Nick Caserio on Deshaun Watson: He’s our quarterback

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The first question that Texans General Manager Nick Caserio fielded at his introductory press conference concerned quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Reports of Watson’s unhappiness and potential desire to be traded have surfaced over the last couple of days along with word that the Texans will not trade him if he requests one. Among Watson’s reported issues is that the team said they would consult him on their coaching and General Manager searches, but didn’t follow up on it. That has reportedly led to Watson cutting off communication with the team.

Caserio said “the respect and admiration” he has for Watson is “significant” and referred to Watson as “our quarterback.” A followup asked if that meant Watson will not be traded, Caserio said it is “important for us to take some time” and that they would have discussions with Watson at an “appropriate” time.

Texans owner Cal McNair followed that up by saying that Watson and defensive end J.J. Watt are “valued members” of the team whose goals are in alignment with those of the organization.

Neither of those answers involved banging on the table to say that there won’t be a trade involving Watson, so there will be some eyes on the situation in Houston in the coming days.

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  1. Maybe Caserio should have talked to Watson, as soon as he was hired. It sounds like that didn’t happen.

    The “respect and admiration” sounds like empty words.

  2. There’s absolutely no excuse for Watson not to return his employers phone calls. Whether he likes it or not, he signed a contract a while back. When the people paying your salary call you you take that call. Yeah Cal McNair was absolutely stupid to make that promise. But Deshaun needs to grow up & get over it.

  3. Watson can complain all he wants about being included or not getting the GM he wanted but this:

    1. You just signed a big extension with this team, knowing what’s going on. Makes me distrust your ability to make a good decision so why would I ask you to make one on GM/HC?

    2. GM’s do more than just draft – as a player, how is it you’re qualified to know if a GM is the right one for not only the draft but the other items on their desk?

  4. Hopefully, Watson and Houston management can get together and get the Texans moving in the right direction. I’m thinking the Texans will need to be extremely aggressive in free agency on the offensive side of the ball. Even to the point that they sacrifice on defense to handle cap issues. Watson is to good a player, and person, to let leave Houston. He’s a great face to the Texans franchise.

  5. So the Texans get flamed for saying they aren’t trading him “creating a possible stand off”… or they get shots taken at them for not coming out directly and saying “he won’t get traded” lol. Glad I’m not a Texans fan.

  6. Ok, Darnold and Seattle’s two next year if you’re looking for someone to take him off your hands. 🙂

  7. You can’t let any player, no matter how good, dictate the policy(cies) of the organization. Things never work when ‘the tail wags the dog’.

  8. what does anyone expect him to say: ‘Watson has become a nuisance!’
    Speaking that truth isn’t going to fix anything.

  9. At the very least JJ Watt is out, they need all the draft capital they can get.

  10. Watson is one of the few good things Houston has. Even if there is zero chance that Bienemy gets hired, the organization should have interviewed him to appease Watson. It was a simple request with zero downside. He really did not ask for much. Now they have a headache.

  11. If Houston decides/has to cut bait w/Watson, they’re in trouble. Dude’s a baller.

  12. I think JJ Watt should be traded, but everyone will see what a snake the owner is after his statement of Watt being a “valued member of the team whose goals are in line with those of the organization” and then is traded.

  13. I can understand Watson’s desire to input the HC position, but GM doesn’t work that way. There is a role reversal here.

  14. What is Watt worth? Seriously dude cant finish a year and disappears every big game/division matchup. Whichever comes first.

  15. Jj watt isnt attractive trade for 31 other teams, look at his cap#s. Texans redue his contract for significantly less or they cut him…hes maybe 50% player he was and contract needs to reflect that.

  16. I would trade Watson to Jacksonville for their (2) 1st round picks this year, their (2) 2nd round picks this year, and ask for Jacksonville’s 1st and 2nd round picks in 2022. I would accept just the (4) picks this year, but Jacksonville would have to give up RB James Robinson also if Watson is traded for just the (4) picks this year.

    If Jacksonville agreed to this trade, the Texans would get Trevor Lawrence and then upgrade the OL, WR, and Defense with the rest of the draft from Jacksonville. The Texans would have Lawrence on a rookie deal for (5) years, RB Robinson with (4) years of his rookie deal left, plus the 21st (1st) round pick, the 33rd pick and the 45th pick in this years draft! Watson has had (2) serious knee injuries and could end up like RGIII at any time.

    QB Lawrence, + RB Robinson and the 21st, 33rd, and 45th pick in this draft and Watson is a Jaguar! Getting Lawrence is the only way I would trade Watson! The Texans would have reloaded with one trade and Lawrence will be a top 5 – 7 QB for years.

    Then I would send a blank check to Dabo Swinney!

    Jacksonville can reload via free agents, they have a lot of cap space, and the draft next year, + the get Watson.

    The AFC South would be the best division in the NFL.

    IMHO, I would do this trade, but would not trade Watson for anything less.

  17. Any quarterback who asks to have significant input on who’s the next General manager is full of himself, I totally understand a QB asking to have his two cents heard on the hiring of a head coach, but even then you ain’t the owner. Stay in your lane

  18. There are several teams looking for a GM this off season and not one has considered interviewing Deshaun Watson. Just saying!

  19. I remember when Josh McD came over to the Broncos and said the same thing about Cutler. Traded him pretty quick. Never trust them NE guys.

  20. Prior to 2020, the Houston Texans won their division 4 out of 5 year. Not exactly a ‘dumpster fire’ everyone is making it out to be, and certainly not Watt or Watson. I get you’re prideful of winning, but you’re also professionals, and showing more ‘quit’ than ‘grit’.

  21. The Texans should err on the side of getting Watson’s approval on a lot of things because they absolutely do not deserve to waste the career of an elite QB.

  22. For some questioning Deshaun input on team decisions its very simple He is an Independent Contractor who so happen to be playing at the most important position on the field, Who is within his right to know where the franchise is heading so he can decide if he wants to STAY or GO. Especially when we are talking about a franchise who have been a mess of late when it comes to player personnel decisions.

    The TEAM is well within their right to INCLUDE or NOT include him in personnel decisions just as he is ALSO well within his right to NOT WANT TO BE THERE.

  23. I bet he wishes Bill O was still around, he would have traded Watson without hesitation. For a solid 3rd round pick.

  24. So “valued members of the team” Watson and Watt should have no say in how this team is managed? Just “shut up and play”?
    What do you think this is – junior high school? These men are two of the very best in the world in their field. They’re the ones who put “butts on the seats”, they are directly responsible not only for the quality of the product on the field but the profits that provides. They know it, and if you’re going to tick them off like this then you are not worth warm spit as a leader or manager of the team. Wouldn’t be the first time the Texans have let top quality players leave for very
    Or maybe I’m wr

  25. To continue – maybe I’m wrong and you folks spend your money to watch Easterby do – whatever it is Easterby does.

  26. What is Watt worth? Seriously dude cant finish a year and disappears every big game/division matchup. Whichever comes first.


    Their DBs can’t cover for 2 seconds and every team neutralizes the pass rush with short passes. They are strapped by bad contracts regarding the cap and Watt is the least of their problems.

    Aggressive FA signings will prolong the cap he’ll they’re in. They need to develop the 3 1st round pick DBs they have under contract.

  27. steelerdeathstar says:
    January 8, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    You can’t let any player, no matter how good, dictate the policy(cies) of the organization. Things never work when ‘the tail wags the dog’.

    You also can’t lie to your players, especially your star franchise player, and think that it’s going to blow over calmly ESPECIALLY in a season that’s already been full of front office drama. It’s a two way street.

    Texans learning that the hard way.

  28. Minnesota is the perfect trade partner for desean Watson. Kirk , Barr, 1st round pick (14) this season .

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