Matt LaFleur: Teams would be lucky to have head coach like Nathaniel Hackett


Packers head coach Matt LaFleur used to work for the Falcons, so he was able to give offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett some inside information about the organization before Hackett interviewed for their head coaching vacancy this week.

LaFleur said he had a “very special” experience while on former head coach Dan Quinn’s Falcons staff and he had equally high praise for Hackett’s readiness to move up to a head coaching position.

“That’s really exciting,” LaFleur said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He’s earned it. I think he’d do a helluva job. Just everything that he’s added, the value that he’s brought here, it’s hard to quantify that. And he does a great job with our entire offense, a great job with leading our offensive staff, and so I’m excited for him to get his opportunity. I have a lot of confidence that there’s no doubt he’s fully capable of doing a great job and somebody would be lucky to have a guy like him.”

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that Hackett’s “presence in front of the room” is one of his underrated qualities and that “any team would be lucky to have him leading their squad.” The Falcons are meeting with several other candidates and looking for a General Manager, so it may be a little while before we know if they’re swayed by those reviews.

8 responses to “Matt LaFleur: Teams would be lucky to have head coach like Nathaniel Hackett

  1. I get that teams who fired their HC’s want get a jump on the hiring process, but I do wish the NFL would make every team wait until after the SB.

    No team in the playoffs wants the distraction even if they do ok it. No good coach wants to deny their assistants the opportunity to move up, so they usually allow the interviews. But does 3 or 4 weeks really matter?

  2. This is positive sign for LaFleur, secure in his leadership. Not looking to bash McCarthy who won a Super Bowl in GB, but he appeared to block assistant coaches from being upwardly mobile on a number of occasions. LaFleur already seems to understand that building up peers will actually attract new talent as other coaches see that coming to the Packers is (a) a positive experience, and (b) enhances your career prospects.

  3. Assistant coaches shouldnt need assistance from their current head coach to get a head coaching job elsewhere,their accomplishments should be enough and speak for itself and future employers should be smart enough to recognize it.

  4. Fascinating that Hackett is getting praise from Aaron Rodgers.
    He was a Doug Marrone disciple who came to Buffalo with Marrone from Syracuse.
    He was less than impressive. Of course it’s possible for people to improve & grow in their professions. It will be interesting to see if he becomes a better head coach than his mentor, Marrone.

  5. “Coach LaFleur, do you think Nathaniel can hack it?”
    “Let me tell ya, Buddy. He can hack it.”

  6. He has come a long way then because when he was with Buffalo he stunk. The only reason he got the job was because of Marrone and he was on his staff in Syracuse, which I am sure everyone realizes is not a hot bed of coaching prospects. So now comes one of the conversations we have. We talk about a lot how some Coaches make QB’s and some QB’s make coaches, and sometimes they both help each other which seems to be in the minority. An example of this thought is Adam Gase. He won with Payton Manning went to Maimi where he lost with Ryan Tannahill and then went on to lose with the Jets and Darnold. Meanwhile Tannehill goes on to win with Titans. So in this case seems pretty simple who made who.

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