someone’s gonna get them to .500 in the next two years and it’ll be a miracle, but that won’t be good enough to keep the job with a stud like Watson at QB.

  29. Becoming the head coach of the Texans would be like being the owner of an ice cream shop that only sells horseradish malteds… Doomed to fail.

  30. Right now this is a bottom 5 job in the league. SI’s article on Jack Easterbay is pretty damning and if I’m a potential head coach I would steer clear until he is 100% gone but his “Petyr Baelish” influence is going to run this organization into the ground. I feel bad for Texans fans because they are going to be in the basement for the foreseeable future.

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